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05/19/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Used this company in the past and trusted that they would do a good job with my last move. I relocated back to TX from GA and my place was not available at the time so they offered to store all my things in storage until my house was ready. After 2 months I scheduled delivery of all my things to my new home. After waiting over 8 hours to get my stuff the guys got there to unload my belongings (in the dark). I had to give them my payment first and was then authorized to unload my things. The young man had mentioned to me that he was told by the owner that a few of my things were damaged.. I asked him what was damaged and how? He told me he didn't know but the owner had told him that about 10 things were damaged in storage. I was very concerned as soon as they opened the door to the truck. Everything I owned was crushed. The first thing they unpacked was a solid Oak King size bed that was smashed (brand new broken in many places) beyond repair. Every single box that I purchased brand new was crushed. Someone had to repack about 12 boxes and was just thrown in a different box. Everything that was breakable in my boxes were broken.Including 2 cs of wine. I had wardrobe boxes that were smashed to half the size and all my clothes had to be cleaned (1500.00 dry cleaning bill I paid for. All my clothes were full of mud and stained) After review of all my things I asked the owner how this happened she said that the day before my delivery a fork lift had dropped a vault on my vault resulting in everything being smashed/broke. I was never notified or made aware of the accident. They just tried to deliver all my stuff as if nothing was wrong. Someone had tried to fix some of my things, some of my things were never delivered because the damage was so bad they couldn't send it. It has been a little over a month and everyday I am still finding things that are missing and broken. I have never been so heart broken in my life.. Everything I owned was ruined. Washer/Dryers, all my china dishes, glasses, everything

Desired Settlement
I have been working with the owner and she claims that the insurance will pay .60 to the dollar on my stuff. I told her it didn't have anything to do with the move. It was due to negligence of an employee that worked for them. I have over 15,000.00 worth of damages and she is trying to tell me that insurance will only pay .60 cents pound because I didn't buy the additional insurance waiver. I have a brand new W/D and the king size bed, sectional couch I am still making payments on

Business Response
I was very distraught learning that a vault had fallen on Ms. ******'s items. I learned this the day of delivery as I do not go to the storage that often due to my husband and son are more over the storage facility than I am. We kept in contact with Ms. ****** on the day on her delivery due to us being late. We try very hard to keep our schedule but sometimes we just can't predict what all will happen. (ex. employees being delayed from prior jobs due to weather, customers closings on homes, truck issues, etc.)

Once the team arrived to Ms. ******'s and the damage became apparent, I immediately refunded Ms. ******'s balance due of $2000. This I felt would allow her to begin purchasing things that she needed right away. The following day, I contacted our insurance company and learned that the contract was in force for the .60 per pound. After following the proper procedures of our contract with Ms. ******, I refunded an additional $1984.80 on December 11, 2014. This check was the .60 cents per pound that the contract required due to her opting out of additional insurance. This truly per contract was all that my company was liable for. The prior $2000 that I immediately reimbursed was in addition and something that I did not have to do per contract. I felt it was something I needed to do as a owner to help Ms. ******. Her actual move cost $3973.80. The storage added a $700 reload fee and an additional $230 for 1 month of storage making a total due of $4903.80. On September 26, 2014, Ms. ****** paid $2500.00, then an additional $2000.00 October 31, 2014 for a total of $4500.00 which is $403.80 less. Ms. ******'s total reimbursement with the $403.80 being taken off for our late arrival was $4388.60. This leaves a difference of $515.20 that I have not reimbursed. I will gladly reimburse this amount to Ms. ****** to help her.

All documentation will be emailed. I am not certain as to how to upload it with this statement.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Moving Company Service, has been less than genuine concerning the events and actual cause of the damage to my property. The damage to my property did not occur during the move, the damage occured during the storage period. It is my belief that The Moving Company is liable for more than the $.60 per pound which is part of the moving agreement not the storage agreement. Also upon delivery of the property the movers required payment up front prior to beginning the offload. In other words they held me hostage for money! Upon the the oof load of the property it became very apparent that all of my property received some form of damage, wheather it be pysical damage from being crushed to setting for extended period of time in mud and water. There were also several items that were not delivered at all that were part of the the original move from Georgia to Spring and are listed below.
1- Coffee Table
1- Glass Table top for Dining Table.
2- Glass Shelves for Entertainment Center
18- Bottles of wine
24- Wine glasses
2- 24 piece sets of dishes i.e. Plates, Saucers Coffe Cups etc.
3- 3 Shelf Book Cases
1- Glass Lamp
The moving Company also attempted repairs to the following items listed below prior to shipment from storage to Spring Texas, the final destination.
The Dining Room Table and Chairs and floor lamp were patched back together very poor workmanship and very disenginuous on The Moving Companies part and also is not in line with e Moving Companies claim that they were unaware of these damages prior to delivery to the final destination.
There is also a descrepency concerning the weight of the load. The previous move was documented at 8,000 Lbs, this move was documented at 3,000 Lbs and is the same exact property as the previous move, this seems to be a very big descrepency from my point of view.
The Moving Company has ruined nearly all of my property and is/was negligent in many aspects of the move and the storage process, if they are a reputable company they have not responded accordingly or in a manner that is line with being a reputable company.
I have documentation to back all of these claims up but I see no means to upload this documentation.
Thank You

