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17 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues4
Billing / Collection Issues5
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service7
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints17

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03/10/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

When Site5 refused to change my billing plan, I cancelled my account. They continue to bill me monthly for services not provided or used.
The jist: Site5 refuses to cancel my account, and continues to bill me for services not provided and not used.

The problems with Site5 began in September of 2014, when I requested that Site5 change my billing plan.

First, when I call to change the payment plan, I am told that I can not change it by phone and the phone agent can't help, that what I need to do is log in to manage it online. I tried to do that. There is no option for me to do so.
So I call again, and am told (sales rep: ******* I just need to set up a new billing account with my same email address. I try to do that, but their systems won't let me have a second account with the same email address.
So I call back, and am told to use a different email address to set up the new account. (Again, sales rep: ******** Mind you, I don't want a new account, I just want a small change made to my existing account.
I set up a new account with a different email address, but that account can't be activated because it gets flagged for fraud because I'm traveling and my IP address doesn't match my billing state, and I need to have a bunch of interaction with them to allow that new, non-fraudulent account (that I don't need because I already have an account I'm simply trying to change) to be activated.
Then, they sent me endless messages demanding passwords and offering fake apologies while not solving the problem - I get a bunch of stuff about how because I'm traveling I need to verify my identity and verify that my new account isn't fake.
Well is it fake? I don't know, I didn't really need it, I liked the account I had already, I just wanted to change how much I pay every month, and in one sense it is fake because it is just an account they said i needed to set up so that i can make this small change to the account I already had.
I am finally allowed to have a new account, but then the company refuses to assist me with transferring my old account to the new account.

After nearly a month of back and forth, and upwards of10 hours spent trying to resolve the problem, it becomes clear that Site5 has no intention of allowing me to change my billing account.

So I moved all my files off their servers, redirected my URLs so that none are pointing to their servers, file the "official request" online that they require to cancel the account, and write a long letter to management about the numerous problems I have had with their service. Technically at this point I have two accounts, neither of which are operational because the company won't solve the problems, and neither of which I am using.

Their managment (***** ****** wrote me back a letter belittling me and claiming the problems I had didn't exist, although there is copious documentation that proves that it did.

Now, every month, they continue to send me a bill for service. Every month, I write back and say that I have cancelled the accounts. They write back and say that I haven't. I write back and tell them to check. Someone named ****** mails frequently. They then go away, until the next billing cycle, where they send me again another, larger bill, which includes charges for the previous months and the current month for services I am not using and that they have not rendered.

This is outrageous treatment that continues on. I want an apology from the business, a statement on why they don't allow people to change their billing plans, and a cancellation of bills for services never used or rendered.

Desired Settlement
I want an apology from the business, a statement on why they don't allow people to change their billing plans, and a cancellation of bills for services never used or rendered.

I also want to know why billing has failed to investigate this issue to allow it to escalate to this point.

Business Response
We have no record of this customer's cancellation. Our TOS requires cancellations be submitted in a very specific way for tracking and ownership verification purposes, and there has not been one submitted based on the information provided.

If an account number or domain name can be provided, I can further investigate. However, at this time, I cannot locate a cancellation request for the account.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I submitted a cancellation in the very specific way that the company requires for the account in question, in addition to writing the leadership a letter about the problems I encountered. They have since advised that I did not cancel the account, although every month I remind them that I have. I am concerned that since they claim I did not submit the form, that submitting it again would
a. put me on the hook for services I have not been using and they have not rendered although I canceled them months ago, and
b. who is to say they will not claim a second time that I have not cancelled service by "having no record of my cancellation" and continue to charge me for services I am not using and they have not rendered?

This is an unacceptable response in a continued poor customer service experience.

Final Consumer Response
As of 2/11/15, this matter has not been handled by the business, and I continued to be billed for services not rendered. The Better Business Bureau has inexplicably closed the complaint without intervention.

Final Business Response
As of 2/26/2015, I still cannot find a valid cancellation request for this account.

That said, the account has been suspended for non-payment and should have long ago been terminated automatically. That has been done, and the customer will no longer receive any invoices or other communications from us.

12/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My Domain that I have had with this company for 7 years was lost due to companies failure to send notice.
I have had my domain for 7 years, and every year or 2 I would get a notice to renew. This time I did not! Therefore my domain was sold, and is now at auction for $2,295. The company keeps telling me they sent notices, but cannot provide ANY reference to these emails. No dates, times, or any proof they actual did.
I have talked with several people, some very rude. and have been told that I would hear from a CEO or President but I just keep getting employees that know nothing. I own several domains, with this being my longest owned several Hundred clients have this one, and Now i cant even use it. My email also has my domain name in it that clients have, and now I don't even own the domain associated with my email.
This was one of several domains linked to a specific website, and now Im losing business.

Desired Settlement
They only settlement Im seeking is for them to Buy back my domain and return it to my ownership!!

Business Response
Mr. ******* set his domain to "not automatically renew" and thusly our billing system would not send out renewal notices. Our default is to auto renew, so he would have had to make this change to disable auto renewal.

