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Doctor Fix-It Plumbing, Heating & Electric

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Customer Complaints Summary

11 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 6 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service7
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints11

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Complaint Resolution Log (11)BBB Closure Definitions
11/06/2014Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Wasn't called to cancel service until 35mins into the service window.
This is the second time this happened. I let it slide the first time, but I have now taken off work twice to be cancelled on during my window. I've scheduled my whole day, including not going to work around this company and they cancel last minute. I don't feel like I should have to pay for this service when I'm already paying for taking the day off for no reason.

Desired Settlement
I want the company to come during my time window and I don't want to pay for the service ($99).

Business Response
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, we try to get to all of our clients and sometimes staffing vs. scheduling becomes an issue, with that being said, we understand that your time is valuable as well. We would be more than happy to refund you the $99.00 dollar service we performed on 10/31/2014, please contact Marques(General Manager) at 303-340-3400 to proceed, Thank you

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you.

10/21/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Company threatened to red-tag furnace to extort a high priced sale on a furnace that was functioning. Furnace was inappropriately shutdown.
On September 22, I used the services of*********** to do an annual inspection and maintenance of the furnace. I was informed that my furnace needed to be replaced immediately and they gave me a price of 3900.00 and told me they would red tag my furnace and shut it down if I didn't buy a new furnace from them. There was no gas leak or any safety issues which was confirmed from someone looking at the furnace this morning. The red tag that was provided turned out to be a bogus red tag and not legitimate. The heat was inappropriately shut off causing a health issue for young puppies that were too cold the night the heat was shut off. Causing a health concern to housing inhabitants and issueing bogus red tags just to make a sale is obviously not good business practice.

Desired Settlement
I would like the $39.00 I paid to the company for inspection to be refunded as well as an additional $20.00 in electric costs that I had to utilize to keep the puppies warm as there was no heat. But I also want other consumers to know of the **** where they threaten and shutdown someone's power just to make a sale.

Business Response
We have agreed to refund the client for the amount of $59.00. We were never informed with the clients dis-satisfaction until receiving a notice from the **** We stand behind our techs findings and his concerns for the clients safety. He only did what he felt was right for the client. We only hope that the service man that looked at the furnace after we did was qualified and did not put the client back in an unsafe situation..

09/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The cleaning fee was to be applied to service that was never performed. A voicemail message from the manager promised an expedited refund
My wife and I received a coupon for an air conditioner rejuvenation in the mail from Doctor Fix-it.
I scheduled an appointment for Thursday July 3 with an early afternoon window.
The time came and went, the technician called, gave me a time and said he was on his way, but was late again.

After a thorough inspection, the technician found issues that were not yet problems but certainly had the potential. Since he arrived so late he was unable to complete the cleaning part of the service call.
The technician provided several repair and warranty options. We told him that we would need a day or two to decide what option worked best for us. We paid $59.00 which was the price of an inspection on the condition that the fee would be applied to the repair bill.

I phoned Doctor Fix-it Monday July 7th and scheduled an appointment for Friday July 11.
When scheduling the appointment I made sure to ask if the parts had to be ordered or were in stock. I was told that the parts were in stock.

My wife arranged to work from home to accommodate the repairs.
Two employees showed up around 10:30 and appeared to be ready to work but then seemed confused. After showing them where everything was, they still seemed confused. Assuming they would get started, my wife went upstairs to work. She noticed that one of them was on the phone outside for some time; at least 30 minute. They then came in and she asked them if they had everything they needed to get started. They advised her they did not have the parts and that this was "Shane's deal" and that he had the day off so that was why they were there.

They advised her that they would not be able to do the job - no parts, and that Shane would have to be scheduled to do the job. He also advised her that they had no paperwork for any of the financing we had discussed with Shane prior to committing to do the work. My wife provided him with my personal information on a piece of notepad paper (which we most assuredly regret doing now) and they left the house.

At this point I called Doctor Fix-it. I was unhappy as this seemed to me that I had been lied to.
Either when I was told that the parts were in stock on Monday the 7th or when the technicians showed up without the parts.
Since I had $59.00 invested I rescheduled for Friday July 18th at 8:00 am for which I would have to take a vacation day from work.

Fast forward to Friday July 18th, at 8:30 I called to find out where the technician was. I was told that there was a company meeting and that the technician was on his way. 30 minutes later my wife called me to say that Doctor Can't Fix-it called her and cancelled. I was furious, I called the good Doctor and they said no, we are still coming. The technician is in Castle Rock and won't be there until approximately 10:00 am. I asked why we weren't the first call at 8:00 as promised, I never received an answer only apologies.

