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Blue Science Pool Service

Phone: (972) 953-6261

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Customer Complaints Summary

12 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues5
Problems with Product / Service7
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints12

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (12)
11/27/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Fired Blue Science on Oct 16 after paying for the full month. They then charged my acct again on Nov 4 for another full month.
10-16-14, 9:30am, *****: Told ***** I did not want to pay for the extra week and that I would look for another company. No pool cleaning that day.

XX-X-XX: $182.94 debit from Wells Fargo for Nov.

11-4-14, 8:27am, *****: Need refund for two weeks in Oct that the pool wasn't cleaned plus the $45.74 for the fifth week of Oct and now for the Nov charges. He will give to billing and we should get refund soon. Said he would also send info to Houston office and to call him back if I don't get the refund.

11-12-14, 3:35 pm, Wells Fargo: ******** will stop payments to Blue Science. Do I want them to pursue the claim for what is owed? No, I will give them another chance.

11-12-14, 3:20 pm, ****: Account does not show under cancelled accounts. He will cancel and send to billing again. Call him back if we don't get the credit.

11-19-14, 11:09am, ****: Doesn't know why we haven't been credited but will send through again. I told him to add another note at the bottom. "I expect my refund by noon on Thursday 11-20-14 or I will file a claim with BBB and turn over to Wells Fargo to pursue."

11-20-14, 12:50 pm: Still no credit in my account so I am filing claim with BBB.

Thank you, ****** *******

Desired Settlement
See above explanation

$320.16 total refund due

Business Response
Dear ******* and ******,

I am SO SORRY we missed getting this done! A Manager (who has now separated with us) was supposed to make some account notes and send your request to me for the refund - unfortunately I didn't receive the request.

I did receive your request on Wed the 19th though and processed it the same day as requested - it can take up to 72 business hours to come through. Please accept our sincerest apology for the delay - we are so sorry for the trouble!

*******, Billing Coordinator.

10/09/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Blue Science Pool Service in Houston did not complete the service and charged me $89.00.
Blue Science Pool service tech came to my house on 08/27/14 to check the pool water and clean the DH filter, so I could hire them to do weekly cleaning service. I was at work when he did the service. When I came home and turn the system on, I noticed a water leak from the filter unit. When I called their office and talked to *****, he admitted that the service personnel had some trouble with leaky filter unit when he tried to close and seal the cover. In addition, I noticed that the dirty & muddy DH power was dumped on the ground next to the filter unit which was covered with dirt and palm prints. ***** never mentioned of sending someone out to repair the leak and clean it up, and about a week later, my credit card shows $89.00 was charged to me. Now I have to hire someone else to fix the leak and clean up the mess.

Desired Settlement
Fix the leak and clean it up.

Business Response
Per the conversation between the customer and Rich Taylor (our Houston Manager) Rich responded with an offer to resolve all of the customers concerns on or about the same day this was received

06/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They charged me for a pool vacuum repair that they never did. Their repair person went to the wrong house. They refuse to acknowledge and to refund.
My entire experience with your company has been shockingly bad. Let me recap

2. When I first contacted this company I mentioned I just bought this house with a pool and needed someone to do a thorough inspection to tell me what needed repair...that never happened.
3. The pool vacuum never moves at all. So I called to have someone look at it. I received a voice mail from someone (******) stating he had checked the vacuum, made some adjustment and it should work now, however, he stated the pool was covered with a tarp by some other company doing work at the house. My house has no pool cover and the only other workmen who have been in my home in over a week were landscapers who only planted flowers in the front yard. Clearly the repair man went to the wrong house. It must also be noted the vacuum still does not work, so again, he clearly went to the wrong house. I made 4 different phone calls yesterday and finally got a supervisor who claims that the person did go to the right house.

Not only have they not refunded the cost of that visit, they actually placed another 59 charge on my card, after I cancelled their services.

