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Englewood Glass, Inc.

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04/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchase Information:
Problem Area: Poor service/shoddy work
Purchase Date: 10/14/2013
Total Price: $0.00
Disputed Amount: $2205.92
Amount Paid So Far: $0.00
No Atty.
Englewood Glass company replaced a window last fall for her. It is leaking now and she called them they said they came out and fixed it but they were not home when they came and now it is leaking
worse. It has now ruined her floor and she asked them to replace it and they said they would but now she cannot get a hold of them. She wants them to take care of this as they did not fix the window correctly.

Desired Settlement
Satisfactory Solution:
She wants them to fix the floor as it would not have happened if they had fixed the window properly. The
floor will cost about $2205.92 and she sent them the quote from the carpet store.

Business Response
May 12, 2014

Better Business Bureau
15 West Fourth St, Suite 300
Dayton,OH 45402

On October 14, 2013, Englewood Glass, Inc. did replace an arched double pane thermal unit for ***** and ***** ******** at XXXXX ****** **** *** ******* ** XXXXX. When we replaced the double pane thermal unit, approximately 5' X 7' with an arched top. It was approximately 15-20 feet off the ground. Mrs. ******** told us that this same window had been replaced twice in the past five years by another company. We were replacing it a third time. When we began to caulk the outside of the window, we noticed that the window had 8" decorative crown moulding on the outside. The crown moulding was not caulked. We told the ********'s that they needed to get the crown moulding caulked because rain could get behind it and cause leaks in their wall. Mrs. ******** asked if we would caulk all of her moulding. We told her that we specialized in windows and we caulked the inside and the outside of her window but she would have to call someone else to caulk the crown moulding. Mrs. ******** could not stop telling us how much she thought we were wonderful. We did not hear from the ********'s again until April 2014.
In April 2014, Mrs. ******** called and said the window was leaking water. I immediately made an appointment with her for us to go back to her home and caulk the window. Although we do not work weekends, we made an appointment to go to the ********'s home on a Sunday morning because we did not want any damage to happen to her home. On Sunday, I tried calling Mrs. ********'s cell phone and Mr. ********'s cell phone when we were on the way to their home. Neither one answered. We went to their home and rang the doorbell and no one answered. We went ahead and caulked the outside of the window. While there, we notice that there was still not any caulking around the decorative crown moulding.
The following Monday, Mrs. ******** called and thanked us for caulking. She said they were at home but their door bell does not work so they did not hear us outside their home when we caulked. A couple of days went by and Mrs. ******** called again, she said water was coming in her home. Again, I immediately sent my service men out and they caulked her window again, they asked her if they could go inside her home and see where the water was coming in and the damage to her home but Mrs. ******** would not allow them in the house. A few days later, Mrs. ******** called and said that she wanted Englewood Glass to pay for a new wood floor. Mrs. ******** did not mention any damage in any previous conversations. Mrs. ******** wanted me to write her a check for $2000.00 made payable to her. I told Mrs. ******** that I needed an estimate in writing so I could turn it into my insurance. Mrs. ******** was so upset that I would not just write her a check, she continued to call me and have her husband call me all day long. I gave her husband the phone number of my insurance claims adjuster as soon as I received it. The claims adjuster went to their home. The estimate Mrs. ******** had faxed me for the floor was $2,205.00. After the claims adjuster left, the ********'s home, they called him and wanted over $3,000.00. When the insurance company told Mrs. ******** that they wanted to have an insurance engineer come to look at the claim to her home, Mrs. ******** refused to allow the insurance engineer to come to her home and refused the offer made to her by the insurance company.

