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BBB Scam Alerts
Looking to earn extra income working from home? Don't bother applying to this fake shipping business that claims to be based in Wisconsin. It's a con, and your work may help scammers.
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The United States Postal Service is warning residents about fake emails using their name. The messages claim to be alerts about an undelivered package, but they really carry a virus.
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With many banks offering fraud alerts for credit and debit cards, it can be easy to fall for fake versions. Watch out for automated phone calls and text messages that claim your card has been deactivate..
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05/15/2014 can be a great place to find deals on used vehicles, electronics, appliances and other major items. But watch out for a new, elaborate scam that's taking advantage of bargain hunters.
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A new lottery scam directs victims to a fake website, and even uses BBB address. Don't send money!
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The world is eager for news about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. So eager, in fact, that scammers are taking advantage of our curiosity. Don't fall for click bait teasers promoting exclusi..
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are reporting they’ve been ripped-off by scammers posing as AT&T technical support using both emails and phone calls. Through these scams, people have lost hundreds of dollars and have had their persona..
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Watch out for fake emails informing you that you are being summoned for a court appearance. The file attached to the fake email is actually malware.
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Email users are increasing savvy about spotting scam messages. So scammers are always on the hunt for new ways to evade the "delete" button. BBB warns that this phishing email, disguised as a funeral no..
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