Desired Settlement
The charges have been
5/29 59 This was for no service at all and frankly borders on credit card fraud. This needs to be refunded in full.
5/27 86.06 This is the visit to fix my pool vacuum that never occurred (details below) this needs to be refunded in full.
5/22 149 This is for regular pool service, however it was cancelled yesterday after only one visit. I expect a partial refund

05/14/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was charged for a repair that was not disclosed nor authorized - it was to fix something they installed incorrectly - and correct their errors.
8 weeks ago our service declined significantly. I contacted a manager after 3 weeks and was promised that a tech would come out - this did not happen. I was then required to call all day the next day to get someone on the phone and finally ***** came out. He stated that the service was bad, but also that the manifold to the filtration system was not installed correctly. I informed him that Blue Science installed it in October of 2013 - ***** stated that he would get them out to do it right this time. Blue Science came out to repair their error and now I have been charged for this repair. When I called they said that I verbally authorized this, which in the past I've ALWAYS signed something to authorize repairs. This was their error at installation of the manifold and yet I was charged $303.01 for them to fix it? I was told it was for filter repairs. I called and emailed to get a refund and I am cancelling my service. They have not responded and I have not received a refund.

Desired Settlement
I expect a credit to my account of $303.01 and for them to pay for any additional repairs that are going to be required due to their poor workmanship.

07/18/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

They billed my credit card and then refused to do any service on my pool. Several phone calls and promises broken and no refund was issued
They billed my credit card and then refused to do any service on my pool. Several phone calls and promises broken and no refund was issued.

They would not meet with me face to face and tried to extort another $300 for service that I did not want or need. When I wouldn't agree to the additional $300 they refused service but kept the $103 from my account

Desired Settlement
i want my money back

Business' Initial Response
We have called *** and left several messages as well as an e mail, I stated that i would be more than happy to help figure this problem out. I was able to reach him by phone on the evening of 07-11-13 he as getting ready for a meeting and told me that he would respond to my email, i have had no response. i will attempt to call again today on 07-12-13

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is only a partial report; I had to get in touch with the GM or the company and he issued a half-hearted apology that it took over a month for him to get involved in this situation.

They finally returned my money - case closed

Business' Final Response
To whom it may concern,

Upon further review of this case I discovered that BlueScience issued a refund to Mr. ******'s credit card on 6/20/13 for the amount that was charged for weekly service in June. The $300.00 that Mr. ****** referenced in the case description was quoted to him to clean up black algae growth in his pool. It is our policy that we do not continue to service pools on a weekly basis that contain black algae which prompted the $300 quote to drain the pool and acid wash the surface to remove said algae. When Mr. ****** declined our quote we suspended service and returned the money that he had paid to his credit card. The amount in question was $100.67. BlueScience has no record of any other monies collected from Mr. ******.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jonathan Ormesher
General Manager
BlueScience Pools

05/04/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Charged after we terminated service for not showing weekly to clean our pool.
We cancelled their service for continually not showing up to clean our pool. They continued to auto debit us after the service was terminated. They have not refunded this money to us.

Desired Settlement
The $172 from the last auto debit, when I actuality they owe us for three months since they only showed twice in those three months.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Susanna -Customer Service
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *******
Mr. ******,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to make corrections. We appreciate you and your feedback!

09/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They installed a booster pump that flooded my yard. Installed only 8 weeks ago.
The worst and most unprofessional pool company in Houston. Their shotty work led to my entire yard getting flooded with pool water. Under warranty? Of course not. I just installed this booster pump 8 weeks ago but the install is not covered, only the pump itself. Thanks Blue Science. $1436.35 later and I have to fix my pump myself. Do not use Blue Science pools.

Desired Settlement
Fix my pump that was obviously installed incorrectly.

Business Response
**** *****:
I apologize about the leak at the booster pump, I was unaware, I would be more than happy to send a tech to the location and take care of the leak, I left a message on 9/11/14 at 2:09pm to the customer asking him if I can do so.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I already paid another company to have this fixed. If blue science pools had installed my pump correctly I would have not had my yard flooded or pay another company to remedy the issue.

Final Business Response
The customer requested we replace his pump... we offered to check it out to do that and now he says it's already been replaced.

There was a month gap - but we truly didn't know about it till recently due to not getting their emails or mail.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
You offered to charge me to check out the pump. In my opinion this pump should have been installed correctly in the first place. Because Blue Science Pools did not install my pump correctly my yard was flooded. I was told the pump was not under warranty. It is clear to me that Blue Science Pools does not stand behind their work.

