Electric Choice in Delaware

Delawareans have the option to select their electric energy supplier.
August 08, 2014

Delmarva Power provided the following information and tips for consumers to help them when making a decision about who should provide their electricity.

(source, DPL DE News Brief, Summer 2014)

Do you know that you can choose to purchase electricity from a supplier other than Delmarva Power? Recently, you may have been contacted by an electricity supplier, but have questions. The information below can help you choose.

Your electric service consists of two main parts:

Supply: the generation or re-selling of electricity, and transporting that electricity to you through transmission lines

Delivery: the delivery of electricity through local distribution lines to your home or business

Delmarva Power currently handles both services. However, under customer choice laws in Delaware, you can choose a supplier to provide your electric supply. By choosing, you may be able to save money, purchase innovative services, or buy environmentally friendly electricity.

Whether you choose another supplier, Delmarva Power will still deliver electricity to all customers via an extensive network of electric power lines that they maintain. DPL will continue to restore service in the event of any disruption, such as weather-related events.

Before enrolling with another supplier, make sure you compare supplier offers. Start by knowing your "Price to Compare." This price is the average, annual price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that you pay us for electric supply. Your Delmarva Power bill has your price to compare under "Supply Charges", and the dollar amount of your total supply charges is listed as "Total Electric Supply Charges."

Remember, if you choose a supplier other than Delmarva Power, you will pay the supplier’s price for electric supply instead Delmarva Power's electric price.

Here are some questions you should consider asking when a supplier contacts you:

1. Is the supplier licensed by the Delaware Public Service Commission Commission)? For a full list of licensed suppliers, visit www.depsc.delaware.gov

2. What is the exact price per kWh and are there any additional charges?

3. Does the price stay the same or does it vary?

4. How does the supplier price compare with Delmarva Power’s price for the same length of the contract?

5. What is the length of the contract and what happens when it expires? Does it automatically renew?

6. Are there sign-up fees or a fee for early cancellation of the contract?

7. What payment options does the supplier offer?

8. What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?

9. What information do I have to provide to enroll?

10. What happens if I miss a payment?

11. Will I receive one bill or two?

12. Is there a bonus for signing up?

13. Does the price include transmission charges?

14. Are there any additional services offered?

15. What fuels are used to produce the electricity?

16. What is the contact name and phone number of the supplier?

17. What are the supplier’s customer service hours?

18. Are there restrictions on the amount of electricity I can use? If so, what are they and how are they implemented?

19. Can I review the supplier’s standard contract before I enroll?

20. Will service be interrupted, and how long will it take for service to begin with the supplier?

For more information, visit delmarva.com or the Commission's website at www.depsc.delaware.gov.

Be Alert for Scams

Customers may be contacted by suppliers directly by phone, email and home visits. It is important to ensure that any supplier you may be considering doing business with is licensed by the Commission. Ask for the supplier's license number, and confirm it on the Commission's website. Do not give out your Delmarva Power account number to any supplier until you are certain you want to enter into a contract with that supplier.

For a full list of licensed suppliers, visit www.depsc.delaware.gov

(download this consumer tip here)