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09/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The owner has been harassing me to get payed. The job isn't even completed.
We chose them for our roofing repair and other odd jobs to our house. However they have not completed the work that our insurance company has payed them to do. We are waiting for the last check to come in from our insurance company. The roofing company knows the process in which we had already discussed it with them. While we were waiting for it to come in they continue to harass us and our insurance company with numberous phone calls and text messages. With that being said they haven't even finished they job they are getting payed to do. We have went through our paper work and there are things

Desired Settlement
We would like them to pay us back the money for the work they did not do!

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern:
I received an email from the BBB in regard's to a * * complaint. It does not voice his complaint in the letter . However , due to the fact we roofed his home in April 2013 and didn't receive final payment until September 6 2013.I would have to believe he's complaint included our diligent attempts to receive the monies owed by calling him once or twice a week for months outstanding .We have a signed satisfaction sheet with Mr * * and he even said many times to our secretary he liked the work .I am positive that if his paycheck was delayed for any reason he would to be unhappy about not getting paid.
Thank you and please call me if you have any questions on this matter . Scott Karraker 903-432-2118

Consumer Response
view attached

03/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Reliable Roofing and Scott Karraker did not fix our leak, did not do the work we paid for, did not complete the work we paid for, and threatened us.
On 4/1/2014, we hired Reliable Roofing, owned and operated by Scott Karraker to fix a leak on our roof by installing a cricket that connects the fireplace to the house. Scott said the job would take a weekend. It took over two weeks for him to say it was finished and it is still not fixed. The repair caused additional damage to the inside of the house and the ceiling. We asked Scott to fix the leak and repair the damage to the ceiling. He said his work was 100% Guaranteed and is under a 60 day warranty. Scott also stated that he was insured and bonded as per his business cards. His fix to the ceiling was to just paint it with Kilz instead of replacing the texture and the damaged sheetrock. We said no to that solution. He said that was all he was going to do. Scott was paid in full, $925.00, for the cricket even though the roof still leaks in two places. Before the work was complete on the roof we hired Reliable Roofing to replace the wood on the sides and back of the house. Scott said it would be done in a week it has been over three weeks. We asked him not to start on the work until we sat down with him and got something in writing explaining what we wanted. When we arrived home he already pulled down some of the wood. We asked him what he was doing and what happened to talking and getting what we wanted in writing. He said he didn't have anything else to do and thought they would get started. At this time we noticed that Scott had already replaced some of the wood on the back of the house with 1x4 instead of 1x6 which is what was up there to begin with. We questioned him about that and he said he always uses 1x4. We told him we did not think that was going to work and we had used 1x6 on the front. He said he wasn't going to replace it with 1x6 unless we paid him more. Scott had quoted us a price for $1,000 to complete the work. We paid him $500 up front. We told him it shouldn't cost us more money if he used the wrong size wood. He said he guaranteed he could make it work and look good. After installing all the 1x4 Scott realized he couldn't get the fascia to meet the soffit because it was too short. So Scott decided to get 1x2 pieces and attach them to the bottom of the 1x4. It did not look good at all and was not what we agreed to pay for. Upon his return the following week we told him that we did not want the wood up there as he had put it and wanted the 1x6 installed. We bought the 1x6 material ourselves. Scott took down the work he did and spent just two hours replacing it with the 1x6 in which we helped with the labor. He left saying he was done and would be back tomorrow to finish. Scott was paid another $300. When he returned the following, 4/21/14, day after a big storm, we told Scott the roof was still leaking. He said he would look at it when he was done with the wood on the outside. We were leaving the house to run errands and Scott stopped us and asked for the balance of the job. We both got out of our vehicle to look at the work which was incomplete. He said he wasn't going to finish until he was paid. At that point we told him that he would get paid when the work was complete. He said he was done and was not going to finish the work. We told him we were not going to pay the balance of $200 for incomplete work. He was already paid for more work than he had finished. We also asked Scott to reimburse us for a tire patch that we had to have fixed because one of his employees left a piece of wood with nails in it on our driveway. We had to drive to two different places to try and get it fixed and take time off from work. We also asked to be reimbursed for the correct repair to the inside ceiling from his roof repair not working. We asked Scott numerous times and got it on film if he was going to finish the job and he said not unless he got paid for the balance. Scott Karraker who owns Reliable Roofing has been paid $925.00 for a cricket that did not work, $800.00 for incomplete work and is threatening us.

