A Check Received in Your Mail May Be Legitimate This Time

June 25, 2009

With so much mail fraud existing involving fake checks, most people are very skeptical of any check they receive in the mail. Your Better Business Bureau Serving Denver/Boulder wants to inform you that if you receive a check in the mail from the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC) regarding a lawsuit filed against “J.K. Publications, Inc.” it is legitimate.

On Friday, June 12th, the FTC’s claims administration center mailed more than 400,000 checks to victims of an illegal credit card billing scam. According to the FTC, the defendants made unauthorized charges on consumers’ credit and debit cards for purported Internet services.

This lawsuit was filed back in 1999 and most of the illegal billing dates back to 1998. Therefore, many consumers may not remember or even know that they were a victim of this scam and will assume that the check is fraudulent. We are happy to confirm that for once, this is truly from the FTC and safe to cash. If you receive this or something that looks like it, verify it with the FTC directly by calling 877-382-4357 and ask for the claims administration center.

If you ever receive a check in the mail, please always check with your BBB first.

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