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Cambrian Apartments, The

Phone: (303) 695-1636Fax: (303) 695-1248

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Customer Complaints Summary

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (2)BBB Closure Definitions
07/17/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Customer Service Complaint Issue

Complaint: Numerous complaints, now I want to vacate and they will not allow.
I lived at Cambrian since Feb 2011 and moved out of that apartment because I was leaving for Military training. That was a hassle. I had to call VPs of Maxx properties to get out of the lease so I could go to training. On top of that around Christmas 2011 there was a fire and they were doing construction around the building that made it impossible to go in and out of my apartment. I was then let out of my lease by the VP so I could go to basic training. As an agreement with the person I spoke with, when I returned I would allow Maxx properties another opportunity. When I returned from basic training I did as I promised and resigned a lease. I then, few months later upgraded to a 2 bedroom, which was an outrageous transfer fee and a new lease. Since then I have had issue after issue. I have had several issues with my countertop bubbling, which I had complained about and never had addressed and other issues with the shower or even products in the apartment like the fridge and garbage disposal. I was informed by the worker that the apartments are old and things are going to break and they are not allowed to replace them. So he "***** ******" them. I have been more then patient with this. Then a new tenant moved into apt 208 and she at all hours of the night plays music and screams on the phone, slams things, and goes out to her balcony cussing and screaming at her kids and others in the neighborhood. I have complained to the apartment complex, but then I was confronted by #208 and she told me that she was on her third strike because of me and her kids were going to be homeless. I then ceased all complaints. However, she has gotten worse. To the point she wakes me from a dead sleep. I finally knocked on her door and told her if she did not stop I would call the cops. She later confronted me stating I scared her kids and I was highly inappropriate. I walked away to avoid confrontation as directed by the leasing agent. Now each time I come home and walk up the stairs I am harassed by the tenant in 208, which Ranee in the office advised me she has no record of. Another issue that has thrown me over the edge was there was a "gang" fight in the park where I was told to get inside or else. I called the cops immediately, the manager ranee would not acknowledge the fact that now I felt unsafe in my current living environment. My car was hit in the parking lot of the apartment and the driver left, so apparently not only am I not safe, but my car is not. The properly is not maintained. There are HUGE pot holes all over the parking lot that are impossible to avoid. The root cross members of the stairs are rotting and have termite damage. The light post at the park is/ and has been leaning for months where it seems it can fall over onto someone at any point. I have experienced neighbors urinating off their balcony and a childing "pooping" in a bush. I have tried to make the lease work and now I am at the point I cannot go home without #208 verbally attacking me or causing a scene and to mention all the other issues I have mentioned previously to the office. Ranee (the leasing manager) states not all of my complaints were documented, well that maybe because of all the temps that were in the office or the fact that she is never there. When she is there is absolutely rude to the tenants. This was also a complaint when I previously lived there. The only person worth working with is Christina, she has always be amazing. Other issues I have is my air conditioner goes out all the time, but the worker showed me how to reset the breaker (which is annoying every night) and the hot water goes out more than once a week. All issues that ranee said I have never complained about, but that is because workers showed me how to correct it since it happens mostly at night (when I am home). The grounds have become unsafe and I feel uncomfortable in my own home. I refuse to live in such conditions. I want to feel safe walking to my door, ranee just does not care.

Business' Initial Response
***** ****** (****) did reside at Cambrian from February 2011 to January 15 2012 although her lease ended on the 31st of January. She did inform my Regional Manager that she was going to basic training and wanted to spend 2 weeks with her family before training began and was let out of her lease 2 weeks early. When she returned to Cambrian in April 2012 she signed a 1 year lease for a 1 bedroom apartment and after 4 months decided she needed a 2 bedroom to accommodate additional family members that would be living with her. She was at that time charged a transfer fee for the upgrade as would anyone who wished to transfer apartments in the middle of an active lease. Upon *****'s move in to the 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment any service request that were put in by her were addressed within 24 hours and when follow up calls were made to ensure the service was completed there was never a response to the messages left so the service requests were closed. The only complaint for lack of hot water from ***** was in December 2012 which was addressed the same day and to our knowledge has not been an issue since. In March 2013 ***** made noise and marijuana smoke complaints on her 2nd floor neighbor (directly below). Management promptly handled that complaint according to MAXX policy. The downstairs neighbor responded to the complaint immediately and stated that she did not own a radio or smoke - but thought it might have been another neighbor as she had also smelled the smoke.

