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Name: Dayton Clinical Oncology Program
Phone: (937) 775-1350
Fax: (937) 775-1358
Address: 3123 Research Blvd Ste 150
Dayton, OH 45420
Report Expiration Date: December 17, 2017
Original Business Start Date: November 1983
Principal: Mr. Sidney J. Pinkus, President/CEO
Customer Contact: Mr. Sidney J. Pinkus, President/CEO - (937) 775-1350
Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: November 1983, OH
Employees: 9 Full Time. 7 Part Time.
Type of Business: Charity - Local, Charity - Cancer

Stated Purpose

Dayton Clinical Oncology Program's mission is "to reduce cancer incidence and mortality through improved treatment and prevention by offering national state-of-the-art cancer research to the local communities."

Evaluation Conclusions

This organization has been evaluated according to the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. This organization meets all those Standards and is a BBB Accredited Charity.


Dayton Clinical Oncology Program's activities include collecting data on cancer patients in the Dayton area. The services the organization provides includes allowing eligible patients to participate in national clinical treatments to evaluate new therapies.

Total Program Expenses:$1,852,929


Chief Executive Officer:Sidney Pinkus
Chair of the Board:Howard Gross, MD
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation:Principal Investigator
Board Size:14
Paid Staff Size:9 Full Time. 7 Part Time.

Fund Raising

Dayton Clinical Oncology Program raises funds through the Combined Federal Campaign, hospital membership fees, grants and local fund raising.

Fund raising expenses for the year ending May 31, 2013 totaled 0.7% of related contributions.

Tax Status

This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.


According to Dayton Clinical Oncology Program's audited financial statements for the year ended May 31, 2013:

 Member hospital dues$42,000
 Cancer studies$227,640
 Federal grant$1,013,114
 Donated services$705,822
 Investment income$28,223
 Other contributions$3,034
 Total Income:$2,019,833
Expenses  % of total
% of total
 Programs:$1,852,929 90.28%91.74%
 Fund Raising:$7,552 0.37%0.37%
 Administrative:$191,992 9.35%9.51%
 Total Expenses:$2,052,473
Excess of Income over Expenses$-32,640
Ending Net Assets:$3,017,729

Notes and Comments

The BBB's Charitable Advisory Service reports on local charities and determines if they meet the voluntary BBB Standards for Charity Accountability addressing governance and oversight, measuring effectiveness, finances, and fund raising and informational materials.

Additional Contact Information

Additional Phone Numbers
Tel: (937) 395-8678

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