BBB & WiBN Announce Merger Of The Organizations

January 10, 2014

DAYTON, OHIO, January 10, 2014 - Your Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley, Inc. (BBB) and Women In Business Networking (WiBN) announced the merger of their two organizations today. (It began officially on January 1, 2014.) Through this union, the two organizations will be able to expand access to and enhance relevant resources necessary for businesses in the region and beyond to succeed. Both organizations expect this strategic combination will create long-term success for both organizations, their participating organizations and the community.

As a result of this merger, WiBN will become a program of your BBB. Jeanne Porter, WiBN president, will become an employee of your BBB -- Director/Founder of WiBN. In addition to adding Jeanne Porter to your BBB’s team, it will be adding one additional full-time staff member to support the program. 

WiBN’s mission will remain the same. It will continue to focus on women in business encouraging one another’s professional growth and success. In addition, the women of WiBN will share a motivation for achievement and prosperity, build relationships with other dynamic women, learn from one another and share resources to achieve their goals. Likewise, it will continue to provide a supportive, educational and dynamic atmosphere for Miami Valley business women and beyond.

BBB Accredited Businesses and WiBN members will not be required to belong to both organizations. But, opportunities to participate in both organizations will be provided.

John North, BBB president & CEO, says, “It’s an exciting time for these two great brands in our community.  The benefits of the two joining forces are many. For instance, the merger increases the synergy of the two organizations, increases their visibility and relevance, as well as enhances their mission effectiveness. It will give BBB Accredited Businesses and WiBN members access to a broader range of products and services than ever before. We are confident this merger of two strong organizations will maximize each strengths, expanding the foothold of both organizations in our community, while meeting the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Your BBB pledges to grow this incredible asset by replicating its efforts to other demographics and BBBs across North America.”

Jeanne Porter, WiBN president, says, “This merger is a positive change, making both organizations stronger and bringing each new experiences.” She continues, “WiBN has changed many lives since its inception in 2008. We’ve seen businesses grow…women in transition who have started their own businesses…women becoming confident and empowered…and women doing what they want to do in life – and being who they want to be. The merger of these two organizations will extend these efforts and increase their resources to our community and perhaps serve women across the country.”

“The merger of this dynamic duo will help them meet the needs of this ever-changing marketplace. It brings together the key assets of each organization and tightly aligns them.” Jeff Siebenthaler, The Siebenthaler Co. president and BBB Board of Directors chair, continues, “The opportunities for my BBB Accredited Business and my team have increased with this merger. It provides them with more opportunities for education, networking and recognition. It provides resources for them to build relationships and be successful. As a small, family-owned business, this is invaluable.”

Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Commissioner, adds, “This merger will not only strengthen these two robust organizations, but it will help enhance the resources available to our region’s businesses. It demonstrates both organizations’ commitment to our region. It creates a powerful synergy, which can only lead to growth in our region. It strategically makes sense.”

For more information regarding your Better Business Bureau or Women in Business Networking, visit or You can also call (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301.

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