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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (3)
09/08/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

No city permit pulled. Damage to cabinet wall. Ceiling cracked. Requested 5 times for a copy of final invoice.
I paid $125.00 for a city permit and inspection. Watermark did not get a city permit. A 2-3 inch hole was burned in the back of a cabinet. Worker also cracked the ceiling. Repairs and damage were completed on March 11, 2015. I have made 5 requests for a copy of the invoice but have not received one. On ***** 22, 2015 I mailed a letter again requesting a copy of the invoice and included a copy of the estimate for repairs to the damaged areas ($200.00). I have not received a response.

Desired Settlement
$325.00 for city permit and damages to cabinet and ceiling.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** RMP and Owner
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ****

I am truly sorry for the trouble that you have been through. I do know that we had trouble sending the invoice from our plumbers iPad. When you called in I did email the invoices, each and every time. Our invoicing system tracks everything we send with the date and time. I have confirmed your email address again and it is the same one that you have provided here. I will print the invoice out and mail it to you. As far as your written request is concerned, we never received it. We moved our offices almost 8 weeks ago. While we did file our forwarding address we are not certain we are receiving all of our mail.

I did speak to you about the issues with the burn on the cabinet and the crack in the sheet-rock. I already said that we will pay you the $200 and we still stand by that. I asked you to send in a copy of the estimate and pictures of the problem areas. Please send them to ****

As far as the permit and inspection go, it did fall through the cracks with the move and getting ready for it. We did pull the permit and we are ready for the work to be inspected by the city. I did call to schedule the inspection and did not hear back. Please let us know what day you would like the city to come out.

Again, I am sorry for your inconvenience and as soon as we receive the pictures and estimate we will send you a check for $200

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
On ***** 22, 2015 I mailed a letter with a copy of the estimate for repairs to: Watermark at **** W ****** Rd. Bldg ***** ********** TX XXXXX. The letter has not been returned to me as undeliverable. Provide a correct address and I will mail another copy of the estimate. The repairs have not been made. If repair costs exceed the contractors estimate I will mail the final bill to you for reimbursement. Work was performed March 11, 2015. As of May 14, 2015 a city permit had not been requested or paid for. You will need to provide proof that you purchased a city permit or refund my $125.00. I did receive emails from you and twice you sent a copy of my credit card receipt when I had requested a copy of the final invoice. I had no problem receiving those emails. My last requests by email and phone were not acknowledged.

Final Business Response
***Document Attached***
Attached is a copy of the final invoice and a copy of the permit. Our new address is:

**** West ****** ****
Building 4B
*********** TX XXXXX

We have been at this address since ***** 7th and had our mail forwarded but have not received a letter from you.

Again, We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and will pay for the repair if we caused the damage. Please send pictures of the damage through the BBB so we can look at them.

PS. Please let us know when the inspector can come out and perform the inspection.



Final Consumer Response

10/13/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

After 2 months the repairs are not finished with no contact from Plumber since 8/19/25. Open tunnels under house and wall of dirt against side of hous
I contacted Watermark Plumbing in June of 2015. Rather then testing the entire plumbing system, they found one leak at a time and would fix it and then run another test and find another leak. We are now on leak number 7. My first payment to Watermark was on 6/12/15. I have paid them 11,250.53 with approximately 1200.00 left to pay which I will not pay until all repairs are completed. My last contact with the plumber was on 8/19/15 and no emails have been returned to me since then. The Plumbing company has made conflicting statements. In one email, dated July 22nd, Mr. Buchschacher defers to the excavaters on whether leaving the tunnels open could cause damage saying it is their area of expertise. Then on 8/19 in an email, he says it is fine to leave these tunnel's open (The tunnels have been open for 2 months now.) In another email he asks for the Engineers opinion on fixing the 7th leak. The Engineer was hired by the Insurance company to determine cause of leaks. The engineer says it is beyond his scope to determine such information. The Insurance company has noted that I am responsible for timely repairs while the investigation in ongoing. The plumber refused to do any more work while the Investigation was ongoing. The investigation is now complete with 1 of 7 leaks being covered by the Insurance company. They will cover 1600 of leak #3. My deductible is 1900. Mr. Buchschacher has continually stated that my house is not exposed to further damage while waiting. The engineers reports states that the leaks need to be fixed timely and the tunnels filled it. The plumber is also aware of my 73 year old Mother with Dementia who has come to live with me. I have told the plumber this is a hardship as the downstairs bathroom has not been functional in 2 months and my mother cannot always make it upstairs to the bathroom in time. The Plumber stated on 8/19 in an email that if the insurance company is not going to accept the claim then we are not going to charge you anything additional. Now that the insurance company is not paying, I have not heard from the Plumbing company. I have the Engineer's report, months worth of emails and payment records if you need copies of these items.