Desired Settlement
We are seeking a full refund for $925.00 for the cricket we paid for in full that did not fix the original leak and now we have another leak and damage to the inside on the ceiling that has to be repaired. We are seeking a partial refund of $500.00 on the wood work on the outside of the house that has to be replaced and repaired for the house to pass inspection. We are seeking a letter of release from Reliable Roofing, since Scott is the one that said he was not going to finish the work.

Business Response
On April 1, 2014, I was contacted by *. He asked if I could build a cricket on the backside of his fireplace. We set a time to meet at his home where he showed me his recently inherited home. The home had stains on the ceiling throughout there was no carpet in the home and many of the walls have been at the beginning stages of painting. Mike explained that the home had been neglected by his deceased father either from lack of ability due to a combination of his age, health, and/or cash flow. He stated that although it was completely under construction that the current roof had been replaced and that he was advised that a cricket (a rain diversity hump on the backside of the fireplace) would be highly recommended. I told him what our company charges for building a cricket. * told me that he was the owner of the dwelling, and although his girlfriend was a bit of a "drama queen" he was comfortable enough with me to commit to the bid without checking with her. He agreed to the price, we completed the job, and he paid his bill. We have a signed customer satisfaction sheet on the work which clearly explains that there was no warranty on work that was outside our responsibility. And due to discovering a large amount of rotten decking throughout his "fresh roof" that he was likely to continue having leaks.
Upon paying his bill, he stated he would like to have the end caps of his home replaced as well as all of the fascia board replaced along the back side of his home. It was easy to understand why it was important to him after doing a brief inspection on the property and seeing the condition it was in at that time. The fascia board along the rear side of the home was 8" to 10" tongue and groove 1x4 that stretched the entire length for a total of 50 small decaying pieces of wood. * stated that he had received several bids around $3,000 to $3,500 and just could not afford that much. He said he had way too much on his plate at the time to sink that kind of money into the outside at that time. I suggested that I may be able to complete the work at a fraction of that price, which should allow him a better opportunity to sell the home. So, I told him I would see if we could get the work done for less and I was correct. The next day I called and priced out siding for the end caps as well as 60' of 1x6's. I contacted Mike and told him we could do the job for $1,000 and the reason for the significant price difference was because I was able to get a large discount on the materials. I explained to Mike that I could deliver the materials to his home without a deposit and he could see them first before we signed an agreement. He stated that he would be home around 7pm. * and his girlfriend arrived at his home that evening. They had many questions about the job, inspected the materials we delivered , and after some conversation between the two of them they agreed.
I scheduled the crew to complete the work. However, they did not complete the work the first day due to rain. . I returned to the house with my lead supervisor to inspect the job status, and found that the two end caps were completed as well as most of the fascia board was completed. It was raining that day and so we returned to Mr. Shoemakers home two days later once the weather had cleared up. The day of the final inspection we ( myself and crew) identified where the garage door area was installed but the siding was not cut perfectly square. Therefore we chalked a line and we recut the siding areas so it was square. However, approximately 8 inches from the end of the cut the circular saw hit a wire hook that had been installed for Christmas lights the previous year and was not visible, but this hook caused the saw to jerk and caused my man to cut the end of his finger completely off. When the saw jumped causing my co-owners hand to release the guard and the saw cut off his fingertip * * was mowing the yard at the time. There was blood everywhere and it seemed self-explanatory that I needed to take him to the hospital. The accident required surgery the following day in Tyler and left us shorthanded for seven days. I explained this to Mike and he stated he completely understood and apologized for the incident. I explained we could not return the following week.
