BBB Accreditation Benefits


Benefits of Accreditation

People want to patronize businesses that are honest and fair. If your firm qualifies to become a BBB Accredited Business through BBB Serving Central East Texas, it will immediately convey the trustworthiness customers are seeking.

Research shows that the BBB name and torch logo mean more than any other organization’s name or symbol to people who are looking for reliable, ethical and trustworthy places to buy goods and services.

BBB's logo says it all:  “Start With Trust.” BBB accreditation standards require companies to abide by ethical business practices, such as advertising honestly, safeguarding customer privacy and disclosing all material facts to customers.

The Accredited Business seal on your door or your website is a powerful sign to consumers and other businesses who may be your trade customers or suppliers. Both consumers and businesses want to know they are dealing with trustworthy companies.

Customers who call BBB Serving Central East Texas or visit our website typically are planning to spend money. Your BBB Business Review, along with the letter grade gives consumers a useful guide to the behavior they can expect from your business. Customers who are looking for a particular type of business can choose to search only BBB Accredited Businesses.

If just one customer decides to use your business because you are BBB Accredited, it could pay for your annual accreditation fees.

Your fees also pay for BBB’s dispute resolution service and BBB Business Reviews, which promote integrity among businesses and help thousands of consumers make wise choices when they buy. Fees also help BBB promote business integrity throughout Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Among the benefits BBB delivers to businesses and their employees are:

Public Confidence
You gain public trust and confidence through BBB’s efforts in helping the public recognize that legitimate firms care about and are doing something to maintain their trust. The BBB’s job is to make sure every dollar spent in the marketplace is spent with legitimate businesses.

Use of the BBB logo
As a business leader, you have worked hard to build your reputation as a trustworthy company.  By being Accredited, you can use the BBB logo, a symbol of trust, on your website, business cards and marketing materials, as well as the BBB decals on company vehicles and storefronts.

Personalize Your BBB Business Review
Stand out from your competition by including additional information about your business, including photos and educational videos. With a simple click, prospective customers will be directed to your website. Business Reviews are search engine optimized (SEO) and available free to consumers 24/7.

Improve Your SEO
As more consumers research and purchase products and services online, they are looking for reliable businesses they can trust. The BBB Online Dynamic Seal is a two-way, live trust link, connecting consumers directly to your company’s BBB Business Review on The BBB website is considered an authority site by the majority of today’s search engines.

Personalized Website & Marketing Tools
Log into your company’s unique BBB Intranet page to access a variety of resources, including updating your BBB Business Review and uploading your BBB Online Dynamic Seal. Other tools include:

  • Inquiry Tracking – You will be notified via email every time a consumer views your BBB Business Review and you can easily retrieve the user’s zip code. Analyze your company’s stats by “type of business” categories.
  • Leads to Your Inbox – With Request A Quote, receive leads from consumers who are looking to do business now – right to your email!

Stand Out with the Exclusive BBB Online Accredited Business Directory
With approximately 1,500 views per day, consumers are using BBB’s free Online Directory. Consumers are accessing your featured directory listing, which links potential customers to your Business Review, website and social media sites.  The Online Directory is also search engine optimized and several categories show up on the first page results with Google!

Resolve Disputes Without Litigation
Use BBB’s free mediation and arbitration services with a third-party neutral to resolve consumer complaints. BBB’s dispute resolution services not only save your company time and money by avoiding litigation, but also help you to retain customers and protect your reputation. As an Accredited Business, you can also leverage BBB’s Pre-Complaint Assistance program at no cost to you. We will reach out to a challenging consumer on your behalf to try to resolve an issue before it becomes a formal complaint.

Sponsor & Co-Brand with the BBB
Enhance your marketing efforts with unique co-branding and sponsorship programs that allow your company to reach new customers through a variety of traditional advertising, social media, programs and events. 

Connect at Business Networking & Education Events
Network and learn at BBB Lunch.Learn.Lead events designed to help to help your business succeed and grow. Lunch.Learn.Lead  events are open to employees of Accredited Businesses as well as owners.

Help Your Business Build Best Practices
Your BBB offers additional resources for businesses to continue to respond to changing marketplace and consumer needs:

  • Accredited Business Hotline – Contact us at 903-581-5888 to reach an Accredited Business consultant to help you maximize your BBB Accreditation and achieve your business objectives.
  • Advertising Review –BBB monitors local print and electronic advertisements, and challenges unfair or unsubstantiated claims. We would also love to help you by reviewing your company’s ad prior to publication, ensuring compliance with a variety of advertising guidelines.
  • BBB eNewsletter - Our monthly newsletter keeps members informed about current BBB activities as well as articles of interest to both businesses and consumers
  • Space Available – As an added benefit, BBB’s conference room is available to all Accredited Businesses. You can secure meeting space at no cost depending on dates available.
  • BBB Trainings & Speaker’s Bureau – Look to the BBB for a variety of speakers who can deliver informative presentations and trainings on BBB services; fraud targeting businesses, seniors or military personnel; conflict resolution training; complaint handling; ethics; and a variety of engaging topics.
  • BBB Awards Banquet– Join us for the BBB’s annual signature event to promote ethics and celebrate integrity in the marketplace. The BBB Award for Excellence honors area companies who champion and model ethics and integrity.