Final Consumer Response
The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As i had stated to you and your company. This has nothing to do with the MOVE. It has to do with the negligence of your company while all my belongings were in your care. Your company DROPPED a vault on top of my things.. How is this my fault? I trusted your company with all my belonging for a move and you told me your storage area would work great and it it would be safe until my home was ready. Not only were you guys over 8 hours late getting to my place to unload. You made me pre-pay before they would unload my stuff. Your driver said a few things were damaged.. He and his crew also could not believe the way the trailer was loaded and how my things were packed. Every one of my boxes were damaged. I know this because I bought all new boxes for this move.You re-packed at least a dozen boxes cause they were used boxes that you used. My brand new appliances are damaged.My existing appliances are damaged (I had 2 sets of W/D that are both damaged) A HUGE vault was dropped on top of of all my belongings by one of your employees.. That is careless and negligent on your part. Not only did you make me pre-pay you didn't even tell me while you were on the phone.I cancelled my payment thru my bank that night. You claim you just found out that this had happened before you loaded.. How did my things get fixed? Someone on your end attempted to fix my dining room table and chairs with very poor workmanship. They tried to fix a few other furniture pieces as well. I had sent you pictures and descriptions as to where things were bought and how much I paid for it. It total over 15,000.00. You also made me pay for my dry cleaning up front which I sent you a receipt of 1500.00 for this. I had to purchase new dishes, glasses etc so that I would be able to eat and drink. I also do not understand where you got your weight from. My first move with you I have a receipt of over 8307 pounds. Now your saying you owe me only for 3308 pounds. I had purchased a new washer/Dryer and new office furniture in GA.. This should have been added to the original weight when you first moved me to GA. Your company has ruined everything I own. I have to start all over again. I am still paying on Furniture that your company had ruined and for things that were never delivered to me. You say in good faith that you are helping me??? NO you have destroyed me. Giving me a check for 1984.80 dollars is not acceptable and the check will not be cashed. I do not accept this. I never signed a contact with you for storage. You assured me via phone that all my things were going to be safe in your care. I have pics and and lists and receipts that I sent to you. You stated that you compensated me separately for things. NO you didn't.. I cancelled the Debit card transaction. You then credited that transaction the next day. You told me that I needed to send you a receipt for all my dry cleaning. I did this. It was 1500.00. Your company re-packed all my boxes in which I sent you pictures of these as they were off loaded. Your company has been less than genuine in any event concerning my things. It started the day that you were to be at my home at 8 am.. I had to take the day off (with out pay) and you did not show until 8 pm. Compensating me for late delivery does not even come close to what I lost for the day loss at my job. So with that being said. This is not regarding the move (although I would like to know why I was charged for over 8000 pds the first time and only compensated for 3000 to move back) Loss of pay, time, loss of belongings and to top it all off YOU LIED to me. You should have told me from the start. When the accident happened. Not after you made me pay for it. You all knew because you tried to fix my things. Then you had me bring in appliance repair people and furniture repair people to fix my things on my dime. SO I refuse the 1984.80 check that you claimed that your insurance company paid. (Why is the check written from your company acct). This does not even come close to the amount that I have to pay to replace and fix all my things. Where is all the things that you didn't send? This whole move has been very dis-indigenous on your end and very negligent as a company.I can re-send all the pics and documentation and emails once again to show you again how my whole life was destroyed by your negligence.

Final Business Response
This case was settled through BBB Arbitration services.

06/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Excessive damage during household move and refusal to address the issues even when additional insurance had bee purchased at time of agreement.
Moving agreement was signed in Oct 2013. It is now almost June 2014. Our household goods arrived with excessive damage. Much of the goods were wet. Plastic tubs of soft Christmas decorations had 2-3 inches of water in them damaging some of the collection. Boxes of office equipment and supplies were very wet. Most of the equipment was dried and saved. Most of the paper products had to be trashed. When the trailer door was open the silverware was scattered around the trailer, the TV had fallen and crushed a 50-yr old toy chest. Inside the toy chest was a "Barbie" collection. The two old "Barbie" cars, (Corvette and Family Car") were crushed and the "Barbie" carrying cases were mashed. Lamp shades were crushed. A sewing machine cabinet was highly damaged. The sewing machine and its case was also damaged. (Had to purchase another sewing machine and cabinet.) The office printer case was broken and the 4-in-one machine would not scan and had to be replaced. Jewelery amour's top lid was pulled off and the trim piece lid base was torn off. One of the door clasps were broken and was unusable. A floor standing mirror was taken apart and the hardware lost. Replacement hardware could not be found. A 30"x60" folding table was lost during the move. Three large photo albums, with the early picture's of our 2-daughters, were lost. These photos are not replaceable. A turkey roaster was missing. Had to purchase a new one. The China that was a wedding present was poorly packed and a plate and a salad plate were chipped. Replacements had to be purchased. The "new" short couch, which was purchased 5-days prior to move, had a cigarette burn on the arm of the couch. Owners do not smoke, however, the entire loading crew did smoke. Moving company did take care of having the chair arm repaired. One of the Disney numbered collection figurines was broken. When the moving company came to collect the broken items the Disney Character was not sent. We wanted to insure that we could replace it before letting go of the broken one. One of the Steel Case filing cabinets had the lock damaged and could not be used. 2-new Office Max cabinets were purchased to keep a matching set. (Only asked for reimbursement of one of the file cabinets.) Patio furniture was poorly packed in the moving trailer resulting in all 5-pieces receiving surface and finish damage. Table and 4-chairs have been refinished by owners. Wife's 60-year old cedar chest had one of the legs broken off. Owner repaired the leg.

