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Colorado Lawn Specialists, Inc.

Phone: (303) 692-9000Fax: (303) 366-6647

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)BBB Closure Definitions
02/25/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Colorado Lawn misdiagnosed my diseased lawn and then continued to apply Heritage Fungicide 3 times over the course of 2 months with no success.
Heritage Fungicide was applied on 6/7/12 with no success. Again applied on 6/24/12 with no success and again on 7/12/12 with no success. Regardless of the success, Colorado Lawn had no problem charging me $95 for each application. I would assume that if an application did not work once or twice, they would have realized it was the wrong product. They did not come to that conclusion. That said, I informed Jeff that I did not feel it was just or fair of his company to charge me for a service that did not get the desired results. For two months, I had dirt for a back yard, that is how bad it had gotten. In fact, I had to hire another company to repair what Colorado Lawn had failed to repair. The new company was able to correctly diagnose the issue and repaired my lawn in a matter of 2 weeks.

Desired Settlement
I was surprised that Colorado Lawn Specialists did not stand behind there service, product, and people due to the fact that Jeff, the owner, upon my refusal to pay for poor service and excessive billing, sent my account to collections. I am now paying $365.00 to them for work that ruined my back yard. That to me is not right nor is it fair. I am seeking a full refund of the $365. From Colorado Lawn Specialist.

Business' Initial Response
I am sorry to hear that Mr. ******** is unsatisfied. As requested by Mr. ********, I assessed the lawn on 6/7/12 and determined mites were present as well as fungus. I recommended 1 application of insecticide and 2 applications of fungicide (to be applied 2-4 weeks apart). Mrs. ******** signed an agreement authorizing these services. Because the lawn was not improving, I re-applied insecticide three additional times at no charge to my client. The insecticide I applied is a granular product that requires watering in order to get it down into the soil. Because the mites are attracted to dry conditions and were still present after several applications of insecticide, I phoned Mr. ******** on 8/2/12 and asked him if his sprinkler system was working properly. He remarked that it was giving adequate coverage when it was checked in the spring. On 8/8/12, I checked the system myself and determined that it was not working well. I shared this information with Mr. ******** but he still insisted that his sprinkler system was working just fine. He was displeased with our conversation and complained that I was trying to take the blame off of myself by putting it onto his sprinkler system. I then returned on 8/15 and applied a liquid insecticide at no charge. I chose this plan of action because liquid insecticides do not need to be watered into the soil. I returned to his property on 9/18/12 to perform the fall services and was pleased to see that his lawn was looking remarkably better! Mr. ******** later claimed to me that he hired another company to fix his lawn and they managed to do in 2 weeks what we could not do all year. In his complaint to your company, he mentioned that we "ruined his lawn". Anyone in the lawn business would know that it would be impossible for any company to improve a lawn from the state of "ruin" to "fixed" in 2 weeks. I take pride in my good standing with the BBB and am proud of the customer service I provide all of my clients. Unfortunately, I cannot give a refund in this instance as I provided all the services that Mr. and Mrs. ******** authorized as well as putting down an additional three applications of insecticide at no charge.

02/22/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Business was contacted for providing service and billing when I had called and requested no more services.
Had believed a phone conversation with the office staff had concluded that all services would not be provided unless specificy arranged. Company forgot to write that down and provided services that I should not have to pay for. They have now sent me to collections and I believe they are bullying customers into paying for services they did not intend to receive.

Desired Settlement
Agree on the companies failure to update customer wishes and then redact any collections agency referral.

Business' Initial Response
Mr. ******* signed an agreement on 11/6/11 for the 2012 season authorizing the aeration program, fertilization program and wetting agent program. The following is a detailed list of all correspondence for this account:

1. 04/26/2012 12:00 PM - JHG - RESOLVED:
************ *******, said he would authorize all 3 services for 4/29/12 if we do it for $100.
************** authorized price reduction***
2. 06/04/2012 10:36 AM - MTR - RESOLVED:
**** ******* authorized fertilization for 6/6/12 and ok'd us to notify him of scheduled services by email.
3. 07/20/2012 10:25 AM - MTR - RESOLVED:
Sent email re: aeration/fertilization/wetting agent for 7/24/12. Email was returned as undeliverable. I left a voice message re: aeration/fertilization/wetting agent for 7/24/12 and asked client to call the office to update his email address.

