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Regis University

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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues6
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (8)BBB Closure Definitions
06/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Regis University dropped me from a graduate course without cause.
On 5/13/14, Regis University dropped me from a graduate level course in which I was enrolled without due cause. I had completed all the required coursework to date, participated in both the online and in-classroom portions of the course, as instructed. No valid reason was given by Regis for why I was dropped from the course. As a result, I was unable to access the online coursework, my financial aid disbursement was interrupted, and hours of my time was wasted in trying to rectify a mistake that was made by Regis.

Desired Settlement
I want a full refund for the course that Regis dropped me from.

Business Response
The student got caught by an administrative requirement that is unique to the type of course in which she is enrolled. The university has successfully worked with the student to get her re-enrolled in the course without penalty. As of the date of this response (June 5, 2014), the student is actively participating in the course. The university is considering this matter resolved.

10/14/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Get charged for a service I didn't receive, is just because my name is different!
Here's my sad story:
Couple months ago I received a letter from a collection agency asking me to pay debt to Regis University, I was choked to know that the school hired the collection agency without any notice from them, also the collection agency was asking (beside what the school charged me) almost $1000 extra. The school is forcing me now to pay $2,900 although I didn't attend the whole first part of ****** semester. I withdrew from my classes two weeks after the due date, I didn't communicate with my teachers, neither I sign in to my online blackboard since I withdrew from the courses. I sent an email to my advisor letting her know that I'm dropping my classes, I still have the email. I'm admitting that I owe the school 25% (dropping two weeks after the due date) of the total amounts of half ****** semester.
That wasn't the first time I withdrew from my classes (due to some financial difficulties), so I know how to withdraw from my classes. I'm so certain that I dropped my classes and I have no doubt about it. I don't see why anybody will choose to send an email to his or her advisor telling her that he's dropping his classes, and to confirm that, he didn't sign into the blackboard neither had any communications with any of his instructors since then.
So the tragedy is not only the money (which I'm not able to pay), but I got "F" in both classes. I want everybody to know about this scam school and avoid it as much as they can.

Desired Settlement
What I want is to be treated fairly, I was under lot of stress because I was put in the hand of merciless collection agency that threatened me to be reported to all three credits bureau. I don't know how my suffering will be paid, my whole family is depending on me, and if I make any small mistake under stress my whole family life will be damaged.
I didn't paid the school yet, simply because I don't owe them anything (except 25% that I explained in my complaint.That one, and secondly even if they think I owe them money, I can not pay it, because I don't have it.
I guess no money can repay for your time and your stress.

Business Response
Complainant registered for two 8-week ****** **** online courses, participated in both courses, and earned grades for both courses. Complainant states the he did not log into his online courses since he withdrew from the courses. Classes began ****** where student posted 24 times between the two courses in the online learning system in the first week. Student claimed he dropped or withdrew from the courses (he could not recall which) and referenced an email communication with his advisor on **** stating "About the information received from my instructor, it's correct , but I planed to drop the first part of ****** Semester." However, there is no system record of student dropping or withdrawing from his courses.

Student did not follow through with acquiring loans and did not respond to repeated attempts to work out a reasonable monthly payment agreement. The Office of Student Accounts provided complainant 4 voicemail messages, 2 automated phone attempts, 7 letters, and 3 emails to resolve this matter internally and avoid a collection agency referral. Because of complainant's lack of response to numerous communications, the account was sent to an external collection agency.

In summary, complainant did not complete his loan process or make monthly payment arrangements, and did not properly drop or withdraw from the courses, thereby owing the University a balance of $3,906.67. A chronology of events is detailed below.

