December 2012 New Accredited Businesses

January 24, 2013

Newest Accredited Businesses

Did you know that you cannot just "join" Better Business Bureau (BBB) by paying your money! It's a process...

You must be invited to apply for accreditation, supply background information about the nature of your business and be screened by the staff and the Board of Directors. Accredited Businesses pledge to adhere to a strict set of Standards and Principles of Trust as well as support the objectives and standards of fair advertising and ethical business practices espoused by the BBB.

Accreditation through the BBB lends prestige to your business and tells your clients and customers that you are doing business in an ethical manner and you are doing your part in making your community a good place to live, to buy and sell and that you believe in self-regulation of business as well as consumer education.

The following businesses, by virtue of having been found to meet the above criteria for accreditation, applied and were accepted as BBB Accredited Businesses by the Board of Directors at its most recent meeting.

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