The crew and I returned to his home and completed the last 8 inches needed to be cut on the siding above the garage door. Mike inspected all of the work and stated he was happy but he could not pay us until his next payday. Since, he explained his girlfriend had severe allergies and had missed work that week. Mike also stated that he had plans to have family down over the weekend. So shortly after the upcoming weekend, he could pay his outstanding balance. Therefore, the following mid-week we returned to *'s home for payment. * stated that his friends and family did not like how the work we completed did not match the front of the home were Mike himself had previously installed 1x8 decking boards as fascia. I pointed out that both himself as well as Deanna inspected the materials as well as understood originally that in order for us to do the job for them at the price we offered it would need to be done using the materials that they approved of prior to obtaining a signed commitment from them. Despite this Mike again stated the biggest issue was the rear did not match the deck boards that he had installed along the front of the home and that Deanna was not satisfied with the work at all because of this. Ofcourse, this was a surprise to say the least since they both had seen the materials we intended to use as well as were witness to them being installed. Now that we have completed the work and deserve payment for the services we had rendered. Mike asks me to remove the fascia board we installed and suggest that he himself would purchase the decking boards if we would once more swap the fascia boards out again. He stated otherwise Deanna would not allow him to pay us. I explained that that was not a part of the agreement and that we charge for doing this due to labor costs. He apologized and stated that was the only way he was willing to pay us for our services. I certainly had a feeling of being treated unfairly, but with little choice to argue since I needed to pay my crews. I agreed. However, since Mike told me that if I would do this for him he would agree to help us out by paying the remaining amount at the end of the day and help as a goffer on the job to help complete his requests. Reluctantly I agreed, we removed the fascia boards that had just been installed (that I would not be able to return to the supply house), and installed the 1'x8' decking boards that are usually used to build porches and such along the rear fascia of the house. The work consisted of 10 hours in labor the first time we did it and it took the same amount of time the second time we did it as well. And with our aim towards having great customer satisfaction we worked hard to meet the customer's expectations and make them both happy. Once the sun had set, I approached Mike and explained that again I had worked all day to complete his requests and despite his original promise to assist me for the day that I needed his full payment like he promised and that I would return the following day to attach the last 16' of wood. Mike began to complain that he did not want to pay any of his remaining balance until we were 100% completed which once again is not what the verbal agreement was when we began redoing the same job a second time.
Mike agreed that is what we had both agreed to and entered his home to grab his check book. He returned and wrote me a check for $300.00 towards the balance. He stated he just wasn't comfortable with paying 100% yet but that he will gladly pay his balance tomorrow. I accepted his payment and was annoyed at how he seemed to manipulate things at his convenience. I never voiced my disappointment with him; I simply returned the following day like I promised and began completing the work. Approximately 30 minutes after arriving, Mike asked me how long did I expect before I was finished. I told him less than one hour and continued to work. There was literally only 4 feet of 1'x8' that was in the process of being installed by a coworker while I was picking up tools and returning them to my truck in order to leave after completion. That is when I noticed Mike and Deanna pulling their vehicle out of the garage. I stopped putting tools up and approached Mike on the driver's side of the vehicle. He exited the vehicle and stated they were going to Dallas to go shopping. I expl

