BBB Honors Indicate The Miami Valley Is Alive And Well

September 03, 2009

DAYTON, OHIO, August 31, 2009—The economy can’t keep Miami Valley businesses down. Small businesses - particularly Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses - are bringing life back to our community. Two awards earned by your local BBB are good indicators of it. The Council of Better Business Bureaus will be honoring your Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley, Inc. at its annual Assembly of Better Business Bureaus in Boston, Massachusetts in October with two national awards for the largest volume of businesses becoming BBB Accredited. BBB Accredited Businesses, which abide by your BBB’s Standards For Trust, are an elite, trusted group of Miami Valley businesses.

Today, 125 BBBs serve the U.S. and Canada. These BBBs are divided up into seven categories based on number of businesses in a BBB’s service area (number of businesses as supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau). Your BBB serving Dayton and the Miami Valley has lead the pack in its category. It’s had the most businesses become Accredited between August 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009 - a record-breaking year for your BBB. It will bring home from Assembly two awards recognizing this honor. This is a good indication business is still thriving in our community.

George Oberer, Jr., BBB board chairman and Oberer Companies president & CEO, says, "The Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley, Inc. is a national leader. I applaud and thank this dedicated team for their efforts. Oberer Companies is proud to display the BBB logo in our advertising and realize and benefit from the credibility the organization has in our marketplace. It’s no wonder more and more businesses are embracing BBB Accreditation and putting it to work for their businesses. More Accredited Businesses in turn means a better marketplace for all of us."

Business is good at your local BBB. More people than ever are using its services. In fact, your Better Business Bureau provided more than 1.2 million instances of service in 2008, an 18 percent increase over its previous record in 2007. Most people were checking companies out before making purchases. Over 339,000 business reliability reports were requested in 2008. Your BBB also handled more complaints than ever before, processing nearly 5,900 complaints in 2008, 7 percent over 2007. Traffic to your BBB’s Web site,, has also dramatically increased. The Web site had 24,000 visits in the past 30 days as compared to 16,000 in the same period last year, nearly a 70% increase in activity. These statistics are evidence that during this challenging economic time, people are doing their homework and researching companies before doing business. They’re more careful spending their money.

A leader in innovation, its Search Engine Solutions (SES) program - which was developed, is headquartered, and is operated by your local BBB - is being used by BBBs and businesses across the nation and Canada. The program is a cost effective solution to help businesses be more visible. Listings for BBBs and participating businesses on the SES program were seen on Google over two million times in this month alone. In most cases, the people seeing those listings would never have seen the BBB in their searches without this program. The program brings consumers, BBB Accredited Businesses and your BBB together in the most used online search marketplace.

John North, BBB president and CEO, says, "I’m proud to live and work in the Miami Valley. There is a lot of good news about what’s going on in our community, whether it’s our local small businesses and young entrepreneurs, what’s going on at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the growth in the technology business or the activities in our cultural and nonprofit industries. Your BBB is proud to be part of the positive energy flowing through our community. Your BBB will continue to be a first-rate organization, bringing real value to the marketplace, through our mission of advancing marketplace trust."

About Your BBB Serving Dayton and the Miami Valley.

Your BBB, the leader in advancing marketplace trust, is an unbiased nonprofit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Businesses that earn BBB Accreditation contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. Your BBB provides objective advice, free business BBB Reliability ReportsTM and charity BBB Wise Giving ReportsTM, and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust. To further promote trust, your BBB also offers complaint and dispute resolution support for consumers and businesses when there is difference in viewpoints. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 125 BBBs serve communities across the U.S. and Canada, evaluating and monitoring more than four million local and national businesses and charities. Please visit for more information about your BBB.