********* - Student registered for two ****** 8-week online courses
********* - Invoice printed and mailed with ******* due date
********* - Due date reminder email sent
*Week of ******* ** **** - Complainant participates in both online courses, authoring 12 posts in the computer science course and 10 posts in the composition course.
******** - Account became past due. Two Late fees added to account.
******** - 1st internal Collection Letter sent
******** - Past due email sent
******** - Message left on complainant's voicemail regarding Past Due account providing instructions on how to take out/accept federal loans
******* - Contacted complainant and informed him that he stills needs to complete entrance counseling to complete the student loan process. Student was notified that he had and existing student loan at another university, that the Office of Financial Aid canceled loans and notified student via email on *** of the need for him to obtain a withdrawal clearance letter from previous institution. No response.
******** - 2nd Collection Letter sent; voicemail left for student informing that no withdrawal clearance letter received
******** - Voicemail left for student informing that no withdrawal clearance letter received; notified that he would be dropped from the 2 courses without required letter
******** - Email sent to both email addresses on file notifying if loans were not guaranteed by ******* the 2 courses would be dropped on ****
******* - 3rd Collection Letter sent; student dropped from courses
******* - Grade posted for English course
******** - Grade posted for computer science course
******** - Account sent to external "soft" collection agency; agency notification letter sent; collection fee added to account
******** - Student Accounts office received email from complainant acknowledging receipt of collection agency letter
******** -- Complainant contacted university Student Accounts office upset about the collection letter stating he received no prior notification from University (see documentation above); Complainant stated he withdrew or dropped both 8-week-1 courses, unsure which; system shows no record of dropped courses and no course withdrawal form was receiver by the Academic Records and Registration office.
******** - Account sent to ******** & ***** **** 1st placement agency
******** - ** began working account
******** - ** received written request from complainant requesting proof of debt/itemized statement; statement mailed to student
******** - ** received request from student demanding no calls, and communication via US Mail only
******** - ** awaiting a response from student

Final Consumer Response
First of all I see that the school exaggerates lot about the number of times that they tried to communicate with me, and also when they leave any message they don't say why they are calling me (being sure I don't owe them any thing, because in my mind I dropped the classes).
Secondly-which is very important- and I see that the school doesn't want to mention it or discuss it, is that I withdrew from both courses and that why I sent a message to my advisor letting her know about my decision which was confirmed by not logging into my "Black Board" (the main course link) neither had any sort of communication with either my instructors or my fellow students.
I Don't want to pay for the school mistakes, if the school didn't receive my form of dropping the courses that's not my fault, it's the school fault that didn't fix the glitch in their system, the school doesn't want to admit that their system is not perfect and it generates problems sometimes.

Final Business Response
In response to complainant's rebuttal:
First point, the school records are not an exaggeration on the contact attempts. Regis University has a minimum standard called a "collections cycle" on the number of emails, phone calls, and past due notices that are required to be sent on all past due students prior to referring to a collections agency. These attempts are documented and confirmed in the university's ERP system. Second point, the student never officially withdrew. It is university policy that the withdraw process must be initiated and completed by the student, not staff or faculty. Our Information Technology Services department confirmed that this course was not dropped and an online withdraw form was never completed by the complainant. There were no glitches in the unversity's system at the time the complainant claims a withdraw occured. Again, in summary, complainant did not complete his loan process or make monthly payment arrangements, and did not properly drop or withdraw from the courses, thereby owing the University a balance of $3,906.67.

07/26/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Unfair and unsubstantiated notification of late fees and ambiguous language not specifying exact nature of notification.
Received a notification of account past due via USPS on 6/18 specifying that tuition for a class ******* is late. A $75 fee was incurred. Regis claims they sent an invoice prior via USPS but cannot substantiate and I never received. An ambigous e-mail was sent after payment of another course specifying that tuition was due. This e-mail received 5/15/13 at 11:32AM did not contain course number invoice or any detailed information and included the invoice, course number or any information. This e-mail was sent after payment of another course. The issue with the e-mail from 5/15/13 was that it contained no information and excerpt listed "If you have recently setteled your past due balance, please disregard this notice". Therefore I feel Regis is trying to capitalize by charging $75 late fees while not properly notifying students of tuition being due. No langauge is included anywhere specifiying a late would even apply either.

Desired Settlement
Waivement of the $75 late fee.

Business' Initial Response
"Received a notification of account past due via USPS on 6/18 specifying that tuition for a class ******* is late. A $75 fee was incurred. Regis claims they sent an invoice prior via USPS but cannot substantiate and I never received."

Regis response:
1/25/2012 - Student incurred first $75 late fee for late payment in spring 2012. Regis waived this fee (one-time only) as a courtesy and advised regarding payment policy/late fees for future invoices.

4/18/2013 - Invoice was printed and mailed advising student of 5/13/2013 due date for summer course. Mail was not returned to Regis as undeliverable.

5/10/2013 - Student logged in to WebAdvisor to the Make A Payment page and successfully paid $2,380 for spring course; on that same site the amount due ($2,340) for the summer course was displayed.

5/14/2013 - $75 late fee posted to student account.

5/15/2013 - both a Past Due email and the 1st Past Due letter was sent to the student's RegisNet email address and physical address on record, respectively. Mail was not returned to Regis as undeliverable.

6/13/2013 - 2nd Past Due letter sent.

