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Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
05/22/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Salesperson, ****, lied; Delivery was poorly executed; installed unit not working properly. At least when the service man arrived, he was professional
****, the salesperson is not trustworthy. He took the sale of another person and did not share commission. I waited three weeks for unit to arrive and was told by ***** in the warehouse that I was the first delivery of the day. The delivery began at 1145 AM and did not conclude unitl 345 PM. The doors of the unit had to be removed. The salesperson, ****, said doors are never removed. This simply isn't true. I have had appliances delivered from ***** and ******* **** and they have ALWAYS removed the doors of refrigerators. Now that the unit is installed, the ice-maker is not working. I called the store at 830 this morning and they said they couldn't come fix my brand new unit (paid over $2000.). Had to call 3 times and the salesperson is saying that 'nobody' from Don's would tell be I was first on the delivery and still saying that they don't remove doors. He had no comment about the defective product he sold me. Poor Poor Poor Service. I will not ever shop at Don's again.

Desired Settlement
Would like refund for poor delivery and would like **** to be reprimanded.

Business Response
At the time of purchase we made the customer aware that it would be a minimum of 2 weeks before the unit would arrive and possibly longer. We are relying on the manufacturers information so we hate to promise a date when they are not for sure. We scheduled the delivery originally for 5-14-15 and customer re-scheduled for 5-16-15. I have spoken to my entire sales staff and no one remembers showing this refrg to the customer except **** so i am not sure about the comment of "took the sale of another person" we pay equal commission to our sales staff even when a sale is shared so there would be no reason for **** not to share the sale. We do not promise a time for delivery other than Morning or Afternoon delivery. If the customer was led to believe otherwise I apologize. We do remove doors from refrigerators as sometimes they wont fit in older homes, **** is very aware of this as he has been in Appliance sales for over 20 years. What we did not do is remove one of her interior doors to her home as it was not the normal PIN and HINGE door and my staff did not want to risk any damage to the door nor her home as this was NOT a common hinge system on a door. We removed the doors and drawer from the refrg and left in her home and she had a carpenter come remove her door so we could finish the delivery. My driver gave her his personal cell so she could call and he would come back as soon as the interior door in her home was removed. We have know way of knowing what we will run into in a home thus one of the reasons we don't promise a specific time for delivery. ****, nor any one else would be able to foresee these issues unless he was actually in the home before delivery.

The customer called on Monday AM after the delivery was done on Saturday and said the ice maker wasn't working. My Service mgr. informed her she did not have tech avail BUT she would be put on the cancellation list and we would do our best. She called back again sometime around noon on Monday and we explained again that we did not have a tech avail but she was #1 on the cancellation list. Later that afternoon we were able to send a tech to her home and which time we discovered the ice bucket inside the freezer portion had not been pushed all the way back in to its place and when it is not in the correct place the ice maker will shutoff and not make ice. We pushed the ice bucket back in place and to our knowledge the unit is functioning correctly so the product she purchased is not defective. I will say that this was not a normal delivery and feel like my delivery crew did everything beyond and above what a normal delivery would entail. We feel we went way beyond the call for a $39.95 delivery charge but will issue a refund for the delivery portion if the customer feels my 2 delivery men did not do a good job.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Clearly, ****, the salesperson, has 20 years of experience deceiving customers. He obviously doesn't remember what he told me (i should have recorded it; so disrespectful).

I have no issue with the time frame from paying for unit and waiting for it to be shipped from manufacturer/distributor.

My issue is that (1) *****, the warehouse person, told me i would be the first delivery on Saturday morning, which happened at 1145 am. **** lied to me and clearly implied that his co-worker did not tell me that. Really, i even discussed thus with the delivery guys ******** and ******** in fact, i told them that **** was not trustworthy, but that ***** was a very honest person; they agreed ***** was honest....

(2) **** stated that they NEVER take the doors off a refrigerator unit. He further stated, "we can't do that because we might not get it back together correctly." I never expected them to remove one of my interior doors in my house. That is why I called my personal carpenter to come remove the door. ******* asked me to call him when the carpenter was finished; I did that. However, ******** called me from his personal cell phone the day before the delivery. The circustances are not as presented in Don's narrative.

(3) **** said that they NEVER bleed the lines when a refrigerator unit is installed, which is contrary to what the manufacturer recommend (yes, i read the tech manual). Shouldnt the unit be working properly when it is installed. I sent the warranty in, but noted on the registration that the unit is defective.

