In the News -- Closing of Alexander Mansion and Cappella Court Gardens

December 12, 2012
Two wedding venues, Alexander Mansion and Cappella Court Gardens closed unexpectedly, reports Teresa Woodard of WFAA-TV, Ch. 8, Dallas-Fort Worth. BBB gives tips on when a business closes.

What can customers do when a business closes without notice? A lot depends on why the business closed and whether the owners can be contacted.

Two wedding venues, Alexander Mansion and Cappella Court Gardens recently closed unexpectedly, leaving prospective brides and grooms wondering and without refunds of deposits and down payments.

Teresa Woodard of WFAA-TV, Ch. 8, Dallas - Fort Worth, reports that one couple filed a complaint with police. The Texas Attorney General's office said the couples should immediately file complaints with their office, through this website. Teresa Woodard said the Dallas office is "generally aware" of the allegations, according to the AG's press office in Austin.

"You could even file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau," suggested Jeannette Kopko, spokesperson for BBB serving Dallas and Northeast Texas. "We might not be able to help you if they're really gone, but we can hold onto it and maybe there's something we can learn later."

Kopko said couples should continue to try to reach the owner through any means possible. She suggested sending a letter to the venue, because she said it's possible the mail will be forwarded. She also suggested keeping track of filings in bankruptcy courts. She said closing a business does not relieve the owner of his or her obligation to customers.

For future brides, Kopko suggests trying to use a credit card for as many reservations as possible, because those charges can be disputed with a card company if the unthinkable happens.

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