Our registrar partner would have sent out renewal notices; however, since that is a separate company, we wouldn't have access to their servers for log information.

If this had been our error, we would certainly assist Mr. ******* reobtain the domain name. However, our system worked as is, by design. Mr. ******* opted to disable auto renewal, and as such, the domain name was not renewed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Like I said before to them, I have always had auto renew off. And always got notices, but this time did not!! They have 2 WORKING emails on file, a WORKING phone number, and a address. Not once did i get anything for renewal with any of the forms!! I have had this domain with them for 7 years and never had a problem till now.
And they cannot provide ANY confirmation that anything was sent. All of my other domain companies can show all records.
They said "Mr. ******* set his domain to "not automatically renew" and thusly our billing system would not send out renewal notices. Our default is to auto renew, so he would have had to make this change to disable auto renewal." But if this is the case, then why for the past 7 years did it send out renewals??? and not this time??

Final Business Response
Our billing system does not log sent emails in a method that is accessible to staff, so I have spent the last couple hours scouring the application logs. I have located the three renewal notices our system sent to the customer via email notifying him that his domain name was expiring and attached them to this response.

08/27/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I have an unlimited disk space hosting account with Site5. The company forced me to take down an application on my site due to the disksize in use.
I have an unlimited hosting account with site 5. I use an app from ************************** to put my photo's online and share them with family members all over the world. I have the emails to prove it. Site 5 made me take down my album because of the disksize it was taking up:


During routine disk usage audits on the server ***************************** we discovered that your account was using a fairly high amount of storage space. It appears that the disk usage is primarily in the following locations:

145.4GB /home/nijsus/public_html/var/albums/Photo
203.7GB /home/nijsus/public_html/g3/photo

I understand the policy of not using the site as a "backup" for files. My use was completely legit. To share photo's using an album. It was merely the size of my files that triggered a server health issue as site5 calls it.

This is false advertising and cannot be considered an UNLIMITED account.

Desired Settlement
I want the last billing cycle refunded. It was charged without my knowledge a few months ago. I only caught it now. I think this is a reasonable request.

Business Response
Could I get a ticket ID so that I can properly review the situation?

Final Consumer Response
I do not agree with the response. I never agreed to a policy as stated. Nor did I ever agree to the refund policy as stated. I did not violate any policy. Site 5 is engaging in false advertising. Please reopen the case. thanks!

Final Business Response
During the checkout process, every customer must check a box stating they have read our TOS (which contains our refund policy), understand it, and will abide by it.

I will agree to a prorated refund based on acceptance of the offer. Once I hear that customer accepts that, I will terminate the hosting account immediately and send a prorated refund to the customer. I will need the paypal address of the customer since the last credit card charge is older than 60 days.

08/20/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Promised Unlimited Bandwidth / Did Not Deliver. Support promised refund - refused by **************.
I've had many support issues over the last 30 days for my website.

Latency has become an issue and I've been red flagged 3 times for "Resource Points".

Investigation from Senior Site5 staff was that the points were caused by Bandwidth - however our agreement clearly stated unlimited bandwidth.

Staff verified I would be refunded via chat / email weeks ago.

Now that I've migrated my website to NFOservers to handle the new load, site5 has been refusing the refund promised. We exchanged almost 30 emails going in circles on support issues including requiring me to pay to move my domains to Go Daddy as Site5 refused to allow me full access to my domains without hosting.

It's been one problem after another. But refusing to refund me for the remaining months after previously agreeing to do so is the final straw.

I just want my money back and to put Site5 behind me.

My recommendation is to train the support staff to read all the emails on a service ticket and train them in consistency.

Desired Settlement
All I want is my money back for the remaining months you will not be providing me a service as you promised.

If you provided a better warranty and trained your staff to honour their own agreements we wouldn't be forcing the BBB to deal with your companies issues.

Business Response
Can the ticket ID be provided where we approved a refund outside of our policies located in our TOS agreed to during checkout?

Outside of the Money Back Guarantee, refunds are not offered.

The 45 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the following services only:

Shared Web Hosting
Shared Cloud Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Reseller Cloud Hosting
A 15 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to the following services only:

Managed VPS Hosting
Unmanaged VPS Hosting
Cloud VPS Hosting
The 15 or 45 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to nor are refunds available for the following services:

Semi-Dedicated Hosting
Managed Dedicated Servers
Unmanaged Dedicated Servers
Domain Name Registrations/Transfers/Renewals
IP Addresses
Add-Ons such as WHMCS

Final Consumer Response
I received a refund for the remaining months this morning. Once a response is received from Site5 on BBB, I can close the case.

Thank you

Final Business Response
To clarify (again):

1) They did not hit bandwidth limits. They hit CPU and memory limits. They were NEVER told they hit bandwidth limits.

2) Our staff did not tell him he would receive a refund. Staff told him he would receive a service credit. A service credit is not a refund.

Those are VERY key bits of information that the customer still is not understanding.

I have refunded the full months remaining on the contract term.

07/15/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Tried to cancel service via email. They would not do it. They refused to cancel via phone. I could not cancel via their website.
Tried to cancel service via email. They would not do it. They refused to cancel via phone. I could not cancel via their website.