6/18/2013 - Student called regarding Past Due invoice with late fee received for summer class. Student said he deferred the class - asked if he could do it again. Student stated he's "not taking any classes in the summer." Student stated he would not pay the $75 late fee. Representative informed him that he deferred payment for his spring course, but did not do so for the summer course he was registered for and that it was too late to do so. He was informed that due dates were posted on his WebAdvisor student account, which is accessible 24/7. At his request, his call was transferred to the Student Accounts office for further assistance.

6/19/2013 - Student Accounts Representative received voicemail from complainant and returned call to inform him that he did not defer payment for the summer course. Student stated that he was not informed of being past due. Representative reviewed with student all the correspondence sent (itemized above).

Complainant said he deferred payment for summer 8 week 1. Representative informed him that we had no record of deferment. Representative stated that if the student could send proof of payment information for the summer deferment, the $75 late fee would be waived and the summer course payment would be deferred immediately. Student decided that he would not pay for late fee and the matter will be settled in small claims court.

"An ambigous e-mail was sent after payment of another course specifying that tuition was due. This e-mail received 5/15/13 at 11:32AM did not contain course number invoice or any detailed information and included the invoice, course number or any information. This e-mail was sent after payment of another course. The issue with the e-mail from 5/15/13 was that it contained no information and excerpt listed 'If you have recently setteled your past due balance, please disregard this notice'."

Regis Response:
The full content of the email referenced is included below stating how to view the past due invoice, make payments on WebAdvisor (with an imbedded link), and whom to contact if complainant believes this information to be in error:

"Our records indicate that your Regis University student account is past due. You may view your Registration Invoice and make a payment at WebAdvisor.

Please note that further registration, release of your transcripts and/or diploma will not be allowed until the past due balance has been resolved. In addition, any future registered courses may be dropped.

If you feel that this balance is in error or if you wish to make payment arrangements, please contact ************ or toll free at***************. We look forward to assisting you in resolving this matter.

If you have recently settled your past due balance, please disregard this notice.

Best regards,
Student Accounts

6/19/2013 - Supervisor of Student Accounts Representative received the following email from the complainant which was placed in the student file:

"This is a contest of a late fee on account ******** about unfair late fee practices and ambiguous e-mail notifications that lack merit and detailed information. I WILL NOT be remitting the $75 late fee on Account ******** for course******** as I was not notified of tuition due until 6/18/13 via USPS. This invoice received the first of its kind via USPS concerning course MBAK620 already had a late fee of $75 associated. However no previous prior notifications were transmitted with the exception of an ambiguous e-mail sent 5/15/13 that contained no detailed and conflicting information. Two follow up phone calls to Regis Student Accounts on 6/18/13 and 6/19/13 failed to address the situation or provide any detailed proof of notification. Subsequently complaints referencing this deceptive late fee practice has been filed with the Better Business Bureau ********* and the Colorado Department of Higher Education."

7/9/2013 - Complainant's academic record shows that he registered for and completed 1 summer course for 3 credit hours receiving a passing grade, but has yet to submit payment for the course ($2,340). As of today, complainant owes $2,340 for the course + $75 late fee = $2,415.

It is the responsibility of students to familiarize themselves with University policies including payment policies that are published in the General Information section of the Regis University Catalog, available on the University website. Specifically:

"At the time of registration, the student accepts financial responsibility for all tuition and fee charges. Full payment of the student account balance is due by the published due date. If the balance is not paid by the due date, late fees will be assessed. It is the responsibility of the student to update Regis University with address changes and other pertinent contact information. Failure to receive invoices or past-due notices does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation. Students who are referred to a collection agency due to an incorrect address on file are obligated to pay any and all collection fees incurred." (Page 32)

"For nontraditional programs, tuition and fees are due by the add/drop date of the academic term. Loss or delayed receipt of the bill does not relieve students of the obligation to pay on time. If payment is not received by the due date, a $75 late fee per course will be assessed to the student's account and all past due amounts need to be paid prior to further registration. Students can access WebAdvisor for current and upcoming charges and due dates as well as to pay online. Invoices can be faxed to expedite tuition and fee payment by the due date. To obtain a copy of an invoice or for additional information, call ************ or ************. For more information on Student Accounts, students may access the website at" (Page 34)

Regis University provides payment information in many ways - on the college website, on the student portal (WebAdvisor), and in email and written communications. Students have a responsibility to read and comply with published registration and payment policies and communications.

The complainant is strongly encouraged to remit $2,415 for the entire past due balance before the account is sent to a collection agency thereby negatively affecting his credit history. Complainant may use any of the following payment methods:

Pay Online: To view your account summary and to make online payments go to WebAdvisor, click "Students" and then "Make a Payment."