Desired Settlement
1) A date to finish repairs
2) pictures to document repairs of concrete slab, repair of leak 7, and the putting back of the dirt into the 20 foot tunnels
3) Home Inspector sent out and paid for by the Plumbing Company to assure no damage has been done to the outside walls of the home due to the 6 foot wall of dirt leaning against the majority of the side of the house.
4) Termite report paid by Plumbing company to assure no termites have found their way into the house from the 6 foot walls of dirt leaning against the house.
5) No additional charges per email dated 8/19
6) Reduction of balance due to 0 due to the neglect from the Plumber to provide services that I had already paid for.

Business Response
We have spoken to the customer. All work has been completed, inspected, passed by the city. Our work is done. Customer said she would withdraw the complaint.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After I filed my initial report, one of the plumbers called me and said they would be out the next day to begin finishing the job. I mentioned that they must have received my complaint to finally be calling me. He said he didn't know about that but he was told to do everything possible to get this job done. A few hours later the owner called me and was very upset that I had filed a complaint. He told me that I needed to withdraw the complaint in order for them to finish the job. I said I wouldn't withdraw the complaint until the job was done. The excavaters came out on September 4th. During this time, they broken a hot water pipe. My water was off for a couple of hours and they said the plumbers were on the way. When the excavater's started to pack up to leave, I called the plumbing company and they said they had not been told about the broken hot water pipe. The Plumbers came out later that evening and got the cold water back on but said the hot water would not be turned on until tomorrow (Saturday) when they could come back out and fix it. I asked if this would affect the hot water heater and they said since there was still water in the hot water heater, it shouldn't affect it. While the exacavaters were digging in the tunnel, they also came through the bathroom floor from below the tunnel. Imagine my surprise when I opened my bathroom door because the noise seemed so loud and the tiles were broken and I could see into the tunnel. I have to wonder why they sold me on a tunnel since they broken through the floor anyways. Going through the floor would have been much cheaper. Saturday morning they returned and fixed the hot water line. The tension rods in the concrete had been exposed and the threads were showing in the tension rods. The City Inspector came out Wednesday the 9th while I was at work. I called him and asked him if he checked the hot water line break and fix and he said he was not told about that break and fix. I asked if the Plumber was supposed to tell him and he said yes. It was wet when the city inspector came and so he did not go into the tunnels and look at the repairs, he just checked to see if the water was holding. When the excavaters came back to fill in the tunnels, they had no concrete with them to reform the concrete per the engineers report from the insurance company. They had to call a supervisor out to the site to speak with me as none of them spoke English. The Superviser explained that they couldn't re form the concrete. The best they could do was bill in the tunnels and pour some concrete from above. This was not communicated to me at any point that they wouldn't re form the concrete as it was before they began. They assured me that they would use 85-90% of the dirt and put it back into the tunnels. They only put back about 65%. The rest of the dirt is still here for proof of that. I am not an expert at putting dirt back in tunnels, but the little research I did shows there is a correct way to do it. The dirt should have been mixed with a filler and pumped back into the tunnels. They only used shovels, my garden hose and a tamper. In addition, when they showed me how the fixed tension rods, it was black tape wrapped around the tension rods. I expect I will have more problems in the coming years due to the poor performance of the Plumbing company and the excavaters they used. I sent an email to the Plumbing company asking for pictures of before and after of each plumbing break and fix and have not received any expect the first 2. I also asked why they had me pay thousands extra for a tunnel when they went through the floor anyways, I have not received a reply. I am going to need to have another plumber come out soon to assure my plumbing is not leaking as well as a water test as one was not done after the hot water pipe was fixed. I do not trust Watermark Plumbing enough to have them do any more plumbing tests or the water test that needs to be done now. I will also need to have Plumbing tests and water tests done every six months for a couple of years as the dirt and concrete was not done well and the clay dirt that is in Carrollton is prone to swell and shrink during the year and that will put pressure on the pipes. It is very disappointing to me how this company has not responded to my emails and how poor a job they did in work performance.

02/19/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company charge for incorrect diagnose for a link in my shower. The diagnose is incorrect according to another plumber.
The watermark plumbing ***** ** ****** **** ***** **** Carrollton Tx XXXXX) was contacted 10/28/14 by me to come out and diagnose a water link in my shower. After the diagnose I was informed that my shower pan needed to be replaced. The price for the service charge was $280.00 total paid with Visa debit card, ($39.00 service fee). Invoice XXXXX The price I was told to repair the shower pan was total cost $2,001.14 I called another plumbing for a second opinion. The problem was a different diagnose (link around the bench in the shower, just needed resealed) price to repair $300.00. I called watermark plumbing and spoke with **** ************) the manager/owner and informed his of his company misdiagnose, and informed him that I think I should be refunded my money back minus the $39.00 service charge. He ask for a copy of the receipt of the other plumber and his diagnose. And he was provided with that information (copy of receipt). And his respond back was, he did not accept the information that was provided because the plumber was not a Texas license plumber. My response was that his Texas license plumber misdiagnose the problem. And my question was to him, why does he have to be a Teas license plumber? I had just moved to this resident for about three weeks ago when the problem occurred. And I called the inspector that inspected the house and he said the problem was not the shower pan because it would have showed up at the time of inspection. I fill like I was taken advantage of by this company.

