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Majestic Pool Plaster and Tile

Phone: (214) 284-4240

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Customer Complaints Summary

2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
06/16/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I contracted with ***** from Majestic pool plaster in March 2014. The plaster is gray and has calcium nodes . I requested his help but he blames me
The plaster job is below standard. The company provided me with no instructions what to do after the work other . He added baking soda and acid and said that any color in the plaster would go away after the plaster fully dryers, it did not . Soon after he blamed the discoloration on my chemicals. I use a service and they (pool Clor) have told me that the work was poor and that I have calcium nodes also. ***** offered to scud wash the pool but when I followed up with him this week he refused. He was paid $4200 to replaster and install two drains.

Desired Settlement
The drain work appears to ok, but I would a refund of $3,000 to be able to have the plaster re-done .

Business Response
Yes its correct I did the plaster for Mr **** ********* and he paid me on time and full $4000 not 4200. if is necessary i could add copy of the check i receive
I did that plaster job, add 2 Main drains on the spa and spotters at the steps and bench. I offert to Mr **** ******** do the start up after plaster and he said "no" Iam very good doing chemicals.
He choose the regular white plaster no warranted product only 1 year warranty I explain what he needs to do after plaster for the start up and he did it (thats what he said) This pool was plastered on 03-21-14. 2 months after he call me and told me what is happening with his pool you. I when to see his pool and i found the spa very scratchy and black spots on the plaster I call him imediately and Told him what i found and at that time my workers on my presence buffed the spa. I recommended him check the chemicals because the Alkalinity and chlorine was to high. He said Thank you. 3 months after plastered his pool Mr **** ********* call me again and we meet at his house and we saw the black areas in the pool walls i promese to Him find what was happening with his plaster and ask to Mr ********* a letter explaning his complain to My company and to the plaster products supply He did it. and I contact the company who sale the product and show them the latter Mr ********* write for us, the answer was the regular plaster doesn't have warranty and the problem what he have in his pool its call Ammonia Contamination. thats why we can do anything he choose that product.
I contact Mr ********* again on in July 22th and i offert to him in order to make him fell better and try to avoid any conflict he said no lets do it after season. I said ok. I contact him again in september and he sain no i have people working on my yard right now "I CONTACT YOU LETTER" and finally he text on 04-17-2015 saying and quote "I would stilllike to take you up in your offer to acid wash my pool. My answer was i cant do it no more Sir. I offert that to you 9-10 monts ago.

I have summarily respected with Mr *********** in my oppinion he can reject the help i offered to him. And I mention it again The plaster Mr ********* doesn't have any warranty just labor warranty. know he call me to do something he refuse.
Any way I offert again Acid wash for Mr ************* pool on 04-28-15 thats all i can do. he can contact me by Email only, no text massages
Thank you.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There are a few details left off the business's response to my claim. First, the original cost for the work was $4,000. I forgot that we had negotiated from his original quote of jst ovcr $4200.

The business initially offered a chemical start-up for a fee, but it was my intent to use my existing pool service to perform the work until it became obvious that there could be a quality issue with the plaster work. When the business completed the work I immediately noticed several significant gray spot on the surface of the pool that the business advised me would go away when the plaster cured. When I expressed concern after a week he came back and tried to brush the spots (no success). He then offered to add acid and baking soda to treat the pool. I purchased the acid for him. When he completed adding the acid I added the baking soda per his instructions the next day. He made it clear that that was all I needed to do. After a short time I contacted him again about further staining and when he came to look at the pool her blamed the stains on chemical in-balance. I contacted my pool service and they tested the water on May 7th. The chlorine was low and the PH was normal. The service added chlorine. When I asked them about the stains they felt that the plaster had been installed improperly (possibly dried too fast in spots resulting in blotches. They also noted significant calcium nodes which they concluded were the result of leaching through uneven plastering.

When I went back to the business I was instructed to contact a National Plaster Assoc. in the MW an for advice. The group had a person in Dallas, but refused to view my pool even though I offered to pay for a site visit. Instead they speculated (without seeing the pool) that a chemical problem existed (nothing specific).

The plaster business acknowledged the problem and requested that I write them a letter about the problem so he could go back to his vendor and get replacement plaster at no charge. When his attempt to get free plaster failed he offered to acid wash my pool when the weather cooled. By this time it was summer and hot. In the fall (cooler weather) I had remodeling work being done at my home and the backyard was not accessible. When I explained that it was a bad time to work in my backyard (construction workers had equipment and materials on the patio) I was told that he would still do the acid wash unless it was too cold. The work on my house was completed the first week in December and because the weather was cold at the point I waited until April to request the acid wash.

This is also the first time that I have heard that he felt the cause of the problem was Ammonia Contamination. Until now he has just blamed the work on "chemicals" in general.

I want to make something very clear, I am not a pool plaster expert, and I assumed that the business was. I received absolutely no written instructions from this company on what to do or not to after the plaster work was completed and I relied solely on the business and its expertise. The pool plaster now looks worse than it did before the work was done. I don't trust this business and I would a refund that would allow me to get the work done correctly.