(4) The service person, *****, did come out Monday. He spent about 45 minutes bleeding the lines; the green line going to the icemaker had numerous air bubbles. He also noted that the drawer wasn't in properly. He stated the icemaker would have ice in 5 to 6 hours and that it would be completely full in 2 to 3 days. He futher suggested dumping the first bucket of ice, which i will do IF it EVER gets FULL. After 24 hours I had 12 to 24 cubes. Today, Thursday @3 pm, i have ONLY 40 to 50 cubes. I have taken photographs of the ice with date and time stamps in the meta data. I also called ***** Tuesday because the unit wasn't efficiently producing ice; per his request I have waited a few days. I have been without clean ice for 6 days. This is not my fault. ***** was the only person at Don's who has acted professionally and treated me respectfully.

(5) When i came in to buy the refrigerator, I specifically asked for a different salesperson from whom I had previously purchased appliances and had started paying for a refrigerator with him. I was never ****'s customer. I specifically asked **** if he would split the commission with my salesperson. He laughed and said No. This is bothersome - he basically did nithing but lie to me. When I came in the next day to pay for the unit, **** said he had just been discussing the refrigerator with my salesperson.

**** needs to admit he lied to me. **** needs to be reprimanded. **** does not deserve the commission. The ice maker needs to work properly or a completely new unit (not one in their warehouse) needs to replace the defective unit

02/18/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator that has required over a dozen repairs to the ice-maker.I requested a replacement refrigerator and was denied.
On January 12, 2011 I purchased, a 28 CU FT French Door Gallery Frigidaire stainless refrigerator for $1995(serial#4AXXXXXXXX - model FGHB2844LF.) I also, purchased the extended warranty for $479.95 at ***'s TV & Appliance in Tyler, TX. My sales rep was **** ***. Unfortunately, the ice maker has not performed well. The service men have worked on the ice maker numerous times(15 to 20 times). It would have been more but I couldn't continue to take off from work(these senseless repairs is costing me time & money). Each time that they came out I was given a 4 hour window where I needed to be home waiting for them to arrive. Typically, the service men would tell me that some sort of part was needed like a repair kit and that they would return in a couple of weeks when the part arrives. The service department never called when the part arrived; several weeks later I would call for an update and they would schedule the part to be installed 3 to 4 weeks later. Needless to say, the service they provided was inadequate and did not fix the ice maker, in fact, it is worse because now the ice maker started leaking. The service guy stuffed a towel in the ice maker and said he would need to get me a loaner refrigerator because it was going to take several hours to fix my refrigerator. Several months went by with a towel stuffed in my ice maker and no one called to schedule the loaner refrigerator. This time I called and asked to speak to the manager and ****, the lady that I have been talking to for 3 years announced that she is the manager. I requested a replacement refrigerator and declare mine a lemon. (this was my 2nd time making this request the first time was 11/28/11). I explained to her that my patience was wearing thin along with my trust in them. I explained to her how I have lost time and money with them and this ice maker. She said she would file my request.I pushed for a time frame and she gave me a week. That did not happen. When I called she said my request was denied. She urged me to try this one last repair. So, the loaner refrigerator arrived six hours past the window time that they told me! To add insult to injury, the loaner was not large enough to hold my freezer items. They know what size refrigerator they sold me...why would they send an inadequate size? I called back and asked ****, the manger, if I could speak to her boss. I was told that her boss is **** (****,my sales rep?). I started my complaint with **** 3 years ago who put me in the trusted hands of ****. I told **** all about my 3 year dissatisfaction with ***'s service & product and if he could not resolve this problem quickly then my next step is BBB. He assured me that he would resolve the problem just give him some time to gather information and he would get right back with me. I pressed for a time frame (what right back means to him) and he said he would get with me on Monday; that was 22 days ago and I have still not heard from ****. Currently, my refrigerator is in the shop (***'s) since December 31, 2013. I was told it would take 4 to 6 hours to repair the ice maker. ***'s have not called me for an update or otherwise since they took my refrigerator. So, I called **** yesterday (X-XX-XX) and had to leave a message. Susan called me back at ****'s request. Susan said they ordered a part and it should arrive from Dallas in two days! I am disappointed because the product does not work properly; the service was not performed efficiently or correctly; the scheduling and communication is extremely poor and they refuse to honor the warranty which states more than 3 repairs during any 12-month period means a free replacement.I trusted ***'s "the get more store" to the right thing. I thought they represented ethics & honesty.
To resolve the problem, I would appreciate what I am entitled to and what I have paid for in good
faith: a new replacement refrigerator and $175 to replace the frozen foods that I lost due to an inadequate loaner refrigerator.

