Programs & Services

We offer free business and charity reviews, complaint resolution services and many other programs and services to assist you in decisions.

Check with the BBB before you purchase! 
Find free reports on BBB accredited and non-accredited businesses.

Consumer education and advocacy for Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, DoD Civilians, Retirees and their families.

BBB has been helping resolve disputes for almost 100 years. We are here to share our expertise and experience with you and your customers.  

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Better Business Bureau has created a program designed to keep seniors informed of scams and deceptive business practices in the marketplace and to empower them to act as community advocates against fraud.

Join the Senior Brigade or schedule a free seminar now.

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LifeSmarts is a consumer education competition that challenges teens in grades 9 - 12 with questions about personal finance, health and safety, the environment, technology, and consumer rights and responsibilities sponsored by Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan. 

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BBB delivers educational training programs on fraud and scam prevention for the communities in Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. 

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