Better Business Bureau And Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Warn Local Businesses About Map Advertising Solicitations

August 27, 2009

DAYTON, OH – August 11, 2009 - Local businesses commonly get phone calls about advertising opportunities. But, your Better Business Bureau warns some of them are not on the up and up as many members of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce are finding out.

Universal Adcom dba Premier Maps has been contacting Dayton Chamber members. The callers ask chamber members if they would like to renew their ads for the 2010 chamber map. The fee quoted is usually about $300. However, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce reports it isn’t involved with the company in any capacity. The chamber has tried to contact the company, but has gotten no response.

Phil Parker, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce President, says, "We at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce are concerned our members are being solicited fraudulently by the Premier Map Company. The Dayton Chamber has never partnered with the Premier Map Company to offer our members any services. The Dayton Chamber partners with Spotlight Publications, Inc. to provide maps."

Your Better Business Bureau reports that Universal Adcom, which is located in Arlington, TX, has an F rating with your BBB. An F rating is your BBB’s lowest rating. The company has had more than 245 complaints filed against it at your BBB in the last three-year reporting period. Complaints allege the company billed for orders not placed; misrepresented its affiliation with a school, chamber of commerce or other civic organizations; harassing and deceptive sales calls; non-receipt of product and poor quality product; and refusal to remove from calling lists. It should be mentioned the majority of complaints to your BBB report mutiple complaint issues.

Your BBB is not the sole source of complaints against the company. In addition to complaints to your BBB, many people have made complaints to Attorney General’s offices in their respective states. As a result, several Attorney General offices have investigated the business’ practices, deemed the practices to be unfair and deceptive, and have issued Cease and Desist Orders. Moreover, a lawsuit has been brought against the business for its deceptive business practices.

John North, BBB president and CEO, says, "Your BBB often hears of companies misrepresenting themselves to consumers and businesses. Many Better Business Bureaus, chambers and trade associations offer members the opportunity to promote their organizations. To avoid falling victim to shady opportunities, check with the organization allegedly offering the opportunity to see if the soliciting company is legitimate and endorsed by the organization."

This example of a company taking advantage of local businesses demonstrates why it’s important to always Start With Trust when your doing business. Always check companies out by contacting your Better Business Bureau at or calling (937) 222-5825 or (800) 776-5301. In instances like this, your company can benefit by having effective internal controls. For instance, get everything in writing, check your records to confirm previous dealings with solicitating companies, channel all bills through one department, clear and verify invoices with the people who gave authorization and appropriate financial staff.

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