Repeated attempts have been made to get these issues resolved. Most of the attempts to contact the moving company have failed. Phone calls and emails are mostly ignored. Each the few opportunities to discuss the issues with "*" have resulted in excuses, mostly around the insurance company. When the moving agreement was made owner was informed that regular insurance does not cover most issues. Therefore, an additional $50,000 was agreed upon for this move. Now the owner is being told that at first the insurance had questions and additional photos and claims were supplied. Further delays were the only results. Then the broken items on the claim were picked up by the moving company as requested by the insurance company. Now the insurance company has gone out of business and the new insurance company is still looking at the issues? (At least this was what has been described.)



Desired Settlement
4-IN-1 PRINTER---$225.00
DAMAGED TV---$430.00

Business Response
I do understand your frustration, as I have been frustrated as well. As a company, we have only had 3 claims in our career that have warranted insurance help. Out of these 3 claims, 2 have been settled. The last claim that was in August 2013, has just paid out. Our insurance agent is no longer in business. We began researching insurance companies that dealt with moving household goods. In April, we went with a new carrier that personally deals with moving companies even major van lines. We are praying that our switch will end with better service for our customers. We pay close to $33,600 a year for our policy, so I hope that it will service our customers more timely and efficiently.

We went to the * home twice in MS. The first trip they had scheduled us to be there. We started packing and loading the trailer. Then the *'s received a phone call that their home would not be selling. They wanted everything unloaded until it sold again. We did this for them. Then in October, Mr. * had called again wanting us to return and so we did. The * were not charged any extra for the additional trip, nor the initial loading and unloading that we did as they were distraught enough over the closing cancellation. I know this was not their issue. Their main concern is the damages that occurred. The reason I brought this up, is that when we go to a home, we take pictures of the household goods before we load. For the *'s, I have 2 sets of "pre" pictures. The final claim came in in December after their sofa was repaired. The list provided thru the BBB is the 3rd list we have received. Each are somewhat alike, but not exact. I have pictures of the damages that were sent by the *'s as well. Copies of the 2 prior list and pictures of ours prior to loading and then the *'s photos where given to our old insurance agent who is no longer in business. I know that this has taken a long time and I apologize to the *'s for this. I am on top of it and doing a lot of the research myself as well as my husband now that the damaged items have been picked up. We have made this our top priority to get this settled with the *'s and restitution based on the research of each item. * and his two helpers have been terminated due to carelessness. I do apologize again and will have this taken care of by June 20th with proof given to the BBB.

Final Business Response
I am going to have to break this up into several emails. It's 11 pages and I think my email will only allow me to send about 3 pages at a time. I do want to apologize again to the *'s for this taking so long. We decided as a family to forego the advice from our attorney's and compensate the *'s ourselves instead of waiting for our prior insurance company to do so. Please let me know if I need to do anything else to get this complaint settled.

Thank you!

Dolls, Teddy Bears,

Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 385 w/case & accessories mint fast

Disney's Magic Memories Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Mad hatter Figure

Check as settlement

06/08/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

TMS' negligence and misrepresentation resulted in extensive damage to our household goods.
We just got your settlement in the mail. We were very surprised at the low dollar amount, given the damage caused by the negligent handling of our household goods. We had a specific arrangement made with TMS Associate, ****** She assured us that our household goods would not be placed in storage and would never leave the truck unless the wait time for delivery exceeded two weeks - which it did not. Instead, the bulk of our belongings came to us in a much smaller trailer, meaning it was moved. The remainder had to come in a small pick up from another destination. We explicitly expressed our desire that our belongings not be moved multiple times as that would increase the likelihood of damage occurring. TMS did not hold up their end of the contract. Now we have a priceless family heirloom damaged (Black Walnut Dining Table handed down through generations), we have a worthless $400 flat screen TV, a torn chair to be reupholstered to the tune of $450, and filthy mattresses that were loaded in brand new condition. I should also mention the print that had the glass broken and carefully removed in hopes we would not find out about it? TMS no doubt said that we signed the agreement that limits your liability to $.60 per pound, which is true, but I would point out that the damage caused by TMS was not normal breakage one can expect in a move of this kind, but was caused by negligent and careless handling. The damage amounts to approximately $1,100.

Desired Settlement
Since TMS sent a check for $260, we are seeking $850.

Business Response
I do apologize for the damage. From time to time we do have damages from loads shifting, etc. We do our best to keep damages at a minimum by holding monthly training courses and random trailer inspections.

I am not surprised that you are trying to slander our company as you made that apparent in your email which I will attach. We do follow our contract as this is what companies do. You choose the .60 cents per pound. The items were marked by you and our crew leader on the contract the day of delivery. This was the chair and the leg to the table. You later emailed me that a glass in a frame had been damaged as well as a mattress and TV. This is a total of 5 pieces weighing 410 lbs out of 10,120 lbs! Are we disappointed that this damage happened? Of course, but to say that our crew was negligent and careless is just untrue. You were reimbursed per contract the .60 per pound in a timely manner.

