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Power Properties

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Customer Complaints Summary

12 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 5 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues2
Problems with Product / Service9
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints12

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (12)
06/30/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I moved into a Power Property in February of 2014. The first month I was here did not have hot water 20% of the time and had no water 10% of the time. My toilet has stopped up and backed up into my bathtub at least ten times. Once the drain is snaked, I am left to clean up human excrement from by bathroom. I recently washed dishes and the water from my kitchen sink backed up into my toilet and flooded my bathroom. Again, I was left to clean up. The bathroom above me leaked and flooded my bathroom with sewer water. Again I was left to clean up the unsanitary mess. My apartments were recently renovated and my unit was cut off from a once larger apartment to make an efficiency. The cable and phone lines were cut and never re-run. Time Warner had to run a cable line for me and I still have no phone line.
Product_Or_Service: Apartment

Desired Settlement
I would like the public to know about Power Properties. Apparently it has a reputation in Dallas which I failed to consider. One of horrible infrastructure and lack of concern for its residents.

02/26/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Renting from ***** Properties, in a house infested with rats. They keep taking baby steps to fix it but its only getting worse.
Moved into this property in June, and found evidence of rats in early December. I purchased my own traps, but also notified ***** Properties. For an entire month, they were content to merely drop off glue traps and leave - despite their sales pitch that they have exterminators contracted to work at their properties 1 day a week every week. After complaining, they set us up in a model apartment for a few days and began work on 10+ holes that rats were using to access the house. They completed work, but it took only a few days before evidence of the rats showed back up. They were notified and "set up and appointment" for the following week. No one showed. They were notified again, and did the same. Finally had 3 gentlemen, who did not appear to employees of any reputable business (no business markings on vehicle or uniforms - ****, no uniforms) showed up and immediately said "there are too many holes for us to fix today, we need to come back tomorrow". They did not come back the following day.

In particular, I would like to note how unprofessional ***** Properties' office manager has been throughout this process. He has been rude and uncaring, and simply put, it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest that they have a property infested with rats, with customers living there. If I never see him again, it'll be too soon.

Desired Settlement
The house needs to be addressed by actual licensed exterminators and contractors. No more fly-by-night operations, no more friends of the company, or god forbid, finding workers on Craigslist or some equivalent.

I also want to speak to the owner(s) of the company to express directly to them how bad Daniel has handled the entire situation.

Business Response
Since moving in, Power Properties has worked extremely hard to satisfy Mr. Martin's complaints. In October 2015 a brand new AC system was installed in this historic building due to on going maintenance issues with the previous system. As a courtesy, a large credit was applied to Mr. Martin's account for the inconvenience. In December, once we were alerted to a rodent problem at the building we acted quickly to alert ABC Pest Control a professional contractor we use for pest related issues. It was their recommendation glue traps were needed to be set out. As this did not fix the issue, we then contracted Leigh Construction to perform an exclusion sealing potential entry points on this historic building. Leigh Construction has been working with Power Properties for years, and are not some "fly-by-night operators", "friends of the company", or craigslist workers as Mr. Martin is accusing.

During this process, Mr. Martin visited the office with his wife demanding a full credit for his December rent. I (Daniel Davis, General Manager) listened to his distress and empathized with the situation. I professionally explained that certain maintenance issues such as rodents require a process with steps to correctly resolve the problem which includes discovery of the extent of the issue. I then went on to calmly explain that we would not be able to credit his rent as the TAA Lease does not provide reparations for maintenance issues. I also offered Mr. Martin the option of an early termination of his lease without penalty and the option to transfer with the normal transfer fee being waived. Mr. Martin was not satisfied with any of these options.

Power Properties sincerely values our residents, and we work very hard to ensure all are happy with their living space. We will continue to address any concerns Mr. Martin has.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is not a response to my BBB complaint - this is a response to my overall experience with Power Properties. My BBB complaint made no remarks about the A/C situation, where my apartment was without A/C daily for over a month. Nor was my complaint about money - regardless of the fact that a $300 credit was applied for the A/C situation, and that my request for December rent to be refunded.

