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For over 100 years, BBB has helped consumers and businesses make smarter decisions.

BBB helps consumers find businesses to trust. Start with BBB for these services: 

BBB Business Reviews

BBB provides free reviews on all types of business, and on non-accredited as well as BBB accredited businesses. Reviews show the BBB rating on a scale from A+ to F, and show whether the business is BBB accredited. Reviews also include contact information as well as any customer complaint details, advertising review, or government action. Start at Call the 24-hour automated information line at 214-220-2000 or 800-705-3994 from surrounding areas. 

BBB Accredited Business Directory

Find BBB Accredited Businesses serving your area that provide the product or service you’re looking for. BBB Accredited Businesses meet accreditation standards and have agreed to respond and resolve all customer complaints so you can have an additional measure of confidence when dealing with them.  The directory is free at

Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint with a business located in Dallas or Northeast Texas and you have been unable to resolve it directly with the business, BBB will try to assist you. You may file a complaint online at , or you may write a letter of complaint and send it to BBB at 1601 Elm Street, Suite 1600, Dallas, TX 75201, or fax it to 214-740-0326. If sending a letter or fax, please include the business name and address, your name and address, a brief description of the problem, and a statement of what you think is fair for the business to do. BBB will contact the business to seek its cooperation in resolving your complaint. 

There are some complaints that BBB doesn’t handle. These include employee-employer issues, a complaint that is or has been filed in the court system, and those that request that BBB act as a collection agency or give legal advice. If we are unable to assist you in processing your complaint, we will try to provide you with the name of the appropriate agency which may be able to assist you.

BBB Tips and Alerts

BBB develops information on subjects of interest to consumers and in areas in which we see local trends.  We offer this advice to businesses, consumers and the media free of charge in the form of tips, alerts and news releases. 

Advertising Review

BBB monitors local print, broadcast and web-based advertising. When questionable claims are found, BBB asks advertisers to substantiate the claims, modify the ads or discontinute the ads. The BBB Code of Advertising sets out guidelines for advertisers. If BBB efforts are unsuccessful, the review findings are posted in the BBB Business Review, and information may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Learn more about the Dallas Local Advertising Review Program or report a questionable advertisement here.

About BBB in Dallas

Located in downtown Dallas, BBB Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas serves 13 counties in Northeast Texas:  Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Delta, Denton, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, and Rockwall.

Dallas BBB was founded by the Dallas Advertising League in 1920 to promote truth in advertising. That mission is still important today, and over the years, the Bureau has expanded its scope to include BBB Business Reviews, the BBB Accredited Business Directory, timely consumer and business tips and alerts, dispute resolution services, advertising review (investigation of misleading advertising), and marketplace investigations.   

These services are underwritten by thousands of businesses and professional firms that qualify for BBB accreditation by meeting the BBB Code of Business Practices, founded on the BBB Standards for Trust.

BBB Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors of business leaders elected by and from accredited businesses. Day-to-day operations are carried out by a staff of BBB professionals.  BBB is an independent, non-profit organization determined by the IRS to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

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Better Business Bureau Serving Dallas and Northeast Texas
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800-705-3994 (from surrounding areas)

BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.

BBB's vision is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.