At the time of loading on March 20, 2015, you did not have your home secured for delivery. ( We were not aware of this until we loaded.) You asked for storage of up to a week but no longer than 2 weeks. We did assure you that your items would be left on the truck during that time BUT that if it went over the 2 weeks, that we would have to put it in storage due to us needing the trailer for other jobs. We delivered your items on April 13, 2015. Clearly, this is over the week to 2 weeks mark. We held your items in storage until you called for delivery, 23 days. This ran into the end of month and first of the month on our schedule. Our busiest time. We had no choice but to offload your items as we needed our equipment. You were not charged for the time we held your items nor were you charged for the offloading and reloading. This would have added an additional $1000 to your bill. ($100 per each 1000 pounds of weight)

On delivery, we did arrive in a enclosed trailer that was smaller than the 18 wheeler. You had wanted your items on that particular day. Our 18 wheeler had gotten tied up in Tennessee and was delayed. Instead of delaying your delivery, we brought the smaller trailer with all the inside items. The outside items were delivered later that day as the 18 wheeler came thru. You were ok with that on that particular day.

We upheld the contract on the Valuation that you choose. We did not charge you the additional $1000 for offloading and reloading your items due to your new home not being secure for 23 days. I feel our company has fulfilled our obligation per contract.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Posting reviews for subpar services is not slander and is most likely the only recourse people have these days, especially for damages in this dollar range. Now, the load date was indeed March 20, but the delivery date was April 3, not 13 as you state in your response. Let me start with your weight calculations. First, the antique solid black walnut dining table that seats 8 is stated as weighing 110 pounds - ridiculous. This table weighs at least 200 pounds. Second, we continue to find damage as we unload boxes and arrange furniture. Can I correctly assume that additional damages will be compensated? Third, one of your employees, no doubt, either saw or caused some of the damages, but no information was forthcoming - left up to us to discover - inexcusable.

It should be noted that I have experienced numerous paid moves, both in the military and 7 as a civilian. I have not once filed a complaint until now. I did take the time to read previous BBB reports on the company and wish I had done so prior to entering into the agreement with TMS.

This move was less than 200 miles! If all the damages were charged by "loads shifting" then clearly the load was not secured properly. The more reasonable explanation is that damages occurred when the household goods were unloaded and reloaded.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The above response is NOT a proposed resolution. The fact is that ***** is a representative of TMS. Although the person writing their response states "I know I personally did not say your items would stay on the truck and no one else has that authority," ****** an agent of TMS, misrepresented the service we purchased, causing the damages mentioned previously. It is clear TMS has no intention of compensating us for the damages caused by their company. I reiterate we moved less than 200 miles! Although they are proud of the fact that they had one complaint out of 82, we happen to be the lucky ones. Buyer beware.

Final Business Response
After speaking with the BBB, it was brought out that the reimbursement should be per article. The leg was part of the table. Therefore to fulfill my commitment to the contract, I am sending the customer the additional monies. I had originally reimbursed for the table 110 lbs. The customer stated in a response that the table weighed 200 lbs. The difference is 90 lbs x .60 cents = $54.00. This check will be mailed out today. Attached is a copy of the check. Sorry for the delay.

04/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure to meet contractually agreed upon services resulting in negligence, causing damages and loss of household items.
DD & K dba The Moving Company was hired to move our household goods from Texas to Maryland. This move took place 27th Feb to 4th Mar, 2014. We believe they did not fulfill their contract and were negligent in execution of their duties under the agreement.
The issues we have with The Moving Company is their failure to meet the contractual agreement of number of people (3 crew for pickup and delivery) they would provide to facilitate our move and their inability to meet their reassurances of knowledge and care of moving specific items I spoke with them about PRIOR to entering into an agreement. When I spoke with Kasey about the specifics of the move, I made it clear we had a longer than usual driveway in Texas AND we'd be moving into a third floor apartment in Maryland. These concerns were written on the paperwork the driver had in hand.
Upon arrival in Texas there were initially 4 crew members. They were 9 hours late (which they informed us only minutes before their scheduled arrival time). Two left immediately, leaving only two (one was a temp worker with no moving experience) to begin the job and they stayed until 11:30 PM ran out of packing material and waited for the other two to return and stated they would leave for the night going to a hotel. The following morning, four crew members arrived but they were already behind schedule, rushing to complete the little packing they were hired to pack and to load the trailer. They had apparently slept in their truck and were showing their unreadiness to work by arguing with each other and seemed to be just jamming our personal property into the truck with limited thought or concern for its care.
I had spoken with "Kasey" at the office about specific items requiring particular handling and packing. One was a medium sized Green Egg smoker. This item was to be readied for transport by removing the porcelain body from its metal stand and then wrapping the porcelain smoker body in pads and placing in size appropriate box to prevent breakage.
Instead, the porcelain body was left in its stand, wrapped in one quilted pad, there wasn't anything cushioning the base of the porcelain body where it was sitting on the metal stand. When the smoker was brought off the trailer, the entire bottom of the porcelain smoker was shattered. This was solely due to negligence on their behalf.
The cost to replace the Green Egg Smoker is around $650.00.
The second item to have special care is a floor Grandfather clock. Again, I was told the Grandfather would be properly prepared for transport. I had partially prepared the clock by removing and packing the lyre pendulum, clearly marking it with red and white fragile stickers and large print to top load and not bend. The pendulum, in the clearly marked box, arrived badly bent. The three brass weight tubes for the clock were carelessly placed in a box along with a computer printer and other items. The weights were not wrapped with anything. All three were damaged to the point that the material IN the tubes was spilling out into the box. These tubes are specifically weighted in order for the clock to properly function. The handful of boxes they packed was done improperly and was jammed into a spot on the truck and was therefore crushed when they arrived at the destination.
At the moment, I am still researching the cost for repairs and replacement parts for the Grandfather clock.
When our household goods arrived there were only two crew members to complete the move. Not three, as contractually agreed upon. On the course of unloading they could not complete with only two people as they dropped our night stand down a flight of stairs and needed to leave for the evening and to return the next day. Constant poor planning and lack of proper resourcing that we paid for created a unprofessional and overly burdensome move which ranks as one of our worst.
Based on the conversations, emails and reassurances we had from The Moving Company prior to sign

Desired Settlement
Although, DD&K has sent the insurance rate of .60 per pound for their end of this disaster, they failed to meet the contract of services as agreed upon and PAID for - $6400.00 The items broken beyond repair are certainly valued at more than 60 cents per lb. To replace in kind, DD&K, DBA The Moving Company, is responsible for $750.00 above the 60 cents per lb they think ends their liability.