4. 08/30/2012 03:49 PM - MTR - RESOLVED:
Sent email re: aeration/fertilization for 9/4/12. Email was returned as undeliverable. I left a voice message re: aeration/fertilization for 9/4/12 and asked client to call the office to update his email address.

5. 09/04/2012 05:07 PM - MTR - RESOLVED:
Left voice message we only did fertilization today because it was too early for aeration since we did one on 8/30/12 -We will call back with a new schedule date for aeration a little later in the fall.

6. 09/04/2012 05:15 PM - JHG - RESOLVED:
Lawn has mites left info sheet on door.

7. 09/07/2012 06:11 PM - MTR - RESOLVED:
Client left voice message on 9/4 upset saying he thought he was clear last time we spoke that he wanted to give verbal authorization for each visit and said he didn't authorize today's work and he just fertilized his lawn the day before.

09/07/2012 I assured him it would not harm lawn, instructed him to water it in good and told him I will credit his account and set it up to require his verbal confirmation and let him know that in the past he only requested email notify which is what we did.

8. 10/11/2012 10:36 AM - MTR - RESOLVED:
Spoke with client and offered him fall services on 10/13 -he said he wants to be done for the year and canceled all remaining services.
As requested by client, all remaining services were canceled.

9. 12/13/2012 11:12 AM - JHG - NEW COLLECTION CALL:
Called client regarding balance on account. Mr. ******* said to call back because he is going into a meeting. He stated that he thought we were going to write off balance because services were not authorized. I pulled mailed him a copy of his agreement showing that he authorized the services along with a statement.

10. 12/14/2012 03:30 PM - JHG - TASK - WAITING ON CUSTOMER:
I left voice message letting client know that I understand that he has questions regarding the charges on his account. I let him know to call me back because his account is in process of being transferred to a collection service and then it is out of our hands to make any adjustments.

11. 2/4/13 Mr. ******* left a voice message that he received a collection letter "which is freakin' wonderful. Apparently you did more services after I requested that not to happen. I was under the impression that we were all squared away after talking with the woman in the office. At this point you and I need to come to terms on what I frickin' owe you and then I never want to hear from you again!"
Voice mail is saved.

12. 2/6/13: *********** Left voice message for **** ******* -returning his call regarding his account.
13. Client did not return my call and account was sent to collections on 2/15/13.

Consumer's Final Response
We have come to an agreement that is satisfactory to both the consumer and the business. I would consider this issue closed/redacted.


Thank you for the update regarding the resolution to your complaint. Per BBB policy, all accredited business must respond to complaints per BBB accreditation standards. Upon receipt of the business response, I will forward a copy to you and close as resolved.


05/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Aerated my lawn without authorization. Owner, ****, responded very angry on phone call. Will not refund.
On Thursday, May 20, 2014 my son was home from school. He noticed someone coming in the back yard and started aerating our lawn then left a $40 receipt. My husband talked with **** the owner of Colorado Lawn Specialist, Inc. **** stated when he come around our neighborhood last April 2103 he aerated our lawn. Yes, true. He was doing a lot of the neighbors yards so we asked him if he had time to do our, and he did. When we paid we signed a receipt. Apparently, the receipt stated "For your convenience service automatically continues from year to year." **** never mentioned to us about a service contract. We assumed we were signing a receipt for payment of services for that one time.(i have copy)****, emailed us that his company called us to schedule appt for aerating. (They never called us.)If, they did call we wouldn't be where we are today because then I would of told them not to come. Stated they sent us a letter in mail stating they were coming out for service. ( I am sure I threw it away assuming advertising junk mail, since I don't hire companies to take of my lawn). He won't reverse charges.
It was never explained to us what we were signing. We just wanted our lawn aerating that one time. He was not a very nice man to my husband. Totally took advantage of us as a consumer. Receipt never stated this is a contract for services.