Final Business Response
1 . When I offer to you the "start up" for your pool and i Told you the price $450 at the same time i ask you if you prefer use you Pool service company for that probably they can do it for less money. You Say "No I will do it, im a very good on chemicals" when the problem start it i was there 4 times trying to understand with you what was happening in your pool.
and like I say in my the last respond, I saw your pool and i touched your plaster and I found the SPA and the pool, really rough and scratchy I sand it whit special tool and i call Mr ********* whats happening. the Spa after sand it was very smooth and 1 month later He call me because the spa wwas rough. I can refound the money because Mr ********* choose a economic plaster and in the contract he signed says: one year warranty on workmanship the product Mr ********* choose don't included any warranty and he knows. I offert my help Trying to get Free material from the vendor for His pool. The answer was the same Mr ********* knows since he signed the contract "No warranty in regular white plaster". And Mr ********* says I dont give to him Instructions for the satart Up. he dont use my company to do the start up in his Pool, any way I told him (Mr ********* and he write it down ) You need add 4 Gallons of Muriatic Acid and 24 hours after taht you need to add Baking soda to neutralize the acid and you need to brush it down your pool 2 o more times a day minimum 2 time.
Its thru I ask Mr ********* contact National Plasterers Council. Because they are the Authority on Plaster USA. They will test the water chemistry and they Tell the Truth to the home owner. But when they ask Mr ********* to pay $100 dolars he refuse his help. I recomend to Mr ********* contact them because on my opinion Mr ********* pool service company They dont have a clue how do the Start up and they demage his plaster.
This is the last Time i Offer Mr ********* my HELP whit his Problem and i ofert to him acid wash his Pool /spa .
I will try to contact him to say to Mr ********* my offer verbally and in person.

Final Consumer Response
The company agreed to re-do the work and I aged to cover the material costs. The work has been completed and it looks very good. I appreciate his cooperation and effort.

Thank you *****.

09/15/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Plaster and tile need warranty work.
The company plastered and installed tile in May 2013. The plastering job was done so poorly that the company had to completely redo the plaster in Oct 2013. I was generous, and agreed to let them wait until after summer to redo the job, but waiting cost us a whole summer use of our pool (The company had promised to do something "special" if I agreed to wait - which they did not.) Having to drain and refill the pool and start up cost was another $500 expense to me. The company also damaged "heavily chemically etched" a sidewalk leading to the pool and got plaster on the brick on the side of the house.

The company plastered the pool again in Oct 2013. I let the company know by email in April 2014 that, under the terms of the warrantee, the tile grout needed to be repaired in places, there is a crack in the plaster in the spa and that there are delaminated (hollow places) in the new plaster surface as well as damage to my sidewalk and plaster on the bricks of my house. The company responded by email that they could not be responsible for hollow places forming under their plaster and I have not been able to reach the company since then. I called ***** (the company owner) on Sept 29, 2014 and ***** said, "hello, this is *****", then I said, "Hi, *****, this is ****** ****", then ***** started talking like he couldn't hear anyone on the line, saying "hello, hello, hello" and speaking Spanish like he doesn't speak English (which he does). I hung up and called right back, but he didn't answer the phone again so I left a couple of messages and told him I would contact BBB if I didn't hear back by today.

Desired Settlement
The best solution is for the company to do the repair work under the terms of the 1 year warrantee (which does not end until 1 year from the re-plaster job to correct the first re-plaster job, done last Oct)

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ***** Owner
Contact Phone: XXX XXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ************* or *******************
The home owner. Mr ****** choose us to replaster and re tile his swimming pool on may XXXX X months after this Mr **** sent me a Email explaining all the problems he had on your pool and how bad the plaster looks like. This was my answer : elle Sir: Yes we made a deal on ( 07/26/13) And we never talk about pebbel tech plaster. Besaid when we talk by phone i offered you 2 opttions:
1. Polished your Pool immediately
2. Or if you wait for me after summer I will re do your pool. (Mr ****** Choose this one)
I promise re do the plaster in your swimming pool only, because the plaster in to the spa is excelent. We´ll re plaster" your pool. we´ll do the prep work Today (09/30/13) and plaster this wednesday morning . 10/02/13.
We replaster his pool with diamond Brite at 10-02-13. And 25 days after the pool was full ( XX-XX-XXXX)the owner sent me another email saying he drain the pool down Without consulting me. I told him he need to fill the pool immediately or he might lose "SGM 10 years the warranty" he aswer me "I. 24 hours after this Mr ****** send me another and said "Ok, I started filling today... won't reach shallow end till tomorrow..." He don't told me anything until June XX-XX-XXXX he wrote me another email and said:
Hi *****, I found 3 hollow areas in plaster in the shallow end of the pool when I drained it, not just one. Each are about 2 X 2 ft. There is also a hollow place on the bench in the spa. Let me know what the plan is to fix them. I'll drain it down to the shallow end if better to fix it.
Mr ****** Lose his warranty with Majestic Pool Plaster because he drain down his pool and let the pool empty for couple days. If the plaster is exposed to the Sun might be unglued or detached.
About the 10 years SGM warranty Mr ****** needs to contact with Southern Grout and Mortar Inc SGM.
About the plaster on the sidewalk and bricks He just told me that on Jun 4th and yes we can go and clean any place has need it.
we want to solve this on the best way possible. If he acept we can meet wit the home owner and SGM Representative. Mr ****** can contact me by Email only because he knows my Englhis is not good i can read and understand better. Thank you

Consumer Response
Crack in spa plaster, grout between coping and tile problems. The company never made the requested repair within the warranty period.
The company plastered and installed tile in May 2013. The plastering job was done so poorly that the company had to completely redo the plaster in Oct 2013. I let the company know by email in April 2014 that, under the terms of the warrantee, the tile grout needed to be repaired in places and there is a crack in the plaster in the spa. The company never responded and certainly never made the repairs.
Repair the grout were needed between the coping and the tile. Repair the crack in the spa plaster

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.