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Customer Complaints Summary

27 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 14 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues13
Problems with Product / Service13
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints27

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Complaint Resolution Log (27)BBB Closure Definitions
07/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

1st Bank back dates posts in order to fraudulently charge overdraft fees
I wrote a check on Friday 27th. I was held up in traffic and did not make it to a bank branch by 6 PM. I checked my account the morning of the 28th and the check had not cleared. I went to the bank and deposited the cash needed to cover the check. Later that day I checked the account and the bank had back dated the check post date to the 27th. It is unfortunate that the bank is so desperate for $34 that it will alienate customers in this manner.

Desired Settlement
I would like my fee refunded

Business Response
FirstBank refunded the $34 fee as a courtesy to Ms. ******. Further, Ms. ****** acknowledged that she understands the bank's procedures and timetable for the processing and posting of checks and deposits. Ms. ****** was satisified with the resolution offered by FirstBank.

Consumer Response
See more info received from consumer dated 7/3

07/02/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

1st Bank changed the terms on an account without asking me, so fees resulted that are not justified.
On account **********, which my son I hold, they changed the terms without asking. He tried to buy some things online and instead of declining, like it did previously, they charged five $34 fees.
I talked with several people and they could not explain why they changed the terms and would not take responsibility.

Desired Settlement
Refund of the five $34 fees and payment to me of $400 for my time to try to work this out with them.

Business Response
A ********* representative contacted Mr. ***** on June 13th to discuss his concerns regarding the non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees assessed to the account he holds jointly with his son. ********* is required under federal law to allow consumers to opt-out of overdraft services for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. The opt-in/opt-out status of the account referenced by Mr. ***** is currently on an "opt-out" status. However, the transactions which Mr. ***** questioned that caused the account to incur NSF fees were processed via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments network. Payments processed via ACH are not subject to the federal laws which cover opting-in/opting-out for ATM and debit card transactions. As such, the bank may use its discretion when deciding to pay or return these transactions.

Mr. ***** asserts that ********* changed the terms on his account without properly notifying him of the changes. However, there were no changes in terms on Mr. *****'s account; the transactions in question were processed correctly and within applicable laws and regulations. As a courtesy to Mr. *****, ********* refunded $102 in NSF service charges.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

05/12/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was charged excessive over draft fees when there were funds in my account and bank error. I was sent the wrong debt card and charged to for fees.
I lost my card and requested a replacement from the bank. When I called I was told that I would receive a replacement card for the checking account I primarily use. I was sent the wrong card and used the card without knowing. Afterward, I was charged $137.00 in overdraft fees. The bank refused to refund the money and claimed I was at fault. They did refund $68.00 but refused to refund the $69.00

Desired Settlement
I would like the overdraft fees refunded at the total of $69.00.

Business Response
A FirstBank representative contacted Ms. ******** on April 23rd to discuss her concerns regarding the reissuance of her debit card and the subsequent fees she incurred due to activity on her checking account. Although we were not able to identify any irregularities with the reissuance of her debit card during the conversation with Ms. ********, FirstBank refunded $69 in non-sufficient funds (NSF) service charges, as a courtesy.

04/14/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I have an account on my credit report from First Bank Colorado. I have disputed it thru the credit agencies. I have never had a account with this bank. I have been with ***************** for over 5 years.
I dont have negitive credit and have in the past been a victim of ID Theft. I have worked hard to maintain a good credit rating. I have a fraud alert on my credit file. I was never contacted at that number prior to this account being opened.I was living in the state of Texas at the time. I also filed a police report in Nov 2013 for the inquires from First Bank,and again once I noticed the account on my credit.

Desired Settlement
I am enclosing a police report of fraud and i demand this account closed/inquires removed from my *********** report/************ and removal from credit report. I am sending a complaint as well to the Attorney Generals office as well.
Had I been contacted per instructions on my credit report this account would never been opened. The police have determined a person of the name ********** was using my information to obatin credit and loans. I never used this account or benefited from it

Business Response
FirstBank has conducted a thorough investigation of the account opened by **************** to determine if the account was opened by someone perpetrating identity theft.