Desired Settlement
$40 reversed. Not charged

Business Response
In response to the complaint filed by David and ******** *****, I shall address the issues categorically:
1. Last year on 4/7/13 my company aerated their lawn at their request. After the completion of that service, Mr. ***** signed a lawn maintenance agreement for future aeration service. The lawn maintenance agreement is not a receipt and in no way resembles a receipt. Mr. ***** hand wrote his name, address and other contact information including his cell phone number and email address on the agreement. The purpose of the contact information is for future service/schedule notifications.
2. The lawn maintenance agreement is titled in bolded lettering, "For your convenience service automatically continues from year to year". This is an accepted and widely used standard in my industry. I will gladly provide a copy upon request.
3. As promised, a scheduled service notification phone call was placed on 3/18/14 at 12:07PM and a message was left that aeration was scheduled for 3/20/14. We left our phone number with instructions to call us if they had any questions or needed to reschedule. We did not receive a return phone call. This can be easily checked against phone records/log. Additionally, I mailed this client a letter on 2/14/14 informing them of their upcoming spring service and offered a 7% pre-pay discount. Their complaint acknowledges that they might have received this letter and thrown it out without reading it. This is not a matter I can control.
4. The accusation that I was rude on the phone is preposterous and untrue. As the owner of my business, I do all that I can to save an account. It is not in my best interest to lose business by being rude to anyone. My company prides itself on providing excellent customer service. I have been in business for a long time with much of my client base dating back ten years or more. This can be attributed to my providing excellent, friendly service.
5. Many times during my phone conversation with Mr. ***** on 3/21/14, I offered to email him a copy of his lawn maintenance agreement. He repeatedly declined the offer. I emailed it to him anyway. That document is the "receipt" he is referring to in his complaint. Our receipts are printed on official invoice/receipt forms and in no way resemble the agreement. All documentation is available for your review upon request.
The accusations in this case are unreasonable and insulting. I respectfully request a speedy and fair resolution.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In response to Mr. ******;

As Mr. ****** was aerating our neighborhood, we did ask if he had time to do ours. We agreed to have him aerate our lawn. We never made a call to his company to set up this appointment. Mr. ****** never at any point communicated that we were signing a contract. Unfortunately, we should of been more aware of what we were signing. This was our mistake.

We did not receive a voice message of an upcoming service. We therefore did not know they were coming out to aerate our lawn. It is not standard in the industry to set an appointment time and come out and perform service, without verbal agreement from the customer.

We will send a check via certified mail to Mr. ****** for aeration service. We would like no future services from this company. We want our contract cancelled with no future services from this company. We would like Mr. ****** to agree to this in writing. I have attached a copy of my check and invoice.

04/14/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I am being charged for services that I did not approve. I am being charged 50.77 for a lawn service that was not scheduled.
I am being charged for services that I did not approve. I am being charged 50.77 for a lawn service that was not scheduled. I am unclear of dates and times this service was preformed on my lawn. I am not even sure these services were done. I received a call saying that I owe $50.77. I informed the owner of the company ******* ****** that I did not approve the service. He has called me on many different occasions. I continue to tell him that I will not pay for something I did not approve.

Desired Settlement
Stop hounding me with harassing calls from collection agencies.