Business Response
We moved the * on February 26, 2014 from Texas and delivered them on March 4, 2014 in Maryland. I will include the contract with my response.

We did arrive late on the 26th. I had personally called Mrs. * and told her of our situation. At that time, all was well and it was not a problem. The driver and myself stayed in contact with them about our arrival time. We do make every effort to say on track but unfortunately sometimes due to the weather conditions, traffic, etc., it's beyond our control. This particular move was during the last ice/snow storm that reached from Texas to the East Coast.

We base the number of employees to be sent by the inventory provided by our customers. In this case, the *'s inventory we received from them stated they had 7,578 pounds. This would require 2 employees. Once we arrived, the guys knew that the inventory provided was not correct. There was actually 10,220 pounds and additional employees were sent to complete the job.

We delivered their items on March 4, 2014 during the very icy road conditions. Not only were the roads an issue, but per Mrs.* and the attached pictures, their apartment complex drive was a sheet of ice as well as the stairs leading to their apartment. So bad that her apartment complex was late in arriving to issue them their keys.

On their damages, the guys were quick to notify me of the damaged smoker by sending me a picture of it while it was still on the truck. They had taken every precaution available by padding and shrink wrapping this item. I will attach the picture as well. Unfortunately, from time to time damages due occur. Full Value Protection is offered to ALL our customers. It is included in every email that our system generates that it is available for a fee based on the amount of additional insurance you would possibly need. Due to the extra charge, as in this case, it is 9 times out of 10 not purchased. The *'s knew that they had initialed and signed the contract for the .60 per pound on reimbursement. This is what the USDOT requires moving companies to have. The Rideout's are wanting Full Value Replacement and this just simply was not purchased. Had it been, they would have been issued a Certificate of Insurance from TG International. The grandfather clock was PBO, which means it was packed by the owner and sealed. We have no way of knowing how it was packed, if ample protection was given, etc. I reimbursed the *'s for the smoker and table via their credit card on March 7, 2014. Mrs. * then contacted me later about the clock and a few other items that they had packed. Even though we are not responsible for PBO items unless the box is crushed, ex. like UPS if the box is in good shape on delivery with no physical signs of damage, they are not responsible for a packed by owner box due to not knowing what is inside nor the way the box was prepared for shipping, I did go ahead and reimburse them for the additional items at .60 per pound on March 17, 2014.

Due to the weather conditions and traffic due to the icy conditions, we did do everything within our power to make the move go successfully. Unfortunately at times like this case, sudden stops, slipping and sliding do occur. Things shift in the trailers when a sudden stop occurs. This is just something that happens which is beyond our control. We drive safely, we stay at a safe distance, but we can not predict how the other drivers on the road will drive much less control it. Our safety record with the USDOT is impeccable. I feel my company has upheld to the contract that was signed as completed by *s. Nothing was written on the contract to suggest anything different. Their .60 reimbursements were given in a very timely manner. I am not sure at this point what more I can do as a owner unless you have any suggestions.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Grand Father clock was NOT PBO. The Lyre pendulum was packed in it's original reinforced packaging with fragile stickers applied. It arrived completely bowed. The brass tube weights were NOT wrapped and in a box with a computer printer, All three are damaged beyond repair. I was given specific reassurance by this Company their crew knew how to prepare and pack a Grand Father Clock for transportation.
The Smoker was to have been disassembled with the porcelain body padded and placed in a sturdy cardboard box for shipment. From their own admission and photos, this was not how they transported the smoker.
Based on the contract for THREE crew members to load and unload, their reassurance the crew had experience and knowledge to pack the smoker and Grand Father Clock, we accepted their bid and contract.
Yes, the weather was bad which meant SLOW TRAVEL. The roads were not bumpy.
The Moving Company failed to uphold their contract with us by exhibiting negligence and carelessness in the handling of our property which resulted in damages we have NEVER experienced before.

Final Business Response
Mr. and Mrs. *, I am sorry your things were damaged. I did however reimburse you for the grandfather clock as a whole. I have held up to the contract. I sent out the reimbursement to you in a timely fashion for the few items that were damaged. No where on the contract or any moving companies contract that I have ever seen does it state how many employees will be disbursed to do a job. This is just not on the contract. Once we got to your residence and the 2 crew members that were there realized that your weight was more, we did send 2 more employees. On the delivery end, communication did fail on your new residence being on a 3rd floor. I do apologize for this. With this, had the information been received, we would have sent an additional 1-2 crew members. Normally a flight fee of 3 stories would have applied. You were not charged this. We made this adjustment once we realized that it was going to a 3rd floor and we had only sent 2 employees to offload. An offload is easier and less time consuming, so normally it takes fewer employees. I do apologize for this and we are working very hard on communications between sales and customers, then sales to us so that the appropriate crew is disbursed.