At this point, we believe Mr. ******** opened the account himself, and that it was not opened by someone who was committing identity theft. Our primary conclusion for this is the fact that the credit report obtained at account opening did have an extended fraud alert on it that included a contact number for Mr. ******** that is to be utilized to ensure he is contacted prior to opening an account or extending credit. Following our normal procedure, the representative assisting Mr. ******** called the telephone number listed in the credit report, and the call was answered by the individual sitting in front of the bank representative. This was notated on the account opening documents.

As part of the current investigation, a bank representative also contacted Mr. ******** by phone. The representative asked Mr. ******** to provide the bank with a copy of his driver's license and a copy of the police report that was filed. The representative subsequently called Mr. ******** back and left a message asking for the name of his former roommate, whom he believes has committed the identity theft, so FirstBank can file its own police report. As of this response, we have not received the documentation we requested from Mr. ********.

Mr. ******** also states in his complaint that he lives in Texas; however, the phone number he provided to the BBB at which to contact him is a Denver Metro area code.

Lastly, in Mr. ********'s complaint, he states that he has been a member of the Armed Forces for the past five years. FirstBank performed a search on the Department of Defense's Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Website to verify Mr. ********'s military status. The results of the search did show an active military record for Mr. ********.

At this point, there are too many inconsistencies for FirstBank to conclude that Mr. ******** is truly a victim of identity theft. As such, FirstBank has mailed and emailed a letter to Mr. ********'s addresses listed in the BBB complaint asking for a copy of his driver's license, a copy of his social security card, a copy of the police report he filed, a copy of a statement from his phone provider showing that his telephone number and mailing address are associated with the same account, and a copy of his military status.

If Mr. ******** provides the requested information to FirstBank, we will reopen his complaint.

03/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I went into 1st Bank a few months ago while my husband was ill. I needed to do a Power of Attorney with my husband's account so I could sign checks and pay bills. He had already given me the Power of Attorney and I had it in writing. 1st Bank did not tell me at that time that they would make a hard inquiry into my credit record. I was surprised when I later found out that 1st Bank had done so. There was no reason to make a hard inquiry as I was not opening an account nor was requesting a new account. I only needed to be able to sign checks since my husband could not do so. When I complained to 1st Bank, they said that it was their policy to do the hard inquiry in this kind of situation. I replied that it was wrong to so do, that it had negatively affected my credit rating, and that the policy needed to be changed. Had I know that a hard inquiry would have been made into my credit record, I would have handled it a different way. I have excellent credit. By the way, I did the same with a credit union, and they did not make a hard inquiry into my credit record.
Product_Or_Service: NA

Desired Settlement
Desired Settlement ID: Other (requires explanation)
I would like the hard inquiry taken off my credit record from the 3 credit bureaus.

Business Response
A representative of FirstBank contacted Ms. ******** by phone to discuss her complaint. Ms. ******** again stated that she was never informed that a credit report would be run when she was added to an account as a Power of Attorney. The representative explained why it is our policy to run a credit report in this situation, and that we have no plans to change this policy. Additionally, the representative discussed with Ms. ******** that it is our procedure to inform individuals that a credit report will be obtained. This is accomplished both verbally and with a notice regarding our credit report practices that is posted on each customer service representative's desk. As a courtesy, FirstBank has begun the process of removing the credit inquiry from Ms. ********'s credit report, and has informed her of the steps she will need to take to complete the removal process.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
First Bank worked to have hard inquiry taken off my credit record. Thank you for your help with this.

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11/07/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

There are unauthorized charges ototaling 1221.65 from get texas credit. I did not athorize and of the charges from them on that day for those amounts
I have tred to file a dispute with first bank on the charges and they state it is a merchan isue and they will not get involved. these are unauthorized charges on my acount. neither the amouunts or date of the withdrawl were authosrized. I had previous business with the company but that does not change the fact that these charges were not authorized. First bank refuses to file the dispute.

Desired Settlement
I would liekt he charges reversed and a full refund of the unauthorized charges to my card. I have filed a complaint with the FTC regarding get texas credit and if this des not get resolved I will file a complain against first bank as well.

