Two Companies’ BBB Accreditations Revoked In First Half Of 2013

September 05, 2013

DAYTON, OHIO, August 23, 2013 – Your Better Business Bureau has revoked the Accreditation of two local companies for failure to meet your BBB’s Standards For Trust during the first half of the year. Your BBB’s board of directors revoked their Accreditations at its April 9 meeting.

The companies are:

Fleming’s Roofing & Siding Systems

Farmersville, OH

One of your BBB’s Standards for Trust is Accredited Businesses need to be responsive, addressing marketplace disputes quickly, professionally and in good faith. Fleming’s Roofing & Siding Systems’ BBB Accreditation was revoked for failure to abide by this standard. It has two unanswered complaints with your BBB. One complaint alleges the company didn’t complete services it was paid for and contracted to complete. A second complaint alleges work was not completed satisfactorily. Your BBB contacted the company multiple times by letter, certified mail and phone regarding the complaints.

Phillips & Son Chimney Service

Dayton, OH

Phillips & Son Chimney Service’s BBB Accreditation was also revoked for failure to abide by your BBB’s Standards for Trust concerning being responsive. In addition, it failed to abide by the BBB standard regarding honoring promises, abiding by all written agreements and verbal representations. It has an unresolved complaint with your BBB. The complaint alleges work was not completed satisfactorily. The company offered a refund, however, the consumer has never received the refund as of February 2013. Your BBB contacted the company multiple times by letter, e-mail, certified mail and phone regarding the complaint. Your BBB received notice from the post office the certified mail was delivered to the business.

According to your BBB and its board of directors, your BBB’s Standards for Trust are designed to offer consumers and businesses confidence before they make purchasing decisions. Expulsion from BBB Accreditation is unfortunate; however enforcing these standards is taken very seriously. These standards also are applied to new applicants that can be denied BBB Accreditation if not in compliance.

Businesses and consumers are urged to contact your BBB to find unbiased and reliable information that evaluates the trustworthiness of companies based on a set of high standards so you can have confidence in your choice. Visit or call (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301.

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