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Scott Karraker of Reliable Roofing, Restoration & Glass is totally fabricating the truth and the actual materials used. Scott Karraker does not even know what size materials he initially installed. I have several pictures of his horrible and incompetent work as well as video. We sent Scott Karraker a certified letter to reimburse us for $1425.00 and although he received the letter he never responded. Deanna is my wife not my girlfriend and he doesn't have my name correct either. I tolerated his demeaning remarks and jokes about women to get the work completed. We paid him more than he was owed for the work performed. We never agreed to pay him before the work was completed. He approached us to replace the wood on the end caps and backside of the house while he was working on the cricket. We do have a 60 day warranty on the cricket he added to the roof. We informed him the week after he installed the cricket that the roof still leaked. There is no rotting wood under the new roof. That is his excuse now. At the time we informed Scott Karraker that the roof still leaked he said he did not see it. I showed him video and pictures of the roof still leaking. He called us liars. We paid Scott Karraker in full for the cricket to be installed correctly and to have no more leaks. He guaranteed his work for 60 days as written by him on the work order. Scott Karraker showed up to our house under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana several times. After finally having enough of Scott Karraker's horrible and unprofessional work and behavior, we put our foot down and told him that we would not pay him any more money until the work was done correctly. Scott Karraker installed the wrong size wood on the back of the house. He said he could make it work but he would charge us more to install the right size!? Who does that? After seeing that Scott Karraker's so called "fix" using the wrong size wood was not going to work, we told Scott Karraker to replace it using the right size wood which is a 1x6, not a 1x8 as he stated in his response. Scott originally installed 1x4's which left a large gap on the bottom of the eave leaving the inside of the roof exposed. We asked Scott Karraker to install the same size wood that is on the front of the house which is 1x6, For some reason he did not. Not one corner of the house matched. All four corners have been cut differently and obviously incorrect. His so called crew, were an old man and woman strung out on drugs that left wood in the driveway with nails which resulted in a flat tire to our truck that was costly to repair. When we told Scott Karraker about the flat tire he stated that he would take the money away from the man but never offered to reimburse us for the repairs. The worker who he alleges injured himself is his father. An overweight man well into his 70's that when he came to our house with Scott Karraker just stood around with his dog. We never saw the elderly father injure himself at our house and this only came up when we refused to pay Scott Karraker any more money. Scott Karraker's story of how his father injured himself at our house is totally false. We didn't even put up Christmas lights. He actually threatened to sue us for his injury. What was to be the last day working on our house, we had made plans to take our grandson to the park around 1 pm with the sun still up. As we were backing out of the garage, Scott Karraker banged on the side of our truck asking to speak to me. This startled both me and my wife and made my grandson cry. When I got out of the truck he demanded that I pay him before I left. When I refused he stated that I needed to pay him because I might not come back. I told him I live here why wouldn't I come back and we would only be gone for a few hours while we took our grandson to the park, by the way in Athens, 10 minutes down the road. Scott Karraker refused to let me leave the house and stated that he would not finish the work until he was paid. My grandson was crying scared to death because of Scott Karraker's screaming. My wife quickly grabbed her camera and began filming Scott Karraker's ranting. He immediately stepped away from us and stopped screaming and began to pack his tools. We asked him several times if he was refusing to finish the work and he said yes. I have on video, Scott Karraker refusing to finish the work several times. Therefore, we refused to pay him any more money. We agreed to pay him when the work was completed and corrected. Scott Karrraker stated that he was done with us and wasn't going to correct any of his work or finish the work. Scott Karraker was always demanding more money from us to pay him because he never had any money to pay his "crew". We have actually paid him over the amount of the work he did complete. Although, none of the work is correct and the entire backside of the house has to be replaced. Each corner of the house has to be replaced. Scott Karraker's behavior was very unprofessional and demeaning. He threatened us and we let him know that we were calling the police and told Scott Karraker that he was not allowed on our property. Scott Karraker is not a professional or experienced craftsman. His morals and values and guarantee are less than acceptable. I have contacted our Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, and Consumer Affairs. I even had the chance meeting of a former employee of Scott Karraker's and Reliable Roofing of Gun Barrel City while shopping for windows at our local home improvement store and he confirmed that Scott Karraker does have a substance abuse problem and purposefully takes advantage of his customers and employees. Almost all of his statement is false and reiterates his inability to tell the truth and state the facts. As to this day, we have not received any refund or apology from Scott Karraker. We tried to settle this out of court with Scott Karraker of Reliable Roofing, Restoration & Glass in Gun Barrel City. Unfortunately, we will have to let the court settle this dispute.

