Tell the BBB About Your Holiday Shopping Experiences

November 22, 2011

Even in a slow economy, holiday sales continue to show average year-over-year gains. According to the National Retail Federation, the average increase in holiday sales for the past 10 years is 2.6 percent. Why is that?

It could very well be that consumers are finding creative ways to make the holidays happen on smaller budgets by starting their shopping early, planning carefully and by taking advantage of layaway and ever-popular sale frenzies. They are also given many more options when it comes to sales.

Black Friday used to be the one major day when the best deals were available but not only is the entire Thanksgiving weekend turning into an extravaganza, (spilling into Cyber Monday) but now, more retailers are opening on Thanksgiving night.

Not only are more sale days and nights taking place, but the popularity of online shopping, social media, and Smart phones has also contributed to the success of holiday retail sales. These platforms ensure that deals will be available all the way through the end of the year for consumers to take advantage of, depending on their shopping style preference.

With so many options at your fingertips, the BBB wants to know what you are taking advantage of this season…do/did you embark on a Thanksgiving weekend shop-a-thon? Are you a strict online shopper? How many gift cards do you purchase and from where? Have you participated in any holiday-related social media deals or contests? Do you use holiday mobile apps to help you stay organized?

What about problems? Have you ever been bait-and-switched on Black Friday when big sale items sold out much quicker than expected? Have you had trouble with returns or refunds? Have you ever ordered and paid for a gift online, only to have it never show up?

Read this BBB article for tips on how to avoid holiday shopping troubles: