Tax Scammer Claims to Work for Denver BBB

March 21, 2014

Season of taxes and related fraud causes latest phone scam

DENVER – A man using the name “Ned Ryerson” claiming to work for the Better Business Bureau has called at least one Colorado resident urgently requesting a tax payment. According to the target of the scam, a Pueblo man, the scammer left him a voicemail message warning that he hadn’t paid his taxes and that he needs to take care of it right away because failing to do so is illegal.

It was also reported that the scammer claimed to work for the “Denver Better Business Bureau of Colorado” and had been given the target’s information by “Officer John Martinez.” The BBB of Denver/Boulder does not have an employee by the name “Ned Ryerson” and would never call a business owner or anyone regarding tax matters.

The man targeted said he at one point had a small online t-shirt business and the scammer reference the business in his message. Because of this, the BBB has reason to believe that small business owners or young entrepreneurs are being targeted in this latest tax scam.

The BBB recommends the following to anyone who receives a call like this or anything similar:

  • Don’t respond. Hang up, don’t call back, don’t respond or click on any links or attachments if the message is digital. The more you engage a scammer, the more they’ll try to convince you or contact you.
  • Protect your information. Always safeguard personal and financial information and regularly check your credit report to ensure there’s nothing fraudulent on it.
  • Report the scam. Even if you didn’t lose money or give information, report that you were targeted in the scam to the Better Business Bureau and to your local authorities. Reporting the scam aids in investigations and public alerts.

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