09/22/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Unauthorized & undisclosed "Quarterly Service Charge." Billed in advance then did not show and were fired. No refund for weeks they did not service.
On July 1st I was billed for July's monthly service in the amount of $172.12. On July 15th, my credit card was charged $43.03. This was never authorized. I contacted Blue Science as I never received any invoice in July and asked what the $43.03 charge was for. They sent two invoices for weekly service but no explanation. When I emailed requesting one, I received a voicemail stating that the $43.03 was a "Quarterly Service Charge" and the way they made up for the extra weeks some months have. I was never told about this nor did I ever authorize this charge. My pool is supposed to be serviced on Thursdays. After this fraudulent charge, no one came to service my pool on July 17th or any other time that week. I did not receive any call or email to explain why my pool was not serviced. On Saturday, July 19th, I emailed to terminate my pool service and to inform them that they needed to refund both the unauthorized $43.03 charge and an additional $86.06 for prepaid services that were not rendered. Although I was billed for a total of 5 weeks in July, they only serviced my pool twice. They failed to show the third week and were fired before weeks four and five. I received no response from Blue Science. After waiting a few days with no response or refund, I fought the charge with my credit card company. A few hours after I fought the charge, Blue Science called and left a voicemail asking to discuss my service. There is nothing to discuss. They charged my card without authorization and billed in advance for services they did not perform. To date they have made no effort to refund my money. It is outrageous.

Desired Settlement
An immediate refund of $129.09.

Business Response
******* ********

We did credit the $43.03 back to her account, I did know there was an issue of missed visits until I saw the complaint, I am not questioning the missed visits at all, due to that certain techs behavior and work ethic at that time, in fact I am more than happy to credit back the rest of the claim in the total of $129.09, It will be processed today. I left a message for this customer on 9/11/14 (today) at 2:13pm.

Consumer Response
Business response is misleading. First, my email of July 19th terminating service made the issue of the missed visits and refund request clear. Since service was terminated, the email was received. The excuse on the voicemail today of mail being forward to the wrong address is not applicable. Second, on July 24, 2014, my credit card opened two disputes - one for $43.03 and one for $86.06. Both disputes were not responded to until the credit for $43.03 was issued September 8. 2014. They did not previously credit that amount and only did so the other day. That was the first any only amount refunded to date. The other dispute was not addressed.

They have been notified by me, BBB and my credit card company, so it is laughable they say they were unaware.

09/18/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We have had multiple issues with ****** cleaning our pool that have resulted in additionally cleanings, extra chemicals and charges.
Since February we have had four different instances where our pool has been improperly cleaned by pool tech, ******. This has resulted in additionally cleanings, extra chemicals and repairs. This past week he did not clean the pool, left the water running, flooded our back yard and alley and now the pool is green with algea as he has not cleaned it properly in two weeks. Blue Science sent someone out late yesterday and the pool is still not being taken care of correctly. We have severed our relationship with them and now have to pay to have a reputable pool service come out and make things right, plus we are going to have a very large water bill. They were warned the last time and yet they continued to employ someone with poor skills.

Desired Settlement
I want to be reimbursed for all cost that we will incur to take corrective action to clean up their mess and also be reimbursed for our water bill.

Business Response
***** ********:

My records indicate a filter install in Jan of 2014 and Filter Grid replacements in May of 2014, I do not have any work orders regarding any work being done on the manifold. Now that does not mean that I do not want to help rectify the situation, I understand that Heidi paid $518.00 to have something repaired, I would like to know what was repaired. I do take blame for keeping that certain tech in the field, I should have never gave him another chance, I do realize that he ruined this business relationship, and for that reason I am willing to help cover some costs for whatever was repaired. I did leave a message today ( 9/11/14) at 2:31pm for ***** regarding this issue.

09/18/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Canceled service then did not refund week of service and took money from bank account after notified to cancel service
I called to cancel my service and was told I would be refunded for the last week since they started billing me monthly and they would stop my service effect immediately. Since then the next monthly amount was taken out of my account without permission. I have had my house for 12 years and never had anyone continue taking money once service is canceled. Blue Science did attempt to keep my business at the time of cancellation however I explained I have a new pool service company and I had given them a chance to correct things three months ago when I advised of the problems with their service. I explained to them the reason for me canceling was because of my pool continuously having algae even though they have algae guarantee,technician was rude and would tell me to back wash my pool when I have a cartridge filter, tried to tell me dirt was green it was not algae and their pool maintenance tech was letting my dogs out of my yard almost every time he came. I would then have to go find my dogs and hope they did not get hurt. Blue Science owes me the money back for services not performed for the last week in addition to the additional month they chose to take from my account that was not permitted.

Desired Settlement
I expect to have my $151.55 and one week of service for $38.00 My refund should total $189.55

Business Response
******* *****:

We did realize this issue and we credited the customer's account in the total of $189.44 on 9/5/14, I left a message for the customer at 2:18pm regarding the credit.

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