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How the Scam Works: You get an email to your work account that seems to be about your benefits. It looks official -- and important -- so you open it. The message contains..
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Scammers are using mobile banking apps for a high tech version of a check cashing scam. They trick account holders into sharing their bank info and use apps to deposit fake checks in the victim's account.
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The holiday season is here, and so are the scams. Watch out for fraudulent website offering "Letters from Santa." Some of these sites promise a custom letter from the man at the North Pole but don't del..
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Beware of scammers going door-to-door and offering seasonal services, such as leaf raking, chimney sweeping or window installation. These con artists may just take your money without ever delivering the..
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Scammers' latest guise is that of customer support staff for pre-paid debit cards like GreenDot Money Cards, Wal-Mart MoneyCard, Western Union MoneyWise, etc.
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Next time you shop on eBay, watch out for this scam. Con artists are exploiting a vulnerability in eBay's editing feature to redirect online shoppers to lookalike websites that can steal passwords. 
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Scammers make their living preying on our fears. With the Ebola outbreak making headlines across the US and Canada, scammers are cashing in on our anxiety about the disease. Don't fall for cons that cla..
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Newspapers from Minneapolis to Cincinnati to San Diego are being hit by a subscription scam. Con artists are sending out fake renewal notices to area residents, hoping to trick subscribers into overpayi..
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Watch out for scammers offering free medical devices. Fall is peak season for telemarketing calls that attempt to trick seniors into parting with personal information or agreeing to be billed for device..
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Businesses beware! Scammers are hacking into company email accounts and fooling employees into sending vendor payments to con artists. 
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