Desired Settlement
The total charged for the watermark plumber was a total of $280.00 and I am requesting a refund of $241.00 which is minus the $39.00 for the service fee.

Business Response
We received a call from ****** with *** Inspections stating that he had a client that needed a test done on a shower pan to determine if it was leaking or not. When we arrived we were asked to determine why there was water appearing outside between the brick and slab. Our licensed plumber advised the customer of the charges for the test ahead of time and gave her the option to accept or decline service. She accepted the charges and asked us to perform the test. The Plumber performed a shower pan test that is standard for our industry and required by state law when shower pans are replaced. This is a test that cannot produce a false leak. After stopping up the drain with a test ball and filling the shower base to just below the threshold, the Plumber marked the water level. The Plumber noted that within 15 minutes the water level was dropping and that water was flowing outside between the brick and slab.

The test was conclusive for a shower pan leak. While there might have been some leaking from the top of the shower bench previously, that is not the source of the water pouring out of the brick. We never poured water over that area and were able to see the water leaking out. The customer stated that, "I know all the procedure that your licensed plumber preformed because I was there every step of the way and asking questions and saw everything." So the customer knows that the water pouring out actually happened and that it was not fabricated. It is impossible to have the water show up outside like that unless there is a leak.

The customer is asking us to give her a refund for services we performed. She did not hire us to fix the leak, only to test for a leak, which we did. The licensed plumber that came out to her home has over 10 years' experience in the plumbing industry. He has the expertise, knowledge and licensing to back up his findings as well as the pictures we took of the result.

As a company we have done what we were asked to do. We stand behind our Plumber and stand behind his findings.

When she did not like the estimate to fix the issue properly and after she found a non-licensed person to fix her bench is when she decided that she was not happy. The receipt she sent me is from a tile installer. As a Master Plumber and as a courtesy to our customer, I would advise her against taking the word of the tile installer that she hired to fix the shower pan leak. When I spoke to him on the phone, he said he did not replace the shower pan. Until her shower pan is replaced properly, her home is not protected from the water damage your leaking shower pan can cause.

To this day the customer has not provided anything, form a licensed plumber or plumbing company that contradicts our findings.

I am willing to come back out and re-perform the shower pan test. If there is no leak and I am convinced that you did not have the shower pan replaced I will refund your money. If there is still a shower pan leak then the customer will be responsible for paying for the test again. That is a fair compromise.

Consumer Response
I called the inspector (the inspector that inspected my house) that you spoke with and asked him to help me find a plumber with a camera. He called a friend of his and got your plumbing company and spoke with you personally. After speaking with you, he called me, to tell me to call your company, which I did. Speaking with your company I was advised that there was two different charges regarding service call fees ($39 & $99) (which the inspector had already told me about the two different service call fees before I called your company). The two different fees was regarding first appoint or last appointment for that day. I choose to get the $39 service call fee appointment. When the plumber arrived, I asked him about the camera. And he said he was going to do other tests first before the camera (which he did). And then he said he was going to do the camera and was not going to charge me the fee for the camera. And I said okay and thank you. When He finished and told me the total of the bill ($280), I was shocked and asked him why so much. Because if I am getting a $39 service call fee and not being charged for the camera, I did not know why the bill was as much as it was?

I know the water was running out of the brick and slab where the shower is located, that was my reason of me calling your company. I do not dispute that, I dispute it was not the shower pan. And yes, I did state I saw the plumber doing some of the tests when he first arrived and was checking things out. But, I did not stay there the entire time because I let him do his work. But the water did not start running out of the outside by him just filling the hole. The shower was turned on and water was running and going other places in side the shower as well other then the shower hole. I have pictures of the before problem and the after as well that is now fixed without the shower pan been replaced. There is not water leaking from my property no where. As far as **** stating I decided not to get the shower pan fixed after I saw the estimated bill to fix the shower pan is not true, he is truly fabricating. I would have had the shower pan fixed if that would have been the problem.

The plumber that fixed my leak, spoke with you, and told you, it was not the shower pan and he explain to you what the problem was and what all he did to fix the problem. The plumber that I called, yes he is a tile expertise, because my shower is all tile. **** was provided with the plumber name and number, and a bill (and he spoke with him). So, the statement he made about me not giving him the information he ask for is not true, he was provided with what he asked for, just not with a licensed plumber. **** is going back and forth regarding something that never was, and he is not willing to admit that his licensed plumber misdiagnosed the problem and I was charged $241 for something that did not exist and is not willing to refund me $241.

I am willing to let his company come back out to check the status regarding the above complaint. I am not willing to pay no more money then I already have regarding this matter because this is the purpose of the complaint (over charged and misdiagnosed).

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