10/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

UnReliable Roofing...Biggest Scam Artist Ever.
This Unreliable Roofing Company reroofed our house on Aug 18 2014. They called and stated the work had been completed, upon my inspection I found that the garage and the house had different shingles and different colors on them. Not to mention no ridge vents, no flashing, no drip edge or rolled roofing. Upon describing my concerns to Scott Karraker, he promised to complete the issues quickly and address all issues. To this day we still do not have vents not he roof nor is the rolled roofing installed correctly and the garage still has no shingles on it. All we get is threats from Mr. Karraker about lawsuits when we are the ones who have been taken advantage of. Please do not hire this company they are a bunch of crooks out for your insurance deposit. All they want is money and will try to lie and twist the truth to get what they want.

Desired Settlement
I would like for Scott Karraker and Reliable Roofing to do the professional job he promised us and the the sections in his contract that he agreed to do. We've had 4 other roofing contractors come and inspect the roof only to tell us that it was installed improperly and poorly. We have had to constantly hold Mr. Karrakers hand throughout the entire process and monitor every thing he does to make sure it was done correctly. The craftsmanship is poor and the roof has been stated by several companies will leak. We want a new roof, what we paid for and the professional installation that is all.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern:
Reliable Roofing & Construction closed 2 years ago. Therefore I don't know what * is
talking about, but it is a good example of how even to date he has not fully read the contract he
signed.* has a printing co and has done business w me for the past four years. He contacted
me and asked that I do an inspection on his roof for hail damage because he would like to have
a different shingle installed. I did the inspection and upon speaking w the insurance adjustor, I
pointed out all of the damage that I was able to locate on the roof. He agreed to cover the cost
of the new roof. The adjustor paid an initial payment of $5,675.83 on the roof which was $600
short of the cost of the designer shingles that Ben requested for the replacement. Since *
agreed and signed a contract stating that he would pay the entire Replacement Cost Value of
the claim $11,673.49 to Reliable Roofing Restoration & Glass we agreed to do the work.
The materials were ordered, delivered, and were approved by Ben before removing one
shingle from his house. The following day the crew removed all of the shingles from the house,
the carport, the garage, and the flat roof on the back of the carport area. Once all of the shingles
were removed it was clear that living next to a lake had taken a toll on his 1960's home. There
were 21 rotten sections of decking throughout and 4 broken rafters at the ridge. We contacted
* over the phone, explained what we had discovered, sent him pictures of all 21 places as
well as the 4 broken rafters at the ridge. * asked some questions and then approved the
replacement of all the wood work needed to be done. He stated he was in California at the time
and would make the payment of $1,800 for the repairs when he returned as well as the
additional $2,014 deductible still owed. He understood that this would require an additional 2
days to complete. He stated that this was not an issue to him and re assured me several times
he would pay the monies owed at this point upon his return. Therefore, we made all necessary
repairs, and began installing the shingles on the house, the garage, carport, as well as the flat
roof on the backside of the carport. On the day of *'s return he stated he was behind at his
business and was unable to meet with us to make good on his commitment. We explained in
order to move forward any further he would be required to make the payment he promised to
The following day I met w * and I had already made it quite clear that the job was not
100% completed and that there were 5 or 6 things we had left to complete. However, Ben states
during the meeting that there were a total of 8 things he wanted have completed before he was
comfortable with paying the entire balance. I personally explained that I needed the monies for
the deductible and the wood work at the very minimum to move forward. Since Ben is self employed
also, I expected him to understand that we could not continue to cover any
additional expense without a payment. I agreed to address every one of his concerns as best as