On the .60 cents per pound issue, again I do apologize. I have spoken with our current insurance carrier about providing a certificate of insurance for our customers on each move that would be affordable for our customers. I think this is the answer. We work with Movers Choice. They have given us a insurance policy for our moving equipment that will now provide Full Value Protection up to $75,000 for each customer for a very minimal cost. We think this is a great asset and will solve any further issues. This new policy started on March 17, 2014.

02/26/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

DD&K Vanlines DBA the Moving service did not honor their contract and lied about contract data. They also made false entries on contract.
Original date of contract was November 20,2013. This was a verbal agreement prior to pick-up but not entered on contract. Actual pick-up was 11-21-2013. Goods were promised on 11-22-13 but actually arrived on 11-23-13.They were expected to arrive at 8:30am but did not arrive until about 10:30am. The driver could not back up the van properly and got stuck in front of my drive way half on the road and half on the grass. Driver could not speak english. I was charged $1100 for packaging material but nearly half of all items that could have been boxed was thrown into my containers,i.e farm cart,chest freezer, wheel barrow,wagon,etc. They promised to reassemble at destination all items that were disassembled at point of origin, they only reassemble a few peices of furniture which I had to help with. It took them better than 14 hours to unload our goods with five men available. They took turns sleeping later in the night when my wife and I had to stay up. Many items were broken and or missing. I have 28 photos to prove condition,time and date. They disassembled a grand father's clock and did not even unpack the clock parts. I had to find a master clock repairman to reassemble it. He is a witness to it's condition. When they arrived with our property they demanded CASH or CASHIERS CHECK. it was on a Saturday and our bank was closed. They treatened to hold our goods hostage until they were paid. There was no such demand for cash or cashiers check at the time we agreed on the move. After a heated discussion with their contact person (* * *)they finally accepted my credit card. I was forced to file a dispute with my credit card company because of all the damages and missing furniture. When they were contacted by the credit card company and given the opportunity to respond they lied about nearly everything and even told the credit card company that "I was so pleased with their service that I gave them (the men on the van)a bed room set". Now ask yourself this. I paid them $6,000 for the worst move I have ever had in my life and I just gave them a bed room set? Who would do that? The only part of that bed room set they are refering to is the dresser mirror which is still wraped in their moving blanket and sitting in my garage where the put it. I have not seen the rest of the set. I have documentation to prove that they agreed to reassemble everything that they disassebled. I also have proof that they made false entries on the contract and I challenge them to prove that I gave them a bed room set. I am 75 years old and have made many moves in my life time from the east coast to the west coast of the USA and from Florida to Alaska and from Alaska to Texas and I have to say this is by far the most dishonest and unprofessional company I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with. I wold not EVER let them move me again if it was FREE.

Desired Settlement
There was an agreed moving charge of $6,000, $1100 of that was for packaging materials. I sincerely doubt that $200 in packaging was provided, so with that and all the damaged and missing goods, not to mention all the hours my wife and I had to stay up and in the following days we had to reassemble many of our items that they were supposed to do for us. I estimate that all things considered the MOVING SERVICE owes us about $4,000. That is the settlement I am seeking.

Business Response
We moved Mr. *, accommodating him on his November 21, 2013 move from Gilmer, TX to Bolivar, TN on the day Mr. * chose. I will attach the emails from him proving several date changes made by him. He had multiple dates set but had to change due to having issues with things he wanted to correct in his home before moving. Mr. * also knew that there would be a 2 day delivery process due to the USDOT. The USDOT only allows 500 miles to be driven each day, so going from Texas to Tennessee would definitely require the two day spread. Mr. * was not present at loading. Upon reaching his new home, the roads were VERY NARROW and his items were in an 18-wheeler due to the size of his move His new home was in the mountains of TN. Our driver tried it, but did not feel comfortable with backing down the narrow driveway. He stopped, then the crew began offloading. Mr. * was not charged for the long walk that incurred while unloading close to 16,000 lbs. The safety of our crew, equipment and the customers household goods is our top priority. Yes the delivery may take longer than it would if we could back up to the front door, but SAFETY comes first.

Mr. * did complain to the credit card company and they found that we were not at fault. This was the first time that we had been notified that he had damages or was upset other than at delivery when he wanted to write us a personal check. The contract states and multiple emails state the forms of payments that we accept. Plus he was told this in person during his in-home that we do not take personal checks nor do we take American Express. I tried contacting him at this point but both numbers that we have for him are disconnected. I have had no direct contact with him other than Chase Paymentech and the BBB so I have no idea what he is claiming to be damaged but if he would like to send pictures I would be more than happy to turn it in to process his claim.

Mr. * was wanting all boxes unpacked, all pictures hung, all TV's hung, all clothes hung, and all items put away in cabinets, garage, etc. This was not part of the contract. He had a flat rate due to an in-home which included packing and transporting, then unloading the items into his new home. The unpacking of boxes was never paid for and hanging pictures/TV's is rarely ever done in the moving industry due to liability. We strive very hard to protect walls! We are certainly not going to do it intentionally by hanging pictures, TV's, etc. The contract which I will include is signed by Mr. * that our services were completed and that he was pleased with our work. He was so pleased with our work that he gave one employee a bedroom suite. Now he is denying this since his complaint with Chase Paymentech which seems to be his way of doing things, as in changing the date of his move then accusing us of not showing up when we were supposed to be there.

