Phone Calls are the Latest Twist in BBB Phishing Scam

January 27, 2012

Denver, CO – January 26, 2012 – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning everyone about a new twist in the ongoing phishing scam that abuses its trusted name. New reports about the scam are about receiving phone calls – in addition to emails – from scammers claiming to be from BBB.

In the scam’s latest development, callers offer help removing a virus from the recipient’s computer. They claim the computer was infected when the owner downloaded a virus from an email scam using the BBB name. It is being reported that scammers are calling from the phone number, 858-102-3252.

The BBB is cautioning people not to give out any personal information to callers or to install or download any software they recommend.

Since late November, many consumers and business owners nationwide have received phishing emails appearing to be from a email address. These emails inform the recipient of a non-existent BBB complaint against their business and encourage them to respond. In a newer take on the email scam, the messages urge the recipient to update their information with the BBB by completing an online form. All emails either contain an attachment or a link to a third-party website, both of which download a virus on to the recipient’s computer.

Should you receive a suspicious email, don't click on any links. You can test the links by using your mouse to hover over them. The destination of the links will appear in a small pop-up box next to the link or at the bottom of the screen. If the email is a scam, the website shown will not be a URL. The BBB asks recipients to forward any of these phishing emails to its designated investigations email:

If you receive any phishing emails, even if you didn't click on any links, the BBB recommends immediately running anti-virus software to prevent hacking.

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