Calls About Receiving Government Grants Are Scams

May 15, 2012

Denver, CO – May 15, 2012 – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recently been taking phone calls from consumers who are suspicious of calls they’ve received about qualifying for a government grant. This has become a popular means of defrauding people as many are not familiar with government grants and are not sure if they might qualify for one.

“Grants are not easy to come by and there is always an in-depth process that applicants must go through before they are awarded anything. So, if you didn’t apply for a grant and you receive one of these calls, someone is trying to scam you,” warns Dale Mingilton, president and CEO of the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder.

One recent call to the BBB was from a man who said he was contacted by phone and told he qualified for a $7,000 government grant. But the caller told him he had to wire a fee via Western Union before he could receive the grant money. In other instances, scammers ask their targets for account numbers over the phone in order to pay the required “processing fees.”

These scammers are not affiliated with the government or any reputable organizations. They are criminals who are seeking financial information in an effort to get money from those they target – not award money to them. The government Web page, warns in a fraud alert, “If you have been contacted by someone seeking your bank account or other personal information in order to process a government grant that you did not apply for, you can submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.”

For information on government grants and qualifications, visit This site is the public’s primary resource in regards to government grants.

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