Pay By Phone: Call************* or Toll Free at ************, Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Pay By Mail: Mail to:************************************************************. Be sure to put your student ID on your check.

Pay On Location: Payments (except cash) can be taken at any Regis University location.

Cash payments: Can only be accepted at the Cashier's Office, Garden level, Main Hall, Lowell Campus.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I was refunded the $75 late fee however I still believe their request for payment is inadequate at best. As phone, cable and other consumer businesses will provide with explicit dates and notices with account numbers, date and amounts owed. Regis just send a open ended e-mail that is completely open to interpretation.

11/11/2014Problems with Product / Service
07/20/2012Billing / Collection Issues
Page 1 of 2
12/31/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

An instructor who impeded my progress within a course and a digital book that never arrived. I was charged $1610.90,
I was completing the last of 2 courses this year on my 2nd Master's degree at Regis. I paid out of pocket for the first degree in 1995-97, but my MBA was paid for through my employer.
I registered for the course, Legal and Ethical Issues in March. I was traveling on business the 2nd week of classes which I told my instructor. I hadn't received my digital book. To be honest, I forgot I ordered a virtual book but quickly realized and tried to gain access to the book. ******* (a vendor I wouldn't recommend) was not helpful with customer service I received an email asking for a screen print which I provided. After that there was no further communication from them. I called and emailed Inkling, and initially my calls to the bookstore provided unfruitful. They said I needed to deal with Inkling. Then, when the bookstore manager did get involved they received the same problem- no communication.
I had contacted my instructor to let him know of the situation and wasn't sure if I should withdraw. He said he'd consider this in his grading and to keep him apprised. This was not the case, this was the worst instructor I have ever had and not someone who should be teaching ethics. He wouldn't accept a paper then wouldn't accept a re-write in wwek 3/4. I have only had to re-write a paper a couple times and it was b/c instructors hadn't read through the paper for the information tney requested. This was true for the 1st edition, b/c I turned this exact paper in, and received an A in the course I took in August (and I received an A for the course).
My adviser suggested I talk w/ student accounts to get assistance and stated this particular instructor was difficult to work with and wouldn't accept a w/d only an incomplete. This proved to be true b/c that's what he did.
The student services system online wasn't working correctly, but I attempted to complete a withdrawal before the 4th week was over. It was also Easter weekend and their office was closed.
When I shared this story with the Student Services manager, she said it was an unusual situation and would likely be accepted by the review committee.
Well, it wasn't even considered. I don't believe they reviewed the emails and other communications I sent along with these events. I have made many referrals to Regis University of my colleagues, family and friends, in addition to Regis making plenty of money from my academic endeavors. However, they have held fast tot heir political/bureaucratic decision-making.
I'm a single mother, so coming up with $1610.90 created financial struggles for me, which were not because I didn't plan well or was in someway irresponsible. Sidenote: Inkling couldn't respond to my emails or phone calls in a timely manner, but they have me on an email distribution list which I've send an unsubscribe request several times. I think Regis should consider another vendor if they are trying to save money on books.

Desired Settlement
This was a disaster waiting to happen, but no one could give me the best direction financially. The Student Services office has changed over the years and is not at the quality as it has been in the past. I want a check for $1610.90 sewnt to me as a tuition fees refund.

Business Response
Regis University has thoroughly reviewed the case in question and communicated the results and the reasons for the decision to the student. While the request for a full tuition refund was denied, a refund for the cost of the book was granted.

The tuition charges the student incurred were applied in accordance with university policy when a student starts, but does not drop or complete a course. Based on the date the student withdrew from the course, the student was charged a portion of the tuition for the course. The student took appropriate action to appeal the application of the policy and be considered for a full refund of the course tuition. The Registration Status Appeal Committee reviewed the available documentation, including that which was supplied by the student and reached the decision that the policy was appropriately applied.

This information was communicated in a letter to the student on September 13, 2013. In that same letter the student was informed that the university bookstore would refund the cost of the book in question.

Regis regrets that the student is still dissatisfied with the outcome, but considering that the withdrawal policy is clearly stated and available to all students and that the appeal was submitted and denied, Regis has faithfully considered the student's concerns and no further action will be taken.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
For one thing, stating they gave me a refund of an electronic text book would be standard business practice, and not a settlement of my appeal request. There is no accountability on Regis' part about the poor customer service and lack of timeliness in resolution between the Book Store and the vendor, ******** If they want to cut costs and use online vendors, they need to assure the vendor meets the needs of the students.

07/16/2012Billing / Collection Issues

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