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Dallas Nursing Institute


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Name: Dallas Nursing Institute
Fax: (214) 594-4407
Address: 350 N Orleans St STE 1050
Chicago, IL 60654-1822
Report Creation Date: June 20, 2008
Report Expiration Date: February 26, 2016
Original Business Start Date: January 1984
Principal: Dr. Pat Perryman, Executive Director
Customer Contact: Dr. Pat Perryman, Executive Director
Type of Business: Charity - Local, Schools - Academic - Colleges & Universities

Additional DBA Names

E&K Home Health
North Texas Professional Institute
TCS Education

BBB Comments

The most recent report on this organization has expired. A new report has not been developed due to lack of inquiries.

Additional Contact Information

Additional Addresses
Dallas Nursing Institute
12170 Abrams Rd Ste 200
Dallas, TX  75243-4586

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Report as of July 29, 2016 05:59
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