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Salute to the home-based worker, economic-development happenings” as seen in The Four Corners Business Journal
August 25, 2008

Besides great resources such as these, there is still the issue of working in isolation, which sometimes gets to home-based worker Robin Rene, executive director of the Denver/ Boulder Better Business Bureau, who does all the same tasks she did in her Boulder office from her home in Durango (again, thanks to telecommuting wonders).

“It’s been a big adjustment going from an office of 40 to just me,” said Rene. “Sometimes it’s isolating, and I have to force myself to get out and have lunch or take a break. But the alternative (living in a big city) is worse.”

Rene said the biggest advantage to her situation is getting to live in Durango. “At first it seemed unattainable that I could have a job anywhere close to the salary I’m used to with this lifestyle.  I seriously feel like the luckiest person on the planet, because I get the outdoor life with a big-city salary.”

Wow.  Technology is really changing the face of our economy, allowing people with higher-paying salaries to live here and spend their moola here.