My BBB complaint has to do with the fact that the rat infestation has been improperly handled. Upon the first visit regarding these rats, glue traps were simply left for me to lay out. No information about what should be done, or what might need to happen, was conveyed. When we followed up that these traps were not working, ABC was dispatched again, and plainly stated that poison would need to be used to kill the rats, and then extraction would need to occur. Suddenly, ABC was out of the picture, and 2 new gentlemen, who never identified themselves as working with Leigh Construction, nor displayed any identification on their person or their vehicle, began to work on the matter. Rather than following ABC's advice, these gentlemen deployed cheap rat traps loaded with bargain-store hot dog weiners. Suffice to say, their methods did not work. These gentlemen also worked to cover points of entry to the home where the rats had made their way in, but used flimsy material to do so - and which was again chewed through in a matter of weeks. In the following weeks, Power Properties was notified that the issue was not resolved, and told us they would send out exterminators on Wednesday, February 3rd, and that we would be contacted regarding their findings. No visit occurred, and no contact was made. I had to again reach out to schedule exterminators, and was told they would be out on the morning of Monday, February 8th. When I returned home from work on Monday the 8th, no visit had occurred. I immediately notified my contact with Power Properties, who said that they wanted to wait until I was home to have someone come in. At 5:45pm, 3 men, again lacking any sort of identification as working with a legitimate business, entered the home. They immediately found multiple points of entry for the rats, and dismissed themselves for the day as they would need more time to work on the issue. They rescheduled for 10am the following day. These gentlemen did not return at 10am, and only returned after I again reached out to Power Properties to find out what was going on. At this point I requested that a legitimate company who can provide identification for their workers and an invoice for the work they would complete, come to work. Only at this point was I presented with legitimate company names - to this point, Daniel's response is the first time I have ever heard of Leigh Construction. For all previous work requests, I would simply be told by Power that they would "send their guys out". Since moving in, no less than 15 different contractors have been dispatched to my property, and only 3 have ever identified their employer. My grounds for believing that Power Properties is simply sending the cheapest available contractor, whether legitimate or not, is based on this - and the fact that a significant amount of these contractors have been unsuccessful in the job they were sent to complete (in regards to both the A/C issue and the rat infestation).

At this point in time, Power Properties has hired a legitimate rodent removal company - Dallas Rodent -which remedies the large part of my complaint. However, I would still like to speak with one of the owners of the company, as I feel their repair and maintenance practices are poor, and that Daniel has been distant, disrespectful, and rude throughout this process.

02/01/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Property approved a lease for someone who stole my identity and used all my personal information.
***** Properties ran a credit check on my information on 12/21/2015 and approved for the individual to move in 12/22/2015. I have never lived outside of Illinois and this property is in Dallas, TX. The information that was provided to them was never confirmed. Because of this approval the individual was also able to get a home phone in my name.

Desired Settlement
I want the inquiry to be removed from my credit report along with releasing any information that was used for approval of lease in order to file police report.

Business Response
I have personally spoken with Mrs. ****** assuring her we would do everything in our ability to work with her on her claim of identity theft as well as empathize with the frustration such a violation causes. The individual who allegedly stole Mrs. ******'s identity provided a valid Texas Driver's license, and her place of employment had been verified during the application process. As soon as we were alerted to the complaint from Mrs. ****** that the individual who lives with us was not ******** ******, we began an investigation to her claims. As the General Manager, I have assured her we would not send any balance to a collection agency or credit reporting agency if such a balance ever occurred and the identity theft was confirmed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I submitted my proof of identification to the property and even requested that something be sent to me to show proof of identity fraud to the police department when going to file a report. A simple portion of the application could have been sent to me seeing that I showed them a copy of my social security card along with my drivers license. I also requested that the property check to see if any mail was going to the residence so I can be sure that the person who stole my identity didn't change my address.

01/19/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I leased an apartment from Power Properties, GM refuses to give back $200 due to Damages! there was no damages.
I have lived at Power Properties for the last 5 1/2 years. I moved at the end of August 2015. After taking much care, making sure I did not leave the apt dirty, going by the move out sheet provided by Power Properties nothing was left dirty or damaged!
I did take pictures and had a current tenant walk thru the apartment. I have a witness as to the condition of the apt but also an extra pair of eyes to make sure nothing was missed.

Power Properties has 30 days to send my deposit..I had to contact the GM after 39 days, I never received any check. I went to the offices and picked up a check on Oct 9th and there was a $200 fee charged for cleaning and repainting!

After repeatedly contacting the GM from Power Properties requesting the $200 fee be refunded and showing the pictures along with a written statement by the "witness"..
Not only were their charges incorrect, there was no damage to the apartment. I have asked the GM to forward pictures of the damages that Power Properties is charging me for... with no answer!

Daniel ***** has refused to refund the $200. I asked to speak with his superiors which he sent an email, "As I am the GM all escalations stop with me. The owners of the properties do not get involved with the day to day operations and do not speak with tenants"

Clearly he has a misunderstanding of the laws for Tenants..As I feel very stongly that Power Properties GM, Daniel ***** has overstepped and is using "slumlord" tactics..I have been open and shown my best intentions of resolving this matter. Unfortunately he is not on the up and up and all of my request to show the damages and photos of the apartment on his end has gone unanswered.

I appreciate your help with this and hope that in the future anyone renting a apartment is aware of the dishonorable tactics of The GM of Power Properties!!

Thank you for your time,

***** ******

Desired Settlement
I would like the $200 cleaning fee refunded by ***** Properties.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Daniel ****** GM
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
Mrs. ******'s presentation of the facts regarding her move out are inaccurate and her description of the communication between myself (Daniel ****** GM) and her are misrepresented in her BBB complaint.

To begin, she was only charged $100 for cleaning (not $200 as she claims) which I offered to reduce to $75 after reviewing the move out pictures. In addition, we waived the $250 eviction fee previously charged to her account for failing to pay rent resulting in a refund check at move out totaling $567. Please see the e-mail I sent her on 10/14/2015 below.