As I stated earlier, Mr. * was not present during loading. Mrs. * was present and saw that everything was disassembled, wrapped and shrink wrapped. On the delivery end, Mr. * was there. Everything was re-assembled and placed in the room where they wanted it to go except for one item, the grandfather clock. He wanted it to be re-assembled by a clock repairman, a professional. We did not dis-assemble nor did we re-assemble this do to him wanting a professional. I am also including an email that includes all that we disassemble and reassemble as well that Mr. * received and was told this during his in-home. It also states what is included in his price of $6000. His guaranteed move was $4900 plus a full pack job of $1100, making his total be $6000.

The claim that Mr. * states against theft IS VERY DISTURBING to me. As a business owner I take this very seriously. Mr. * needs to file a complaint with the police department against the men that were there during his move. *, *, * *, * *, * *. All of these men are willing to take a lie detector test. I think it would be fair for Mr. * to take this as well. With the discrepancies that have already been noted and proven wrong by the emails sent back and forth on when he wanted his items picked up, I feel this is the right thing to do. There is a fee for this. I am willing to put up half to get the test started and he will need to do the same. When the results are back, whomever is not telling the truth should be responsible for all of the testing. If it falls to us, all men will be terminated. At this point I still believe that ALL MEN ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. They have been with us the better of 5 years and I have never had anything but HIGH PRAISES for each man.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It seems that this could go on for ever. My statements in the original complaint and the second reply will stand. I have nothing else to add or remove.

Final Business Response
We truly apologize about how you feel about our services. We are family owned and operated and treat each move as it was our own belongings. We don't take chances. If our driver felt that he was putting himself, our equipment, and your household belongings at risk by backing down your driveway, then he made the right choice of stopping. Our guys walked your household goods from the stopped location to your home at no expense to you or your family. I apologize for this as I know it took longer but it was in everyone's best interest to do so. The USDOT gives our drivers 14 hours of loading/drive time or 11 hours drive time. Our trucks are governed at 61 MPH for our employees safety. We try to take as much human error out of the equation as possible. This drive time does include stopping for 3 meals a day, fuel, breaks, etc. We equate this to 500 miles a day. We value the lives of our employees. It would be a tragedy for our employees families, our family, and yours being that your household goods, years of memories were lost due to pushing our drivers to the point of falling asleep at the wheel trying to get to your home. We know that deep in your heart this would affect you personally as well knowing that you pushed your delivery to that point. We do have a safety procedure in place. We will take everything to heart that you have brought to our attention. A safety meeting is schedule for February 27, 2014 at 3pm with all employees.

You invited us to your home back in October/November to give you a guaranteed price for your move. We came and walked thru your home with you and took an inventory of everything to be moved that you wanted. This gave you a guaranteed price that was agreed upon, that you yourself approved, BEFORE picking your items up. By doing this, each item was entered into our system. This gave a weight of 15,754 pounds. I'm not sure why the weight of your items is an issue now. Your price was guaranteed and you knew that well in advance due to your in-home.

On the grandfather clock, again, I apologize. There was no charge for a third party service in your contract. If you have any damages that you would like to claim, please send a list with photographs of the damage done to,

I apologize that we had to wait for your wife to find a neighbor with a front-end loader to clear the path to your home since the logging route wasn't opened. We did the best we could while waiting for your gracious neighbor to get there, we made our guys walk from the road to your home with all the packing supplies to get started on the job at hand while Derrek and your wife waited for the path to be cleared.

On the credit card issue, all I know is that the credit card company gave us our money back. Being in business as long as we have been, we do a lot of credit card transactions. They handle their claims like I would assume the BBB would. They hear both sides, and make their decision. I can provide proof that our money was returned to us.

I would like to encourage you to contact the TXDOT USDOT, etc. Hopefully they can give you insight on Rules and Regulations about commercial vehicles when dealing with public roads, drivers, and your household goods while on our trucks. Once again, I would like to apologize but we take our employees safety seriously. I have never had to tell an employees family that their husband/father/son wasn't coming back home to them nor would my family EVER want to live with the regret that we pushed them so hard that it caused a fatality and that includes any family that we pass on the open highways. Our safety rating with the TXDOT and USDOT is impeccable and that's the way I intend to keep it!

Again, I do thank you for your response. This will certainly help us as we continue to grow. It has enlightened us on making our customers aware of our drive times and what they need to expect. During our safety meeting at the end of the week, I will go over the procedures at pick up and what needs to be conveyed to our future customers about their delivery and time-frame.

12/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Furniture/goods moved from Austin TX to C'ville VA arrived damaged, dirty, and with items missing. Partial ck for damage sent from company bounced.
Furniture/household goods loaded in Austin TX was covered, strapped in and was told would be kept that way through delivery. When delivered it was uncovered, lying in truck bed and filthy. Master bedroom and other pieces of furniture damaged - est $2200. Sofa and cushions lying in the filthy truck floor. Many items missing. Pd $75 for est to repair bdrm furn. Delivery men were not strong enough and unable to handle furniture-one had no driver's license, but the one with the license bragged how he let the unlicensed driver (who spoke little English) drive while he slept. Have witnesses to state of furniture upon arrival. Entire experience a nightmare. I discover something else missing almost every day. No list of items kept because loaders stated the cargo would be kept as loaded, so no chance of loss. There was a delay on my end in furniture delivery, but that is not an excuse for the damage and missing items.
Have a copy of contract and charge of $4100 total for move. When notified of damage to furniture, was sent check for $711 towards damages and it was returned by bank to me - "frozen/blocked account".

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a full refund of moving charges. I was lied to and the whole experience was terrible. I have witnesses (relatives and non-relatives) on both ends of the move who can testify as to what happened. This has been a nightmare and continues to this day.

