What To Know Before Hiring Help For Your Holiday Party

December 05, 2011

Denver, CO – December 5, 2011 – This time of year, many have parties for family and friends to celebrate holiday traditions. Hosting such gatherings often means hiring businesses to help with tasks such as cleaning, setting up, and cooking. Holiday chaos can often cause people to feel rushed and overwhelmed, inhibiting their wise consumer skills. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) warns not to make unapprised decisions when it comes to hiring help for your holiday celebration.

Two services hosts may consider hiring professionals for are carpet cleaning and catering. In 2010, the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder received more than 30 complaints on carpet cleaning companies. Complaints tend to concern dissatisfaction with service and sometimes even damage to carpets or rugs.

While caterers tend to receive minimal BBB complaints, it is important to research any food service provider to ensure they are properly licensed with their county health department.

The BBB offers more tips for hiring such companies to help with your holiday bash:

Before you hire a carpet cleaner:

o Check the company’s BBB Business Review.

o Know the options offered based on your carpet’s materials, including steam cleaning and different dry and wet cleaning systems. A reputable cleaner should evaluate your carpet and recommend a system compatible with your carpet. Some natural fibers, like cotton and wool, should not get too wet due to shrinkage concerns.

o Ask the cleaner if there are additional costs for moving furniture, cleaning area rugs, pretreatments, and removal of heavy stains or pet odors.

o Find out if any care is required after the cleaning, how long the carpet will take to dry, and if ventilation or fans are required for drying.

o Ask what satisfaction guarantee they offer, and get it in writing.

Before you hire a caterer:

o Check the company’s BBB Business Review.

o Verify proper licensing with the county where their business is based.

o Give them your head count and budget, and ask for a sample menu based on this information.

o Ask the caterer if there are additional costs besides the food and beverages (table linens, centerpieces, decorations, taxes, gratuities, etc.)

o Ask if they provide cutlery and glassware, and if they rent tables, if needed.

o Get all agreed-upon details put into a written contract, and contact the caterer a week before and the day before your event to avoid last-minute surprises.

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About the BBB
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