Desired Settlement
To resolve the problem, I would appreciate what I am entitled to and what I have paid you cash for ($1,995): a free replacement refrigerator with extended warranty. In addition to that, I want $175 to replace the frozen foods that I lost due to an inadequate loaner refrigerator.

Business Response
On January 12, 2011 the consumer purchased a package of 4 Frigidaire appliances and an extended warranty for $479.95 to cover all 4 appliances for 5 years. This equals $119.99 for 5 years coverage on each appliance. Our records indicate we have completed 6 repairs on her icemaker over the last 3 years starting on August 24, 2011. Our service department will normally give a 4 hour appointment window to consumers since there are so many variables that could cause a service tech to be late to an appointment if an exact time is given. Our records indicate our technician was scheduled to come back after the ice maker started leaking. The consumer was unavailable to meet the tech for several months to complete the repairs due to a family member being admitted to the hospital. The consumer did contact our service department after that and requested a new unit. The consumer did speak with the salesman who is also one of the store managers. Our service manager did request an exchange from the manufacturer for the consumer and the request was denied. The extended warranty company will consider replacing a defective product if the same part on that product has failed and been replaced 3 times within a 12 month period. At this point that has not been done. It is not the consumer's or Don's decision to deem any product a "lemon." At this time, our service department recommended that the product be brought into the shop for repairs so the repairs would not inconvenience the consumer anymore than they already have. We normally do not send out "loaner" appliances. The Frigidaire refrigerator was cooling properly and could have stayed in the consumer's house if the consumer did not approve of the loaner we offered. Our service department was trying to make it as easy as possible for the consumer and felt like offering a loaner would be a good solution while the icemaker and dispenser was being repaired. At this point, the repairs have been completed and the service tech allowed the icemaker to run for a week. The icemaker and dispenser worked properly for a week during testing in our shop. We called the consumer on February 4, 2014 to initiate setting up a time to pick up the loaner and return the product. The Delivery Manager spoke with someone at the consumer's residence and he was told they would call us back to schedule the delivery. The 3 year old Frigidaire refrigerator in question will still have full coverage until January 12, 2016. Unfortunately, appliances and other manufactured products will break and have issues time to time. That is a big reason whey we recommend to all consumers to purchase an extended warranty. This kind of coverage helps cover costly repairs after the manufacturer warranty has expired. We also realize that when products have issues in consumer's homes it can disrupt the flow of every day life and cause undue stress. Don's apologizes for the inconveniences that arise when service issues happen with products or when/if we fail to communicate with our consumers to schedule timely repairs. Right now, the icemaker in the refrigerator is working properly and our service technician feels confident in the repairs. We are ready to deliver the product back to the consumer when they call us back to schedule that time.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My icemaker has failed more than 3 times within a 12- month period. Your service men have been to my house much more than the 6 times you indicated. Now, what you consider a repair is beyond me because my icemaker has not been repaired satisfactorily in the past 3 years. On several occasions the service men would come take a look at the icemaker and say they will need to order a part. He would leave and I would not hear from Don's for several weeks. I would always have to call for updates on this mystery part and then a couple of more weeks before they could install said part. As a consumer, I shouldn't have to stalk a company to do their job.
You picked up my refrigerator for repair on December 31, 2013. I was told that it would be a four- hour repair job and I did not hear from you for several weeks. Finally, I initiate the call for an update 24 days later. I was told the parts would be delivered in two days. Evidently, that icemaker has serious problems to need that much time for repairs. Ten days after that, Don's calls and tries to set up delivery without attempting to talk to me (the owner) or even give an explanation as to why a 4-hour job took 34 days.
Why did your service department recommend that the product be brought into the shop for repairs and then you stated it could have stayed in my home for repairs... I never wanted the loaner refrigerator but your service department on more than one occasion said that would be the best way for the repairs that they need to complete! As stated before, right now, I want a replacement refrigerator and $175 to replace the frozen foods that I lost due to an inadequate loaner refrigerator.

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