"Hi *****,

I have reviewed both the walk sheet as well as the pictures that Aaron our Service Manager took while walking the unit.

Per the lease under paragraph 40. "Security Deposit Deductions and Other Charges" it states "You'll be liable for the following charges if applicable: ...repairs for damages caused by negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse, including stickers, scratches, tears, burns, stains , or unapproved holes"

I will refund two of the four wall painting charges, but there were two for sure of which charges are accurate.

In addition, under paragraph 38. "Cleaning" the lease states Cleaning. You must thoroughly clean the apartment, including doors, windows, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, patios, balconies, garages, carports, and storage rooms. You must follow move-out cleaning instructions if they have been provided. If you don't clean adequately, you'll be liable for reasonable cleaning chargesincluding charges for cleaning carpets, draperies, furniture, walls, etc. that are soiled beyond normal wear (that is, wear or soiling that occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse).

Based on the pictures, I will reduce the cleaning charge by $25. However, $75 worth of cleaning is accurate.

I hope this answers all your questions. I can have a check cut for $75 to you tomorrow.

Please also keep in mind that I credited back the $250 eviction fee even though we did pay for that paperwork to be processed.


Daniel *****
General Manager
Power Properties

Mrs. ****** failed to respond to the offer of an additional $75, and decided instead to slander my name with a BBB complaint.

All that being said, I would still cut her a check for the additional $75 if she would like.

Consumer Response
sorry for the delayed response. first up. is the evicition..slum lord...i paid in full the balance..but i travel for a living and when the payment was due ask if it was ok if i paid the next day..simply cuz i travel.. i was denied. i made true with the payment. but slum lord tried to make mep

Power properties, owes me $200.00 and the Dan has no clue...i have pictures and tenants,if
dan wants pictures on the internet..

01/11/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Charges in excess of $500 were applied for normal wear and tear on a 53 year old apartment that has not been updated or maintained in 30 years.
On my recent move out of a Power Properties facility on 11/30, I was charged $587.00 for normal wear and tear conditions of the apartment that I had previously inhabited. Calls/emails to the organization have not been returned. The business is not being cooperative.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting a refund of the deposit applied for the apartment in the amount of $363.00. The security deposit was $500 and damages to the apartment are listed below:

wall damages/paint - $50
wall repairs - $87

500-137 = $363.00

The remaining issues in the apartment are not legitimate.

Business Response
A settlement agreement has been reached with Mr. *******, and he no longer owes Power Properties any money.

10/20/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Billed me for mildew in apartment upon move out after they didn't treat for a leak properly. I contested the charges then they added $700 more.
I lived here for one year moved into a disgustingly filthy apartment due to the 4th of July holiday and the manager not scheduling the maintenance properly. I had a huge flood in my apartment and my insurance agent attempted to reach the apartment manager (Daniel) multiple times but was unable to since he would never return her calls. I stood outside his office door and he refused to see me so that I could get the issue resolved. I was forced to sleep on my couch for over 2 weeks until finally the insurance agent decided she had made every attempt to reach the apartment manager and went ahead and released the check to replace my mattress and other items. I reported to the manager that I had mold and mildew in my apartment since it wasn't ever treated properly. They didn't even use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture after the flood. So I moved out 08/31/2015 at the end of my lease term and on my final account statement they charged me for mold/mildew on the walls! I contested the charges and the revised the statement to show $700 in wood floor damage now.

Desired Settlement
Revise final account statement with truthful charges which would result in a refund of $158. Also response to my multiple emails sent.

Business Response
We sincerely hope all departing residents leave Power Properties with fond memories of the excellent service they were provided while here. At the same time, we must also operate within Fair Housing guidelines holding all residents to the same standards and Lease contract they signed. This includes charges for damages to the apartment at move out.

After reviewing the move out paperwork listing the charges for the resident's apartment as well as the pictures that were taken during the walk it was confirmed the apartment was left extremely dirty and damaged. Please reference the attached document with pictures. The Lease clearly lists resident's obligations regarding cleaning, and it is obvious no attempt was made.

We originally attempted to varnish the floors due to the excessive cat urine smell that permeated the apartment. This was not the smell of mold, but that of cat urine. Evidence of this cat can be found in the cat hair found all over the apartment and curtains as well as the cat litter and food found all over the floor. Once it was discovered, varnishing the floors was not going to solve the problem, we had to sand down the hardwood floors and re-finish them. This is why the additional $700 charge was added to the list of charges.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
there was not pet urine on the wood floors. Wood floors were in the living area only the ones in the bedroom are vinyl. They revised there statement to increase my balance due immediately after I contested the charges and the amount of my pet deposit. Power Properties is famous for over charging there residents at move out. My move out statement shows charges for mildew on the walls that was caused by them not properly treating the leak which they did not address in their response. Also the statement they continue to email me does not reflect the proper pet deposit I paid.

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