I could but that without a payment, I could only incur the labor side of his concerns. He stated
he has had a problem or issue with every single contractor he has ever hired, and admitted that
he felt he was a bit of a perfectionists. So after agreeing that I was contracted to replace the roof
not rebuild the home. I returned to his home and removed all of the shingles off of the garage
despite being the right color and an exact replacement style as he had originally (which is what
the insurance co. allowed for) was to receive. He now insisted he wanted the designer shingles
to be installed on the garage as well. The crew addressed every issue that he had at that time.
The following day I met w! *. He stated that he had invited 2 of my ex-employees that
were disgruntled by there early release from our company and 4 additional roofing companies
over to inspect the work. (I wondered how I could have missed all of this traffic on the roof
when I had been there every day since the job had began? In other words it was a lie) He
stated now that we had completed the roof on the house, the carport, the flat sectioned roofing,
as well as removed the shingles for a second time on the garage, that we were released from our
contract. He was not going to pay for the wood replacement, the deductible amount and was
no longer going to pay the remaining money he had already received from his insurance
company. He stated that he was no longer willing to pay the remaining amount of $7,797.66
that was owed. I explained that if there was anything that he was not happy with that we will
gladly make it right as well as offered him an extended 10 year warranty, and as pointed out
that the roof did not leak.
Despite this he stated I was no longer allowed on his property or he would contact the police.
Therefore, we have processed a mechanics lien on the property and are awaiting a court date to
be assigned. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the work we completed and are still
willing to install the designer shingles he damands on the garage. However, there is no where
on his contract that states he is owed ridge vent nor has he made any effort to make right on his
signed contract. Ben claimed there was no felt installed on the house and I proved him wrong
with that by showing him the pictures of the felt on the roof the same day he made this
accusation. Then a few hours later he stated the shingles were not cut straight on the eave, I
proved him wrong on that. Next he stated that I had not replaced the drip edge I proved him
wrong on that as well. It seemed he was grasping for straws. We feel that he has been blinded
by greed in our opinion and thinks he can simply keep the $7,797.66 and blow us off. All we are
asking from Ben is to keep his word and bond that he made prior to beginning the job. He has
shown no concern for the individuals he has denied the monies to for the labor they have
completed in the middle of the August heat here in Texas. It is flat out shameful and
disrespectful that he has scattered his half-truth version of the facts in this situation to the BBB
with his slanderous remarks.
Apparently this is a reflection of *'s encounters with the other contractors he told us about
that he had hired in the past. Ben operates a printing company and expressed numerous times
that he knew nothing about roofing. I expect this is his normal behavior when it comes to
paying his bill with others. So, I don't understand his agenda to simply screw another man out
of the money that is rightfully owed and will certainly not convert to his code of ethics. On
behalf of the crew I have tried to reason with *, he at one point agreed to settle the balance by
offering a $1,000 cash payment if we would agree to not file a lien, and stated he would not take
me to court. The offering of $1,000 was an insult and the threat to take me to court is a joke. We
have not cheated Ben out of anything and with is offering acknowledges that he knows that he
owes us. But since he has no leg to stand on in a court case. He has taken efforts to involve the
BBB. Much like his other promises to make a payment, he has yet to show up with this
$1,000.00. If asking to be paid for the work he has received makes us bad people than so be it.
I certainly don't know anyone who would appreciate being denied the money they have
rightfully earned and promised in writing because of self-greed.
This must be how * was able to afford the gas and make his Hummer payment for the
next few months. I have never seen such arrogant behavior as when he was making his empty
threats and falsified facts of the actual events as when we met at his office. If there was a
legitimate issue or way to resolve this matter I would gladly comply after * makes payment
in full at this time because clearly his word means nothing. And he thinks that the contract he
committed to he can abuse and dismiss without allowing us the simple proceeds to accomplish
what he is insisting to have re-done. The above statement is 100% true and the facts are all
documented through emails, and text messages along with receipts. I have included a copy of
the contract for your review.
see attachment

10/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

He took money for other parts of my house that had nothing to do with what he did, he will not fix unfinnished parts and now roof is leeking, 2 months
Roof was never completed and now he wont come finnish or repair the leeks that have come about. The roof is only two months old and shingles have bald spots and roof is leaking water into the house.

Desired Settlement
I am having to fix the stuff he was paid to do the first time and says he will not do anything else, I have pictures of all.