I did not receive another complaint from ***** until she wrote a letter on May 15, 2013 giving her 30 day notice and listing the reasons as to why she didn't feel like she should be responsible for the remainder of her lease. ***** admits to knocking on her 2nd floor neighbor's door informing her that if she didn't keep it down she would call the police and now feels that person is harassing her for the complaints by making more noise. Again, I contacted said resident and she feels ***** is harassing her and using her as an excuse to break her lease because ***** is purchasing a home. MAXX policy - on the advice of legal counsel - cannot proceed to firmer action without third party verification of noise complaints. No other resident (not even the 1st floor neighbor) has ever complained about the person on the second floor in the stack of apartments.

The potholes were repaired as soon as the weather permitted, I was not notified of any accident involving *****'s car as an incident report would have been made if I was notified. Every complaint ***** notified the office was addressed but doesn't absolve her from her obligation to pay the rent for the term of the contract. She moved out of her apartment on 9th of June not the 15th stating I told her neighbors she was being evicted. Management never speaks about individual apartment situations with any other residents. As she had already given notice, the subject of eviction would never have even come up. We are sorry ***** felt her experience at Cambrian was less than pleasant although we feel we have been more than fair in both residency's. We are willing to explore a mutually agreed upon solution.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accept to sign the document to get out of the lease and that they subtract any damage from the deposit.

Business' Final Response
From: ***** ******* (mailto:********************************)
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:14 AM
To: Lori Lannholm
Cc: Liz Farr
Subject: Case ID: 75196692 Cambrian Apartments

Hi Lori,

In regards to the response sent by Liz Farr on June 25, 2013 for ***** **** to sign a release form, we have not received a response and need to process her security deposit report as we are already past 30 days. If she has not agreed to the offer to sign a mutual release form please let us know so that we may proceed with our regular move out procedures.

*****' *******

11/05/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services

Complaint: -unknowledged management staff
-unskilled maintenace crew
-dilapitated grounds not keep clean
-recent findings of cockraoches and bedbugs

I would like to address the ongoing issues I have had in regards to
the Cambrian apartment location in Aurora, CO. I do not wish for this
to fall on deaf ears hence why I am contacting Maxx Properties
directly in hopes these issues may be properly rectified. I have been
a tenant here since April 2011 and have had a mediocre experience at
best. However, the leasing agent, ****** *****, has been a dream; I
feel she needs to be praised for her excellent customer service skills
and her sense of urgency to get any issues I have resolved in a timely
manor. I cannot speak that highly of any other agents or the leasing
office manager; *****.

I had noticed during a heavy rainstorm that my fan in the master
bathroom was dripping water; I was concerned about this because I know
in the ceiling there is live electric current running throughout the
whole roof so I called the leasing office and told ***** about the
dripping water, She responded "Sometimes that happens in top floor
apartments. Go ahead and put a bucket under the dripping and it will
stop after it is done raining." This is an unacceptable answer. This a
danger not only to other tenants and myself but my small child and
possible children of other tenants!

I had also noticed that one of the boards on my patio floor is split
in half and it is about to break which would leave a huge hole in my
patio floor; I mentioned that to a maintenance worker when he was in
my apartment fixing the front door and he told me "Yea, it probably
needs a new nail. Let the office know if it breaks." Again, this is
not an acceptable answer to my issue and is a major liability to
myself and my child!

Upon moving in the towel rack in the master bath fell right off of the
wall! Maintenance came to fix it within 48 hours but instead of
re-anchoring it to the wall with new wall anchors they simply stuck it
to the wall with caulk; even I know the purpose to using caulk is not
to fasten towel racks to a wall. So of course within a couple of days
the towel rack fell off of the wall again. Luckily I know someone who
had tools and could take time out of their day to come over and put in
new anchors in order to properly put it back in place.