Thank you,
****** *****
Englewood Glass, Inc.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The entire response from ****** is a complete lie. The window was replaced 1x within the first 2 years we owned the home due to a broken seal. The first replacement was done by a man who did not caulk the lower corner of the base of the window. We had a very small leak, no water damage, and the man came back to fix the leak with caulk. His workmanship was warranted for 5 years from his date of installation. However, there were no further problems until the seal broke a second time last Summer, 2013. A broken seal causes the window to fog up, it does not cause the window to leak. The company who manufactured the first and second window, from a company the builder uses, is no longer in business. Englewood glass is the third window we purchased because the first window came when we built the house, the second window was under warranty and replaced. The third window is the window from Englewood glass. The crown moulding that is around the window is a decorative piece that covers the BRICK on the house. It is NOT part of the window or the seal on the window. There is no way for water to leak into the house from the moulding. The crown moulding that is arched simply attaches to the moulding on the sides of the window and front door. It is only for aesthetic purposes. It has no bearing on water leaking. I called March 31, Monday, reporting water leaking from both sides of the window, running down the wall and onto my wood floor, also saturating my oriental rug. ****** told me they would not come out to cover the window with plastic due to the rain, and I had to wait until it stopped raining. They did not want to climb ladders in the rain. It stopped raining on Friday. 5 days of rain. ****** stated she was unable to come out until Sunday due to other commitments. My neighbors were outside, my husband and I were inside, the garage doors were open, both cars in the garage. We never heard ****** ring the doorbell. She did not knock on the door either. There were no missed calls on my cell phone, and these records can be checked to verify. We would have heard them, and surely the neighbor would have seen them. No one said they saw them here on the date they claim, April 6, 2014. The very next day, April 7, 2014, Monday, the rain started again shortly after I had left the house in the morning. I came home to water all over my floor and my oriental rug saturated with water. Also, my wall next to the front door as well as next to the closet door had water splattered. The water marks are STILL there as I have not painted over them. ****** did NOT send her service people out immediately as requested. They did not come until Thursday, April 10, 2014, 4 days later!! Two men came out, that I did not know. I was home alone, and did not feel comfortable letting them into my home. ****** had stated SHE was coming, but she never did. I would think if she were genuinely wanting to fix the problem she would have been here. I asked the men to come back when my husband was home. They did not want to do this. The men put up the scaffolding and the one man identified where both leaks were coming from. I did not have to tell him where the leaks came from as he confirmed what I knew as to where the leaks were. He saw the two trouble areas. I also told him there was caulk hanging from the upper left corner, while a larger chunk had fallen down from the upper right hand corner. After the service men left I received a phone call from ****** stating the floor damage was their fault, the man who fixed the window confirmed he saw the problematic areas. She profusely apologized stating when they came out on Sunday they only had a small ladder and could not get up high enough to see what the service man obviously saw when he was on the scaffolding. She asked me to send her a quote for the wood replacement and she would issue me a check immediately. I told her I had a graduation planned at the end of the month and would like to have the floor issue taken care of before that time. She assured me it was OK for me to order the wood flooring and she'd take care of issuing me a check upon receipt of the estimate. I told her she could pay me or pay the flooring company directly. The flooring store complied with her request to send her the estimated bill for 2205.93 wood cost and installation. The floor company neglected to add the tear out cost of 624.00. I also talked with Englewood Glass' insurance adjuster, ***** ***** regarding payment for the plumber as I had to take up a sink and toilet to replace the flooring that ran into the entryway in the bathroom. He agreed and stated it was a customary charge of 200.00. After sending the first fax of the floor estimate ****** did not call me. The fax machine showed successful delivery to Englewood Glass. One day shy of a week later I called ****** to ask her the status. She claimed she did not receive the fax!? She asked that it be re sent to her again. It was re sent to her on 4/16/14 at 10:09 am. She called to confirm receipt of fax as requested. At that point she had the wood floor cost of 2205.93 including installation. She had the addendum for the tear out cost of 624.00. The addendum clearly stated that plumbing charges were not included in the pricing. Again, we complied with her request and had to call her days later to ask the status. At that point we were told she gave it to her insurance company, Erie Ins., along with their contact information and we were on our own to figure it out. Again all phone records can be checked to verify phone calls. There were no extraneous calls made on our part. We were getting frustrated with the run around we were being given. We talked with ***** ***** We made an appointment for him to come to our home. He came, he took pictures, he asked questions, he said it was a cut and dry case and we should have a check within the week. Before we even met with the adjuster ****** had ALL ESTIMATES for the floor and knew the cost was close to 3,000.00. It was the insurance adjustor who knew the charge for plumbing was an additional 200.00, which put the bill slightly over 3,000.00. The adjustor had told us more than once he wanted to set up a time to meet with us to have us sign a release form and issue a check. We looked over the forms which stated we were confirming receipt of the check and release of liability. We did not want to send the forms back signed stating we received the check without actually having received the check. ***** **** stated the first part of the week of May 5 that he would contact us at mid week to set up a time to meet. We never heard from him, so **** called him. ***** stated we would have a meeting time on Friday May 9 or as he stated worse case Monday, May 12. Monday, May 12 we were told he would not meet with us to give us a check because he needed to have a picture of a man on a ladder in front of our fixed window!? He never stated he needed to have any specialists come to our home for further verification. He specifically told me it was all complete. I talked with his supervisor, ******* **** on Monday May 12 to ask him the status. He gave me a different reason. He clearly stated to me that Erie Ins. had no problem with paying the claim but that there was a concern from a lady, presumably ******, about a different leak!? Then he changed his story and stated he wasn't sure what the case was about, even though he is Erick Horns supervisor?! At that point we were advised to turn the claim into our insurance agent. The problem we have is that we took ******'s word, at Englewood Glass, on good faith that they would correct their damage. I presumed she was an honest person. ****** assured us it was ok to move forward in ordering the flooring to get it in before graduation, which did not happen due to ***** **** constantly canceling his meetings with us. At this point I had the floor installed today as I had it torn out for the past week believing this would be resolved. We were deliberately misled more than once. I do not believe that Englewood Glass was ever going to stand by their workmanship. The sad part is she said the window had a warranty, yet I never received paperwork for a warranty. I was happy they could originally install the window as it is a HUGE window and very few people were able to do it before Winter. Even during the installation process we were told many times they were coming when in fact they never came, never called, and showed up late into the night. The final night of installation was done in the dark with interior lights on. No wonder it didn't get done properly. Furthermore, they did not install the new seal trim piece of which I still have. They used the old piece that was damaged?! Again if ****** had come out to look at this, as she should have being the owner, this would not be at this stage. I could have installed Pella for less and had a warranty! Englewood Glass needs to stand by their warranty!