Business Response
I am so sorry! Our account was compromised and Chase closed the account and made us open a new one. This can be verified by * * at Chase, 6 ^. I will send out a new one to replace that today!

We moved * on May 20, 2013 and delivered her on June 5, 2013 in VA. I was aware that she had damages and that a top to her 4 poster bed was missing. We found the top under the moving blankets used for her move. I immediately mailed this item to her. I have mailed out 2 checks to *. One to have her sofa cleaned and the other for the 6 damaged items. I will attach the contract that Dawn initialed and signed that she knew it would be .60 per pound for any damaged or missing items. In June, when I spoke with *, I felt like all had been tended too. The checks for cleaning and damages where sent out. I assumed everything was ok. I will add that the two employees have been terminated that she speaks of due to this move. They were dismissed in June after speaking with *. I haven't spoke with her since then so I am sure she was unaware of this fact. As a business owner, I do feel I made the correct decision in letting them go. This summer, I also hired * * * to do research on all of our employees before being hired. I have also hired * * * to due all our insurance. They have implemented a new program that will allow certain items of value to be insured , ex. Tv's antiques, anything a customer wants added protection for without it costing our customers an arm and a leg. Not sure what more I can do. We recently completed a "BIG DEAL" program with *'s List and made their Honor Roll for November. We are members of the Southwest Movers Association and attend their meetings to improve service. I think we are headed in the right direction as a business. I do care about my customers and try to make things right. I was just unaware that your check had been frozen.

Again, I apologize about the frozen account. Chase is still working on the case. They have tracked it to a lady in FL that had hacked our account. SHe stole close to $10,000 from our account. Please feel free to call the number listed above to speak to our banker. I am trying to get a letter as well to attach to this response from Chase. It may be tomorrow before I will have it. I wished * would have simply contacted me and I would have had it in the mail to her immediately! The bank had told us that they would honor all that was out, but that has not been the case. It's truly been a big mess! I am truly sorry.

10/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Vehicle was to be shipped instead they drove my car unauthorized. Their employees caused over $5000 damages to my new car. Not professional.
2014 Grand Cherokee not authorized to be driven was to be shipped. They put 1500 miles on car and caused damage to vehicle. Claim with my insurance has been filed. Furniture was not properly handled and damaged. I do not know if they are going to do their end on this. Main concern was the improper use of vehicle (driving and employee slept in it). Unprofessional service. They should not be in business. I hope this helps anyone else avoid the problems I had with them.

Desired Settlement
The claim is now in the hands of my insurance. This company does not offer professional service. If you need additional documentation I have it. I just do not believe they should be BBB rated based on the nightmare experience I have had with them. They realize the car was not authorized to be driven. They said they sent a check for the miles not authorized to put on car 1500 miles .50 a mile equals $750. They said they did not care about damage to car even though they knew it was their employee. They should not be in business operating like this.

Business Response
We moved * on July 26, 2013 and delivered her on August 3, 2013 to Colorado. * did have an auto that she wanted taken to Colorado. We were not told that her vehicle was not to be driven. * did complain once we got to CO. I spoke with her on the phone and we agreed to .50 cents per mile for depreciation of the vehicle for 1500 miles which came to $750. I overnighted the check via the USPS on August 5, 2013 as agreed. The USPS website shows delivery of the express on August 6, 2013 at 11:29am. I have included that documentation.

95% of the autos we deliver are driven. Not one customer has ever complained about their car being driven nor had any damages. I can provide this documentation to you as well.

We had taken every precaution with *'s household goods. Her furniture was padded and shrink wrapped in her home. Unfortunately, as with any moving company, there are damages from time to time. We never have a problem honoring what our contract states which is the .60 cents per pound as Leslie did not choose to purchase additional insurance.

In our defense, I would like it noted that I did everything possible to satisfy Mrs. *. She moved out of a high rise in Dallas to the 4th floor in CO. We did not charge any additional for the flights of stairs and long walks at both locations. We paid her for the depreciation on her auto and I will send out the .60 cents per pound on her furniture damages as agreed to on her contract.


Kristi Boyd
see additional information attached

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
You can not just decide to drive someone's car without authorization. How is that even legal? There are thousands of dollars worth of damage to my car new car from your employee. They slept in my car! I can't imagine that would be okay with anyone. Your company lacks communication with its customers and doesn't notify them when the agreement of a move changes. You sending $750 for miles or the .60 per pound doesn't pay for the damage done to the vehicle or the complete unprofessional service your company provided that I have had to deal with. The agreement was 1-2 days delivery, my things would be only load, auto would be shipped enclosed with with things. What you provided...week late delivery, no notification of changes to the move, you moved my things off the original trailer into a semi and drove my car 1500 miles from Texas to Colorado...and first decided to drive it to Missouri before Colorado. This is not professional!

Final Business Response
I had sent Ms. * a check for her damages of $678 plus a check for $750 to reimburse her for the mileage on her auto. On 8-23-2013 Ms. * was also reimbursed the initial $2000 for the cost of her move. I provided copies of the cashed checks to the BBB office on 9-19-2013. Normally once a check is cashed as a final settlement, the customer accepts the final agreement in our business, the insurance business, etc.

I believe that I have done everything knowingly possible to resolve this matter. With the initial $999.90 being taken off the top before we got there plus the reimbursements, the $2000 for the cost of her move is depleted. Please let me now if you have any other suggestions. I am not sure what else to do.

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