As far as the complex as a whole, there are many violations and many
improvements that need to be made. There are SEVERAL tenants who have
propane and charcoal grills on their patios! This is clearly a
violation due to the patio flooring being made of wood and the awnings
over the patios. This is a violation that needs to be addressed
immediately! I have a small child and my responsibility is to keep her
safe and it is a fact that we are not safe with so many fire hazards
right outside of my front door.

Another violation I see CONSISTENTLY are tenants throwing furniture in
the trash dumpsters. This in turn leaves no room for other tenants to
throw out their trash. It has been proven that this property has
recently had problems with cockroaches and bedbugs. It also poses a
health hazard to me and my child as infested household items are left
to sit in these dumpsters right outside my apartment. Not to mention
that poses an open door to non-residents who like to dig in the
dumpsters for thrown out items. I pay for the trash in my rent so I
feel I should be able to utilize this service I am paying for!

I have paid over $600 in towing fees
since I have lived at Cambrian apartments! The towing company
used is called "Parking Authority" and it is a racketeer. I have taken
steps to have this company investigated for embezzlement and to expose
them on local news. I feel as the property owner it is MAXX Properties
responsibility to make sure tenants have the opportunity to utilize
the parking in an orderly fashion if no assigned parking is delegated.
The parking blocks do not align with the parking spaces.

Business' Initial Response
I have been at the Cambrian apartments for 8 years and have made every effort to ensure the comfort of the residents here and try to respond to every complaint and issue in a timely manner. As to the complaint filed by ****** ***** the agent ***** ***** who was dating an ex coworker of ******'s has not worked at Cambrian since June 15th of this year so she has obviously not had any contact with the office since then good or bad. On rare occasions if the wind blows a certain way rain water will get into the vents and when it stops raining maintenance can then go on the roof to make sure the squirrels haven't chewed threw the vents which allows the rain to come in which is what I told ****** would happen there was nothing that could be done while it was still raining. In February 2012 a service request for Ashlye's patio was completed and no other issue was brought to our attetion regarding a broken board. The city of Aurora allows grills on the property of multifamily houses but as per our insurance company we disallowed use of grills in June of 2010 but did not make the current residents remove their grills since they had been previously allowed but refer them to the 2 community grills in our park area. Illegal trash dumping is an on going issue and because we are across the street from a Goodwill we often get furniture dumped on our property but we also have trash service on Monday Wednesday and Saturdays to ensure waste is removed as promply as possible and that should pose no risk of infestation to someone just throwing out their own trash. We also have an exterminator on site every Wednesday and aggresively treat any issues we are aware of, ****** has never been treated for either roaches nor bedbugs. In April of 2012 we contratced Parking Authority for all Maxx properties to ticket and tow parking violators on our behalf. They take a picture of any vehicle they ticket or tow and upload it to their website so if their is any discrepancy we can look on line to see if the tow was valid so if ****** has paid $600 in towing fees it was because her vehicle was in violation of her lease which states all cars on the property need to be street legal and have current registration and tags in compliance. If she wants to terminate her lease early all applicable fees will be assesed and we will not refund any towing fees as they are an outside contrator and we do not receive any of the fees they collect. With verification that the tow was made in error which can be verified with the date of the tow and her vehicle information Parking Authority can investigate her claim and make any adjustments with her directly.

Consumer's Final Response
In regards to the response from Cambrian apartments: "The city of Aurora allows grills on the property of multifamily houses but as per our insurance company we disallowed use of grills in June of 2010 but did not make the current residents remove their grills since they had been previously allowed but refer them to the 2 community grills in our park area."

The above statement basically tells me it is ok for some residents to actively use their grills on their patio but other residents do not get to do this because they didn't live there before the "rules" changed. This is absolute non sense! It states in CAMBRIAN's lease terms NO USE OF GRILLS on patio's. It also states NO FURNITURE DUMPING! There are residents consistantly using their grills... I do not really care if they are allowed to "store" a grill on their patio, it is the fact they are using them and posing a potential fire danger! MAXX propery and Cambrian apartments is a joke. And based on the response they provided it proves they lie about many things.

Business' Final Response
If ****** would like anything in her apartment repaired she can call in a service request or submit one online which is what should happen if you need repairs done. I can't and won't address anything to do with the car tow without verification and vehicle information as to why a tow occured. The remainder of the parking lot is scheduled for paint in the spring.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

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