Infiniti Vacations Sued by Texas Attorney General

September 25, 2009

On August 6, 2009, the Texas Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Infiniti Vacations, an Irving-based travel club. The suit alleges that the business not only used high-pressure, miseading sales tactices to sell memberships in the travel club, but also misrepresented its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

According to the lawsuit, customers paid between $1,900 and $7,000 for Infiniti Vacations’ memberships and were promised "the lowest prices for travel." However, members soon discovered that their options for booking travel were limited. Additionally, customers discovered that they could have successfully booked the same trips using various Internet travel services for approximately the same prices.

"The promises of significant discounts promised on cruises, air travel, hotels and condominiums proved no better than competing travel companies’ deals," the Attorney General's office said.

The lawsuit also alleges that the "presentation room" for Infiniti Vacations was "decorated with a sign that states Vacation Travel Club is a member of the BBB. While Vacation Travel Club may be a member of the BBB, Infiniti Vacations is not a member of the BBB."

The BBB Reliability Report on Infiniti Vacations shows it is not a BBB Accredited Business and has a BBB Rating of F. Reasons for the rating include:
      •   Length of time business has been operating
      •   23 complaints filed against business
      •   Government action against business
Complaints to the BBB allege misrepresentation of the savings through the club, problems in using the club services, and misrepresentation of the incentives such as "free" trips that were offered to attend sales presentations.

A man and wife in Arlington complained to the BBB: "We contracted with Infiniti Vacation, LLC and Vacation Travel Club for discounted travel services ...  We paid by check, $3,493.95 for a membership for their services ... We tried to book a trip to Cancun, an all inclusive vacation, but they were unable to meet or beat any online price.  Then two weeks later we tried to book a rent car and accommodations in Pennsylvania and their price was higher on the hotel and the same we could receive at the bed and breakfast.  Their rental car quote was also higher than what we could get online.  Therefore, they ARE NOT fulfilling their contract to provide discounted travel services." The customers said they requested a full refund and the company refused. After the complaint was filed with the BBB, the company made a refund.

A woman in Frisco described her experience with the "free" trip and gasoline offered to attend a sales presentation. " Instead of a $200 Gas card they gave me a $400.00 gas voucher and a Sail Away Cruise certificate.  They are both worthless.  In order to use the Gas voucher I have to spend $1,600 and they will mail me $100 at a time.  The Cruise voucher will cost me $225.00 to use it and it is not valid February - August.  This is completely false advertising ..." The company denied any misrepresentation and offered to pay any fees for the cruise certificate, and pay $100 for the gasoline offer.

The Texas Attorney General's lawsuit asks that Infiniti Vacations be prohibited from misrepresenting, among other things, the travel savings for members as well as the terms and conditions for the "free" trips and incentives. The suit also asks that the company be prohibited from "causing confusion or misunderstanding as to the membership of any entity to the BBB."

The case is pending.