So I wait.
10:30 comes and the phone rings, the technician is running late, it's going to be another couple of hours.
At this point I have had enough. I tell them to cancel the appointment and tell them I want my $59.00 in the mail immediately. The person on the phone could not authorize this so I was handed off to a woman who acted like she was unaware of any issues with my repair at all. I personally do not believe this for one second. She tells me the money will be sent and nobody will bother me further. I can't go along with that, I ask that someone from billing / accounting call me before the day is out with an estimate when the check will be sent. The woman agrees. 3:40 pm arrives with no phone call so I call Dr. Fix it. The person that answers the phone informs me that everyone has left for the day, and he is the only one in the office.

On July 23rd a person that identified himself as the manager left a message on our phone promising to expedite the reimbursement of the $59.00. As of July 30th the check still has not arrived.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking the promised refund

Business Response
I apologize for the circumstances around your service call. A refund check was processed on 7/25/2014 and was mailed to your home. We show on our end that a check was mailed to your home.

05/12/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Scheduled a/c tune-up for $29 coupon price and tech never even looked at a/c unit, just wanted to sell me a new furnace and a/c.
On 4/21/2014, **** W. with Doctor Fix-It showed up for a scheduled appointment to perform an a/c tune up. I scheduled the appointment on behalf of my elderly father-in-law who is the owner of this property. I had a coupon for $29 for this service. **** W. explained that the first part of evaluating the a/c unit was to check the air flow in the furnace. He performed this service and thoroughly explained why the air flow was less than efficient. I asked how to repair this problem and his response was "clean the furnace". When I asked for a price for this service I received no response but was then told that the best thing to do was to take the furnace out and reinstall it with a return air box underneath and a closed filter box. My response was that this would probably be an expensive process for an 18 yr old furnace and he agreed and right away went into that a new furnace would be best. I told him that the furnace seemed to be operating just fine and that wouldn't a good cleaning help the situation. **** W. said he would get us some qoutes. I thought he was going to quote us for cleaning but he came back with 3 options to replace the furnace and a/c unit. One of the quotes was for a furnace and a/c exceeding $15K with payments of $196 monthly if we wanted to finance, when I asked how many payments he said 5 years (60 payments) and when I brought it to his attention that 60 payments of $196 wouldn't even cover the $15K principal balance, he ignored me and went on to explaining all of the "good" things about this option. **** W. walked up to our a/c unit outside but never even took off the side panel nor did he look at it in any way, just made a snide comment about the XCel Power Saver switch we have installed on it. I requested an a/c tune up and DID NOT receive any service whatsoever on my a/c unit - it wasn't even inspected let alone "tuned up". I feel that Doctor Fix-Its $29 a/c tune up coupon was just a scam to get one of their salesmen into my home. The tech did NOTHING even resembling a tune-up or repair and would not even quote me a price for a cleaning, his only interest was to sell me an overpriced furnace and a/c system. Very disappointed and would suggest that others be cautious when using one of their coupons for a service -- they are not interested in providing service or repair, only trying to talk you into buying a pricey replacement.

Desired Settlement
I know that $29 is not a lot of money but I expected to get the promised service in return for my payment. What I ended up paying for was a sales call that I was not even interested in. I request that my $29 be refunded in full as I received nothing for my money.

Business Response
Spoke with customer regarding the service call on 4/21/2014. She restated the issues she mentioned in the complaint. We discussed each point & I assured her that our main goal was to provide excellent service. I offered to reset the appoint with a different tech. She already had a friend that's in the hvac business coming out to take care of it. I asked if there was anything we could do for her she declined. She just wanted her $29 refunded.

09/02/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Doctor Fix-It was wrong to charge me for a warranty call because the original problem was misdiagnosed/not resolved the first time.
Although the poor service and misleading phone calls/advertising I experienced with Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It are reason enough for a complaint, I am filing with the BBB primarily because of their unwillingness to uphold their warranty on service provided.

I called Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It on June 22 complaining of a clogged laundry drain in my basement. Having received quotes from other companies, I asked specifically what it would cost to have the drain cleared, emphasizing that I was worried the mainline was clogged. The receptionist assured me the advertisement I'd seen online for $100 clearing of any drain was true. Based on this conversation I selected Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It to do the job.

Upon the tech's late arrival, I immediately voiced my concerns that it was the mainline that was backed up. Although running my laundry had caused the backup on this occasion, I informed the tech that my shower had been causing the drain to back up throughout the week. Furthermore, I had snaked the drain myself to 25 feet-beyond the the junction where the laundry line joins the mainline-without yet reaching the clog. Despite this information, the tech diagnosed the problem as a laundry line backup (presumably the easier of the two jobs) and I accepted his diagnosis.

He offered me the option of a $100 one-time augur job that carried no warranty, or a $200 jet job that would be covered for two years-double what I'd been quoted on the phone. This information was conveniently omitted by the original representative I'd spoken with and would have weighed in my decision to hire Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It. After making a counter-offer, the tech and I settled on having the drain jetted for a lesser payment in exchange for a shorter one-year warranty.

I carefully watched the tech do his work and observed him running the jet a significant distance before the clog was cleared. When the drain finally started to clear, I asked him how far he had gone specifically because I was interested in knowing where the clog was. He estimated that he had gone 40 feet, which was undoubtedly in the mainline.

