BBB Small Business Advice on Health Savings Accounts
Rising healthcare costs are forcing small business owners to decide whether or not they can afford to provide health coverage for their employees. Some employers are choosing to contribute to Health Sav..
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BBB Announces The Dannon Company as Newest Member of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising..
The Council of Better Business Bureaus today announced that The Dannon Company has become the 15th company to join the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. BBB also announced approval of..
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Auto-Deer Collision? Your Auto Insurance May Cover More Than You Think
Insured drivers whose cars are damaged in auto-deer collisions may be covered for more than they think. With deer migrating and mating season occurring between October and December, Better Business Bure..
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BBB on Making a Trade-In on a House
With a glut of houses on their hands, builders are resorting to creative tactics to entice prospective home buyers. One tactic builders are using now is the offer of a new house with a trade-in for the ..
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IDK About That Text Message, It Could Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
Everyone with an email box experiences spam. Those junk messages offering porn, prescription drugs and the latest get-rich-quick schemes have plagued people for years. Now spam is blowing up mobile phon..
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Muslim Advocates Announces New Accreditation Initiative With the Better Business Bureau Wise Givi..
Muslim Advocates, a legal and civic education organization, together with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance today announced the launch of a new initiative to assist American-Muslim charita..
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BBB in the News -- Pop Ups Could Cost You, on Good Morning America
Misleading pop-up ads on your computer could result in unauthorized charges on your credit card bill.
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BBB in the News -- on Ch. 5
07/18/2008 makes changes after a challenge from BBB, as reported in this news story from NBC5-TV, Ch. 5.
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BBB in the News -- Credit Solutions of America
Customer complaints on Credit Solutions of America are profiled in this news story from Seattle.
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BBB in the News -- Digital TV Converter Boxes
Advertisements by Univeral TechTronics for a "free" digital TV converter are misleading, BBB reports in this news story on WFAA-TV, Ch. 8.
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