Business Response
In addition to this BBB complaint, Ms. ******** submitted a complaint to the State of Colorado, Division of Banking. Below is the response submitted to the Division of Banking, Attn: M. Jennifer Kim, Financial Credit Examiner.

Dear Ms. Kim:

Thank you for forwarding the complaint filed by Ms. ****** ******** and providing us the opportunity to respond.

****** ******** opened her checking account on May 28, 2013. Since opening the account, there has been significant activity at various check cashing merchants:

Since opening the account, Ms. ******** received five deposits from various check cashing merchants (Check N Go(2), Speedy Cash, Loans Pay, and US Fast Cash) totaling $2,373.37.

Twelve debits cleared her account totaling $1,233.64 to four different merchants that are clearly labeled as check cashing merchants (US Fast Cash, Check N Go, Get Texas Credit, and Speedy Cash). Five different withdrawal attempts were denied for non-sufficient funds. Additionally, Ms. ******** placed three different stop payments on checks payable to check cashing locations. The details are below:

* $1,007.23 on 8/5/2013 to Cash Central
* $1,287.47 on 9/3/13 to Check N Go
* $111.78 on 10/16/2013 to SpeedyCash

Four transactions cleared to Get Texas Credit totaling $1,221.65 on October 14th (for $19.99, $701.66, $300.00, $200.00). Ms. ******** filed a dispute on October 15th with FirstBank's 24-Hour Telephone Banking Department. The following is the sequence of events after we received the dispute:

* Wednesday, October 16th:
o Our Dispute Department sent a letter requesting additional information from Ms. ******** to help us understand the reason she wanted to dispute the transactions.
o Ms. ******** called requesting provisional credit immediately in order to pay other bills. Ms. ******** requested a call from a bank officer and disconnected the call with the representative.
* Thursday, October 17th:
o Laura Parrado, Vice President, left a voicemail for Ms. ********.
* Friday, October 18th:
o Ms. ******** left a voicemail with Katie Schmidt, Assistant Vice President, requesting a call.
o Ms. Schmidt called Ms. ******** to discuss the dispute. Ms. ******** was inconsistent with her story stating at one point the merchant was paid. She then explained she did owe the merchant, but not the full amount that they withdrew. Ms. Schmidt explained to Ms. ******** that her answers were inconsistent and that a dispute would not be filed until the circumstances around her dispute were fully understood. Ms. ******** then stated she had proof of payment. Ms. Schmidt responded that if Ms. ******** paid the merchant, she needed to provide proof as our dispute case will rely on it. Ms. ******** then said she would email the documentation.
* Monday, October 21st:
o Ms. ******** once again spoke with Ms. Schmidt. Ms. ******** stated that she was unable to get through on Get Texas Credit's phone system and could not obtain her account summary. In response to questioning, Ms. ******** verbally acknowledged she owed money to Get Texas Credit, but stated she did not authorize the payment. Ms. Schmidt then explained to Ms. ******** that if she owes the money to the merchant, the bank does not have a right to dispute the charges. Ms. ******** disconnected the call.
o Ms. ******** subsequently called Ms. Schmidt. Ms. Schmidt once again explained the bank would not process the dispute since Ms. ******** stated she owed the merchant funds. Again, Ms. ******** disconnected the call.

In closing, FirstBank stands by the decision that no error has occurred, therefore Ms. ********'s dispute is not valid and we will not process her request. This decision is reinforced by Ms. ********'s own statements, as well as her questionable account history with check cashing merchants.

Ms. ********'s account with the bank has been closed due to mishandling. The bank recommends that Ms. ******** address her payment issues directly with the merchant to whom she owes funds, Get Texas Credit.

Please do not hesitate to call me at 303-235-1353 should you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Jeff Asher
Senior Vice President

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did not verbally acknowledge that money was owed. I stated that i had owed and the balance was paid down. and was trying to get a statement from the company with no response. I have left the merchant messages in regard to sending the statement. My past account history does not make unaathorized charges okay to not dispute. I will continue to puch forward and will check on legal actions against both the merchan and bank for not returning funds.

12/17/2014Billing / Collection Issues
01/13/2014Problems with Product / Service

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.