Phony Payday Loan Collection Calls Spark Up Again

February 16, 2012

Denver, CO – February 16, 2012 – A call from any bill collector is certainly cause for alarm, especially if the collector threatens to have you arrested. According to consumers who have recently contacted the BBB, these are exactly the types of calls they’ve received – but they don’t owe the debt and the collector isn’t who he says he is.

While calls are coming from different numbers and the caller may even impersonate a police officer, the pitch is always the same. The caller tells the consumer they owe a debt on a payday loan and due to their nonpayment, they are going to be arrested unless they pay it over the phone immediately.

“We have heard of these scare tactics being used in such scams before,” said Dale Mingilton, president and CEO of the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder. “But we urge consumers not to panic and to verify debts and know their rights before making any payment to anyone.”

One consumer who contacted the BBB said the number she received the fraudulent collection call from was (408) 905-2092 and the caller said he was a police offer. He claimed she had a loan with Cash Advance America and needed to give him her credit card number in order to avoid being arrested for fraud. A Google search of this phone number show several posts from people who have been threatened in the same manner.

Another consumer said she has received calls from (756) 852-1452 and the caller said he was an attorney for U.S. Payday Loans and they will have her arrested if she does not pay $5,000 immediately.

The Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides many protections for consumers including the prohibition of threatening and harassing communications, false claims of government affiliations and misrepresentation.

Consumers who receive threatening collection calls or letters are encouraged to file a complaint with the Colorado Collection Agency Board at, over the phone via 1-800-222-4444 or by e-mail to

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