BBB Accredited Businesses Do Right By Colorado Community

February 22, 2012

In the third week of August, Sports Authority, an accredited business with an A+ rating acquired the naming rights for Mile High Stadium. Mutual Fund Wire reported that the chain of locally owned sporting-goods emporiums paid Investco, a company incorporated in Bermuda and headquartered in Atlanta, $32,000,000 to take over the final ten years of the company’s 20 year contract for the naming rights to Denver’s grand football coliseum.

The two accredited businesses, Sports Authority and the Denver Broncos Football Club, (accredited since 1984, A+ Rating,) collaborated for a great season in 2011. At the end of the year, Tim Tebow hung up his cleats, Von Miller (presumably) entered a cryogenic chamber for nine months of voluntary hibernation, and John Elway sat down to a juicy bone-in rib eye. But just one month after the great football season all was not well in the Mile High City.

According to the Denver Post, Sports Authority scrapped plans to place four large signs on the east, west and north sides of the Denver landmark after an epic meeting of the Denver planning board on Monday, February 13. The marathon meeting reportedly included three hours of public comment, including testimony in-favor of the sign from Denver Broncos president Joe Ellis who said, “We think (the sign) brings life to the building.”

However, all was not lost in Monday’s six hour diplomacy exercise. The planning board and Sports Authority agreed to move forward with an illuminated roofline ring that wraps around the top of Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The importance of this compromise goes far beyond a stadium addition; the compromise is representative a willingness to work with consumers. This willingness is not something that should be overlooked from Sports Authority and The Denver Broncos; by working with consumers, these massive businesses are showing that they haven’t outgrown our fair city.

Our accredited businesses have made a commitment to operate ethically. They have promised to answer all customer complaints, and to work towards a solution with unsatisfied consumers. The BBB of Denver/Bouder would like thank two of our highest profile accredited businesses for honoring their commitments, even with issues that are outside of BBB purview. We are lucky to have Sports Authority, The Denver Broncos and all of the other accredited businesses that support our mission.