Business Response
I feel like a reply would only validate this complaint . Mr * has manipulated the facts entirely and completely. He is hardly being truthful and that comes at little surprise to me after the experience my crew supervisor , my crew, my salesman , as well as myself. You see when I met Mr.* he had been taking on water in his home in several locations throughout the home I had two insurance meeting with his adjustor to get his roof purchased through his insurance to protect his largest investment of his life for himself and family . Mr * was explained to by his insurance adjustor and the salesperson from Reliable Roofing that the type of policy ACV it wouldn't cover all the cost Mr * said he understood he would have to pay for some cost of A new roof ,the materials where ordered & Installed. There were delays because of * * The insurance company and the roofers said the decking was good and didn't allow for new decking Mr * being 300 pounds and a professional truck driver got on roof and wanted new decking and didn't want to pay for it. That brought job to a stop to discuss who is paying for the decking and installation NOT MR * !!! I purchased it to satisfy Mr * and go on with the roof . Mr * again stopped the roofing of his home for some Fascia repairs . He had said he was planning on doing those repairs himself at a later date but the decided he wanted it done now . Again there was another stop on roof and his demand for fascia installation FREE ... He advised us many times that he want to install the drip edge at a later date and to merely leave it off. At this point Mr * had forgotten about all previous conversations and his signed contract . I wasn't surprised he forgot about contract because when we were getting the payments Mr * told me to my face he didn't have a checking account and then turned around and said oh I forgot , LET ME WRITE YOU A CHECK !!!!! We completed the repairs and tried to collect the additional expenses He contacted me Scott Karraker owner of Reliable Roofing to replace some shingles that were scared , when Mr * got on his roof walking around .I did do the shingles and he then informed me that he was making a complaint with the BBB while I was there replacing shingles that he messed up. My office is still upside down on this job , Mr * is getting a $4000.00 discount do to all of his treats and stalling over repairs he was going to do himself. He has even received additional service calls that he wasn't even billed to him .We installed decking , siding and fascia free There is no more free to Mr * I have a signed customer satisfaction sheet that we ask customers to sign when the job is completed and if the customer is happy . Mr * signed it and stated he was happy with the work and would pass on the company's name and number to his friends .I hope to stress Mr * was 100% satisfied with the work done .Mr * not only received a new roof , it will protect his largest investment for his family and increased the value of his property and he got a $4000.00 discount because it was impossible to collected the monies owed to Reliable Roofing ... I have the text showing Mr * * demeanor thoughout this whole transaction . I will Gladly forward them to your office for review .Please call me at 903-275-5510 .It is of my option that Mr * * is a big guy who pushes his self on others to get his way !!!! This letter is inresponse to the 100% satisfaction to his job and discount

06/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

1-"miscalculated" his bid by over half, Quoted me for less than half the roof. 2-ordered the wrong color material for the job. 3-quit w/ no refund
He quoted me for a 20sq roof and then after he tore my roof up he said that he miscalculated and it was a 45sq roof and would cost double. He begged me to give him a second chance and would match my lowest bid from other roofers (he refused to refund my deposit since work had started so I had no choice but to let him try to fix it). We renegotiated a new contract for the correct size roof and then he asked for more money down to cover the added material cost. He then showed up with the wrong color material (to match what is on my detached garage). He said he would get it fixed then 2 weeks latter said he couldn't make it work and that he needed to "bow out" of the job (brake the contract). He said he needed time to get the money back for me, he asked for a week and now he says he can't get my money. I have paid him $7,953. My roof is torn up and I now have to find another roofer to complete the work. I can not afford to pay anyone else until I get my money back from him.

He claims to be a "Gold Star Busyness" with the BBB and has flyers and such that advertise that. I don't know if that status is true but it most certainly is not deserved.

Reliable Roofing is either incompetent or scam artist and I would not even wish them on my enemies.

I DO NOT recommend them to anyone, and I would suggest that you not either.

Desired Settlement
As stated above, I have paid Reliable Roofing a total of $7953 and due to the fact that he has broken the contract and left my roof in shambles (causing interior damage now) I expect a full refund of all that I have paid. He has already been given over a week (he asked me to give him a week) to refund the money and is saying that he still does not have it. I can not afford to wait any longer and have already given him THREE chances on this deal and my patience and grace has run out.

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.