BBB Advice on How to Respond to Online Customer Complaints
Consumers are taking their complaints online and your Better Business Bureau advises that responding to complaints is necessary if a company wants to maintain a reputation for great customer service
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Calls to BBB Flood in on Two New Auto Auction Websites
Your BBB’s public helpline has been jammed with calls from consumers all over the country asking about Stars Auto Mart, Inc. as well as a subsidiary, AutoAven, Inc.
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Be Careful of Alarm Salesman and Denver Water Employee Imposters
Your Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be extremely cautious when answering the door this summer.
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Beware of Michael Jackson Memorabilia Scams
Use caution in the current selling frenzy of all Michael Jackson items
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A Check Received in Your Mail May Be Legitimate This Time
Victims of J.K. Publications scam receive checks from 10 year old FTC lawsuit
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BBB Small Business Advice: How to Avoid Six Common Advertising Offenses
Creating an effective advertising strategy isn’t just about where and when ads are placed, but also what claims are being made.
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BBB Advice on What do to if Your Local Car Dealer Closes
Both General Motors and Chrysler have announced that they are effectively closing nearly a total of 2,000 dealerships across the country. What does this mean for you?
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Effect of GM Bankruptcy Filing on BBB AUTO LINE Cases
Bankruptcy court decides GM may honor its warranties, including BBB AUTO LINE.
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Little Bernie Madoffs Abound on the Internet; BBB Warns Cash Gifting Pyramid Schemes Flourishing ..
Online promotions promising easy wealth by joining a cash gifting program or gifting club are flourishing on the Internet. With many families struggling to make ends meet in the current economy, Better ..
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BBB Advice on Purchasing Wedding Insurance; Avoid Being Jilted at the Altar by Bankrupt Vendors
With the number of commercial bankruptcies on the rise, some brides and grooms are getting burned by bankrupt vendors. Because of the weak economy, couples might want to consider wedding insurance and B..
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