Within a couple of weeks the same drain began backing up again, although the effects were minor enough that I felt comfortable putting off the inconvenience of having a plumber come out again. On July 31, the backup worsened and I called Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It to come out on their warranty. Because they were at fault and I typically commute an hour home from work, I asked that they schedule service in the evening. The receptions said no evening appointments were made. She offered an appointment at 5:00 pm. I took off 2 hours early from work to be home in time for the appointment.

Well after 5:00 pm a different receptionist called to let me know the plumber would be later than the "5-to-7 time window"-a "time window" I'd neither been told about nor agreed to. In fact the very existence of such a time window had been denied entirely by the first person I'd spoken to. The plumber did not arrive until 7:45, nearly three hours later than the agreed upon time. By now the drain had cleared on its own, and despite running the water for half an hour we were unable to get the drain to back up again. Now the technician diagnosed the problem as the mainline & recommended a different $150 procedure to have it cleared.

Desired Settlement
When I objected the tech put me on the phone with his supervisor, who condescendingly told me that I didn't understand how my pipes work and that clearing one drain did not mean the entire house was warrantied. I made the following points:

(1) The original problem, which was water backing up from the laundry drain, had not been resolved. In what context would a warranty apply if not when the exact same problem recurs?

The supervisor countered that the clog was the result of different root causes, occurring in the mainline this time but in the laundry line the first time.

(2) I argued that the root cause of water backing up had been the same both times. Because the tech had to go 40 feet before clearing the clog the first time, it had to be in the mainline; the tech would have to be either incompetent or willfully ignorant to think otherwise. Whether or not he entered through the laundry line or mainline itself, the mainline was where the clog had been both times, and because the the same root problem was to blame the solution should be warrantied.

The supervisor countered that the tech had gone 40 feet not out of necessity, but as "additional service" to me as a customer-something I know to be utterly false based on my observation and discussion with the tech at the time of his first visit. The supervisor then changed his story and told me the service itself was warrantied; because a different service was now being suggested the warranty did not apply.

(3) I argued that the tech should have recognized at the time of the first visit that the laundry line was not the problem and offered to clear the mainline (as I'd originally asked) at that time. Doing so would have saved a second call out. Given that the tech possessed all the information necessary to make a correct diagnosis and failed to, the company should bear the responsibility of his error in judgment.

The supervisor maintained that I should have to pay to have the mainline cleared. As the hour was now approaching 9:00 pm and my problem was still not resolved, I asked him to make an offer. He offered to have the work done for $89-with no warranty-or else full price if I wanted the work covered. Because the company had already demonstrated it did not honor its commitments, I acquiesced and accepted the $89, no-warranty offer.

I maintain that Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It was wrong to charge me for a warranty call for the reasons cited above: The original problem was not resolved the first time, the root cause of the problem was the same both times, and the tech misdiagnosed the problem upon his first visit. Furthermore, I never signed a document stating the terms of the warranty, nor were they enumerated on any of the sales material or documentation I was given. The terms of the warranty were not even discussed verbally. A warranty that can be honored on an ad-hoc basis defeats the purpose of having a warranty at all, and certainly does not justify a 100% markup in price.

This all considered alongside Benjamin Franklin/Doctor Fix-It's poor customer service, repeat tardiness and misleading conversations, I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone seek out their plumbing services for the simplest of problems, let alone a major job. I hope others will learn from my experiences. The promise of warranties should not be bandied about without their terms disclosed in writing.

Business' Initial Response
After speaking with this customer (BBB case # ********) and reviewing his concerns regarding the service he received from our company, I wanted to communicate the resolution. I first reviewed the nature of the call and the concerns our customer had. He agreed that I understood his concerns regarding this call. We addressed each issue one by one. His main concern was that his issue was not taken care of after spending the time & money to get it taken care of.

Although, our techs do their best to diagnose issues properly, there will be times where they just misdiagnose. We make it an emphasis to learn from those mistakes so they don't get repeated and we can also pass that experience on to our other techs so we can service our customers better. As a company philosophy when situations like this occur, we want to take care of our customers. In this case, with this customer, we did not do that. I apologized that we did not take care of him in a manner that coincides with that philosophy.

To make amends I offered him a full refund of both the services and have also given him an additional $100 to cover a future drain cleaning expense if the line backs-up again. As part of our philosophy we make it a point to leave the customer satisfied with the resolution. The customer assured me that this resolution made him satisfied. I also thanked him for the information that was brought to our attention so we can continue to train our employees to get better at servicing our customers to the point they are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the service they receive from using our company.

We have since spoken with not only the supervisor in charge of this job but with all of our supervisors in regards to this specific failure and how to avoid this in the future.

Mr. Smith seemed very pleased & that is our goal to make our customers happy!

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I was pleased by the company's admission of their error and decision to refund my money.

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