In addition to last night's reply I would like to add that the window crown moulding has still not been caulked and the window is not leaking. Therefore, proving my point that the water previously came into the house from the improperly installed window. I will leave the crown moulding uncaulked for any inspection deemed necessary by Englewood Glass. Also, they had volunteered to caulk all the trim around my window. They pushed this issue several times. I specifically said no because I wanted to make sure they knew it was solely the window leaking. We've had extensive rain the past few days and there are no leaks since they caulked the window.

Final Consumer Response
NATURE OF DISPUTE:The window was custom made and the grids the used inside the window are falling down inside the window.
This window was purchased with a lifetime warranty. The window was custom made. The window has decorative grids that were used inside this window. The decorative grids have been falling down inside the window.

DESIRED RESOLUTION::Given the fact this window also leaked, causing my entire wood floor to be replaced I am now dealing with a window that has its grids falling down inside the two glass panels of the window. I had a representative from another glass window company come out to look at this window. The representative did not know of the prior leak situation. However, he asked me if the window leaked as he could see where the leak would have occurred due to poor installation. The interesting thing about the representative's statement is that Englewood Glass sent their own "expert" out here to assess the situation and obviously their own "expert" stated the window was not found to be at fault for leakage. That is because he was hired by Englewood Glass. Now I have an issue where the grids were not properly secured within the glass panels when Englewood Glass made the window. The grid is falling down inside the window, which looks awful, and is obviously not how the window should appear. This is the second defect of this window. I need to replace the window and am asking for a refund. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this to have happened.

Final Business Response
BBB manager spoke to company owner by phone. It was explained the window in question was purchased in 2013 and came with a 90 day warranty on labor.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.