Desired Settlement
I would like my service canceled. They claimed during sales time to provide real-time webhosting logs but they would only allow it through their proprietary website procedure.

Business' Initial Response
Our procedure to cancel is pretty clear actually. We require cancellations to be submitted via our account control panel. Once logged into Backstage, simply navigate to My Account Billing/Upgrade/Cancel Cancel Cancel a Service. This is for the security of the account in question.

That said, it appears we've already made an exception to our policy and successfully scheduled your account to be canceled at the end of its term via email ticket.

This case should be closed as resolved appropriately.

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03/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company repeatedly caused delays in customer service that resulted in wasted time. They refused to address the concerns and instead asked me to leave.
I signed up on 10/6/13 for a Managed VPS. Site5 provided me with no access to investigate or resolve issues myself, forcing me to use their support. My first day, I requested a module installed that was required by a software that THEY offered me (Ticket ZLFZ-XXXXX). After much debate, and trying to charge me to do something that I was unable to do myself because of their restrictions, they finally installed the module. They then caused my entire website to be non-operational. It took them several hours to fix this. No apology or credit was given. On Ticket HTSN-XXXXX, I requested my site be moved to a Dedicated IP which I had already paid for, and was shown more incompetence by their staff by failing to read and properly act on my request. On Ticket SHQK-XXXXX, they took several hours to investigate an issue on the server that was causing massive amounts of latency for my website visitors; once again an issue I could not resolve myself due to their restrictions. On Ticket PPSH-XXXXX, they took 2 weeks to enable a basic feature that I required for legal compliance, and did not provide a satisfactory level of service; no apology or credit was issued for this. At this point, and at their advice, I moved to an unmanaged service where I was mostly happy. After nearly 4 months of satisfactory service, I submitted an issue to them on Ticket WKND-XXXXX requesting to update the email address on my account. The representative in question did not read my issue, or could not properly comprehend the English language, and replied with false information. I then got a reply from a manager who apologized for the first tech not reading the information on the ticket, but then proceeded to ask me for information I had already provided previously, furthering the level of incompetence displayed by the company. At this point, I requested a one-month service credit to compensate me for my inconvenience and all the time I was forced to waste due to their incompetence over the course of the term of my service with them. They refused my credit request and instead asked me to leave their service within 10 days, their reasoning being "abuse of support". This company showed their true colors by asking a customer to leave for being upset with their terrible service, rather than apologizing, offering a gesture of goodwill, and fixing the source of the upset caused to the customer. As of the time of this writing, they refuse to explain to me why they will not address the cause of the issues rather than asking me to leave. They also refuse to provide the credit.

Desired Settlement
I want this company to reverse their decision to force me to leave, provide the one month service credit I asked for, a sincere apology from their CEO, their VP of Customer Service reprimanded for being lazy and refusing to work with a customer, and to address all underlying issues that have caused me to be upset with their service.

If they refuse to reverse their decision, I still expect a formal apology. I also expect a full refund of all monies paid to them from the start of my account since they exhibited a course of unacceptable conduct during the entire duration of my service term with them.

Business Response
Our decision is not going to be reversed. That said, the customer submitted his service cancellation before we were able to terminate his account, so that is a moot point.

Moreover, the customer has on multiple times been disrespectful to our staff. While our staff certainly is human and is open to making mistakes, the only thing we ask is that customers remain respectful towards our team trying to help them nor do we allow our customers to attempt to extort us. Comments such as:

"Complete idiot that doesn't know how to read"
"Now do your **** job and fix it. STOP WASTING MY TIME."
"I want a free month of service for all the STUPIDITY I have to deal with from your techs not READING my issues."
"I expect a credit or I'm leaving - and will have no problem making negative PR about my experiences here."
"Your IDIOT of a support tech broke my website, and is now taking his sweet *** time in fixing it. You people are pathetic and useless. Why would anyone pay for such lazy and incompetent support?"

That's just a random sampling of the abuse our staff has been subjected to. It's obvious the customer wasn't satisfied with our services, and while we never like hearing that, he refused to remain respectful, so we informed him we would be terminating his account. That determination was communicated to him on 2/20/14 and he submitted his own cancellation request on 2/22/14.

With that, the situation is resolved and there's nothing left to discuss.

I'd also like to point out that the customer also happens to be a VP at competitor of ours which makes his actions even more suspect.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This company is still trying to push blame. They do not accept responsibility for their actions now, nor did they when I was a paying customer. If they had, then my alleged "verbal abuse" would have never occurred. No apology or offer of goodwill has been forthcoming. I do not accept their response and will not accept until they do so.

Final Business Response
The facts remain that the sole reason we told the customer to find a new hosting company is because of his verbally abusing our staff via written word.

Our staff certainly isn't perfect, and we are more than happy to admit when we make mistakes and do what we can to rectify situations. However, even when we do make mistakes, that does not give him the right to verbally abuse my staff. That is not tolerated.

No compensation is due to the customer in accordance with our Terms of Service and Service Agreement section 6 of the Service Agreement entitled "Indemnification" specifically.

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