Business Response
The first service performed at Mr. *******' property was an aeration on 3/31/12. At that time, Mr. ******* signed up for the fertilization program (A continuing service consisting of 6 applications to be done every 6 weeks, starting in the spring and ending with winterizer) as well as another aeration to be done in the fall. He filled out a lawn maintenance agreement authorizing those services and provided his contact information so that we could notify him of schedule dates for all services. As promised, Mr. ******* was notified each time a service was canceled. Below is the contact log for all communications with Mr. *******:
3/16/12 Left voice message that spring aeration & fertilization are scheduled for 3/20.
3/19/12 Mr. ******* left voice message to hold off. -Services were put on delay.
3/19/12 Mr. ******* left another voice message to reschedule.
3/19/12 Spoke w/ Mr. *******, he requested to reschedule to mid April and authorized the office to notify him of schedule dates by email rather than by phone. A discount of $5 was promised & given.
3/31/12 A statement was emailed.
5/15/12 Sent email notification for 2nd application of fertilizer scheduled for 5/17/12.
6/28/12 Sent email notification regarding 3rd application of fertilizer scheduled for 7/2/12.
7/2/12 While at the property, Mr. ******* stated that he would like to cancel this application because he currently owes us money.***** ****** (owner) offered to waive late fees up to 90 days. Mr. ******* then authorized***** to go ahead and proceed with the scheduled service of fertilization. During this visit,***** ****** recommended insecticide for the lawn but Mr. ******* declined. He also updated his email address with*****.
8/9/12 Left voice message that we have the property scheduled for the next application of fertilization on 8/13/12.
8/9/12 Mr. ******* sent us an email to cancel the fertilization treatment scheduled for 8/13 until further notice.
8/9/12 A confirmation email was sent to Mr. ******* acknowledging the cancelation for service scheduled 8/13.
9/13/12 A notification email was sent regarding fall aeration scheduled for 9/16 and offered a discounted application of fertilizer.
9/13/12 Mr. ******* replied by email: : Please do not schedule anymore service call to our address until further notice. Thank you, ****** *******.
9/13/12 The office confirmed the cancelation and no more services were scheduled for this account.2/1/13: Mr. ******* sent in a payment for $122 with a note, " Cancel service and mailing list, do not contact!" -however, there was still a balance of $40 remaining on his account.
12/1/12 A late fee of $5 was added to the account. Balance owed is now $167.
2/1/13 Mr. ******* sent in a payment of $122 with a note, " Cancel service and mailing list, do not contact!"
Because payment was not made in full, this client has a remaining balance of $45. Numerous attempts to collect were made before the account was eventually turned over to a collection agency.
3/27/14 Mr. ****** left an angry and hostile message on our voice mail suggesting that we obtain an attorney. This message has been saved and is available for your review.
A copy of the lawn maintenance agreement signed by Mr. ******* on 3/31/12 authorizing services for the duration of 2012 is available upon request as is the time stamped contact log in our system.
Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
According to his time line a payment of $122.00 was made to Colorado Lawn in the period of 9/13/12 to 2/1/13. I don't see the problem in this time line. What is being disputed is the final charge and application. I would like to see proof of when and where I approved the last charge to this account. I want to see invoices and my signature approving the last service. If not, this is a complete waste of my time. I need signature pages on the last application done to my lawn. If I was not present I need proof that this service was done. Photo, video, what ever you can provide. "I DID NOT APPROVE THE LAST SERVICE DONE TO MY LAWN!" I canceled the account. This is a timing issue. the service was done after my cancelation.

Final Business Response
Mr. ******* states that he does not contest charges incurred in the period of 9/13/12-2/1/13 but disputes the final charge and application. I believe what he does not realize is that the final charge on this account was incurred on 7/2/12. The last service performed on his property was an application of fertilization completed on 7/2/12. As mentioned earlier, he was home for that service. Initially he expressed that he wanted to cancel the scheduled service, but after I offered him a 90 day time frame to pay his bill, he changed his mind and authorized me to continue with service. The next service was scheduled for 8/13/12, however, Mr. ******* canceled that service and therefore no charges were incurred. We received an email from Mr. ******* on 9/13/12 with instructions to not schedule anymore service calls to his address until further notice. As requested, no further services were scheduled or performed. Mr. ******* had accumulated a balance of $162 for services performed up to 7/2/12. A late fee of $5 was added to the account on 12/1/12 because he had exceeded the 90 day time period we agreed upon in July. The late fee increased the balance owed to $167. He made a payment of $122 on 2/1/13. This left a remaining balance of $45. The balance of $45 is not a result of an extra service we provided, it is simply part of the initial balance stemming from services provided through 7/2/12 -all of which were authorized by Mr. *******. Below is a list with dates of service and the charges associated with them:
3/31/12: Spring Fertilization Application #1 @ $40
3/31/12: Spring Aeration $42
5/17/12: Late Fertilization Application #2 @ $40
7/2/12: Summer Fertilization Application #3 @ $40
Total for services provided through 7/2/12 = $162
12/1/12 Late Fee $5
Total Balance $167
2/1/13 Received Check for $122
Remaining Balance $45
This account was turned over to a collection agency on 2/15/13 and is now in their hands.

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