BBB “Secure Your ID” Day Shreds Nearly ¾ of a Million Pounds of Materials Across U.S. and Canada

October 24, 2008
BBB “Secure Your ID” Day Shreds Nearly ¾ of a Million Pounds of Materials Across U.S. and Canada

Community service event helps consumers and business owners from Delaware.

Nearly 13,000 vehicles descended on 83 sites across the U.S. and Canada on Saturday, September 20th, all filled with boxes and bags of sensitive documents to be shredded free of charge during Better Business Bureau’s “Secure Your ID” Day community service event.

BBB and its leading national partners Shred-It, Equifax, ProQuo and National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) saw consumers and small business owners from 30 states and two provinces deliver more than 710,000 pounds (355 tons) of materials for safe, responsible destruction, making BBB “Secure Your ID” Day the largest single day event of its kind ever held.

Locally, the BBB of Delaware hosted our event at i.g. Burton in Milford on Route 1. The BBB shredded over 1,000 pounds of materials.

BBB President Christine Sauers exclaimed, “Not only did our BBB shred 1,000 pounds of credentials, but we also gave everyone that attended goodie bags filled with valuable information about identity protection. We had an incredible response from consumers. I heard the words ‘thank you’ more times in 3 hours than I have heard in the 6 years that I have been with BBB. This was the ultimate win-win for all involved. It was a gratifying day for everyone!”

Education is one of the most important ways BBB works toward building trust in today’s marketplace. “Our goal was to make personal information less accessible and empower people to be their own first line of defense against identity theft.  With community-based BBBs across North America collaborating simultaneously, we had a tremendous coast-to-coast presence that reached numerous people and helped prevent Identity theft,” said Sauers.

Going forward, BBB will continue providing expert advice to protect consumers and business owners from the ongoing threat of ID theft throughout the year in various ways. BBB plans to hold the next “Secure Your ID” Day in April 2009.