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Able Body Moving Pros

Phone: (817) 773-8221

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Customer Complaints Summary

9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 7 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues2
Problems with Product / Service7
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (9)
12/04/2014Problems with Product / Service
04/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Movers damaged my washer and dryer stands.

On November 28, 2015 we hired ABle body to move us from Cedar Hill to Waxahachie, The movers damaged our washer and dryer stands. I contacted Mr. ***** ******** on 12/2 about the damage. I emailed him again on the 3rd. again with pictures of the damage. He responded that he would contact me on that following Friday. He failed to contact me. I emailed him again on 12/15 because he had not contacted me. He replied at 8:58pm "Thank you for communicating with me! Will you please send me the brand, model number and serial number of your washer and dryer please! Thanks!" I sent him the information that he asked for on 12/2, 12/13, 12/15, 2014. He did not respond. I emailed him again on 12/29 to check the status 2:12 and again at 4:32pm. I did not hear from him until January 8, 2015 where he claims that I did not send him the information he asked for. I told him that I have all the emails showing where I sent him the information. I resent him all of the emails of our conversation including pictures and the serial numbers again on January 8th. He claims again that I did not sent the information, so I sent it again January 11th along with pictures of the cost of my stands. After this, I decided to call him. Upon speaking with him, at this point he brings up about the insurance. At no time prior to this had he mentioned this. We did not opt to get the over priced insurance. And at no time prior to this did it appear he would not take care of the damages until I told him the cost of our stands. I told him I did not expect him to pay full price for them but he should compensate for the damage. I understand the contract that was signed but his drivers explicitly told my husband that Mr. ******** was a man of integrity and would take care of any damages if there were any. When I told Mr. ******** this he acted like he would keep his word but then he began to start telling me that we should have gotten the insurance and that he could not just pay for peoples damages and that's what the insurance was for. And that it was offered and we declined it so we were liable for the damages. The tone of all his emails would suggest that he would do the right thing and yet it is now February 2, 2015 and I have heard nothing from him about the damage his movers did to my stands. He claims that by sending the serial numbers to my washer and dryer would help. If that is the case what would it help? Him replacing or repairing or refunding money for the damage? Yet he still has done nothing to make this right. The serial numbers again are********************************

Desired Settlement
I am seeking replacement of our stands or refund the value of our stands for Whirlpool washer and dryer

Business Response
I Responded in every way possible with my customer! I also sent her an acknowledgement letter in response to her claim Letting her know that we are working on her claim! I also took the time to go over the insurance coverage that her husband settled for! I even asked her to send me the model and/or serial number of her appliances to see if I could maybe find her the parts to replace what she claimed was damaged on her appliance. She said to me that she had already sent that to me once and even after I told her on the phone that I didn't have that in any of my emails she still didn't send it to me! So I tried helping where I could! I do apologize that she feels we have wronged her but I tried to help her!

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If you look at the email strand, I sent the information he asked for SEVERAL times. I sent the model number, serial number and even pictures of the stands. How many times do I need to send this information. Attached to this complaint is every email that was sent to the owner and back to me. This is a stall tactic. I don't feel this owner ever intended to work with me only look like he is. He should go back and look at the emails and attachments or maybe if he really wanted to help or replace the items, he would have scheduled a time to come look at the damage.

08/31/2015Problems with Product / Service
02/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Damages to structure and fixtures during move.
Email to company on 12/5/2014 said:

I wanted to follow up and let you know about your movers/staff.

1) They dinged a couple of walls and chipped the paint. When it was pointed out to them, they didn't even apologize. We have had to repair and repaint those corners.

2) One of our couches has a hole in the back that was not there before the move. It is about 4-5" long. The movers put the couch up against the wall immediately, so they knew they did it. They again did not say anything about this.

3) One of the guys took a dump (used the bathroom) in our main bathroom as soon as they showed up for the job.

These are all very unprofessional and a huge disappointment.

Desired Settlement
Your total cost for the 3hrs of service being $233.00.

Business Response
Hello! First and foremost Please allow me to apologize on behalf of my associates! I don't understand why They wouldn't inform our customer of any damaged item if they did it because we are an insured company and would've been happy to file a claim on any damaged item based on the coverage that our customers choose! Thank you for giving our guys the opportunity to use the restroom, that says a lot about your character! Thanks. Not to make excuses because surely it's not our intention to perform in a way that is unsatisfactory to any of our customers! We service hundreds of customers every month and a great majority of them will back me when I say that we hire and train some of the best Employees in this state! So again forgive them for using your restroom! Three or four hours of hard work in the same place can sometimes put anyone in an awkward position and they may have to use restroom. Thanks you for allowing them to use yours but it would have been nice if they would have been directed to the one that you would be okay with them using or made them aware that you didn't want them to use any of your restrooms or that you wanted to charge them to use one of your restrooms instead of holding it against them afterwards! That seems a little in human. Please forgive my frustration but please let me know how much you want to charge for them using your restroom and we will pay you a fare price! And it would have been nice of you to also give us the opportunity to come out to assess any damages, we have a team of technicians that help us to take great care of our customers in the event that we are responsible for any damages! We served you on 11/19/14! I billed you out over the phone and you never said one word to me about any part of your service being bad in any way! Looks like you emailed me almost 3 weeks later with a complaint ! As far as your claim if you would like us to help you with filing a claim according to the insurance agreement that you chose we will be more than happy to help you with that just as we have for any of our customers! I'll end by Humbly saying thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family with your moving needs!

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't appreciate the sarcasm with the usage of the restroom. That is not the issue. I was simply pointing it out that it was the first thing the employee did upon arriving for work.

I never spoke to anyone after the work was done - only exchanged emails prior to hiring them for the work. All emails were polite and prompt.

When I emailed about the complaints, I never heard back from the company. A complete opposite of their actions prior to hiring. Again, showing disrespect as they got paid so it seems they don't care. I agree it was 3 weeks later as that is when we discovered the hole in the back of the couch.

The workers never commented or apologized when my husband pointed out the damage to the wall corners. A simply apology at that time would have been sufficient.

The rest room is not an issue.

The whole in the couch is an issue. The couches were put up against the wall. We don't see the backs of the couches on a daily basis. We moved the couches 3 weeks later and noticed the hole.

All of these issues together along with the ignorance of the email is what lead to the BBB complaint.

Now saying you billed me out over the phone? We never spoke over the phone. We agreed on a price via email and I gave a check to your movers.

Your response was 80% on the restroom and no comments on the actual issue of the wall and couch.

Simply amazing.

Please provide additional information on your proposed solution of "As far as your claim if you would like us to help you with filing a claim according to the insurance agreement that you chose we will be more than happy to help you with that just as we have for any of our customers!"

This proposal does not offer me a solution that I can agree is acceptable. What is involved with this?

11/21/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Floor lamp was stolen during move and never delivered. I would like a refund of the full amount of floor lamp.
Date Stolen: September 14, 2013
Date Purchased: 2012
Ordered product from Lamp Plus
Cost on Sale: $129.95
Model #: U0564
I purchased the floor lamp with the matching table lamp. The movers removed the lamp from location, but it never was delivered. This was one of the last items removed from the apt. I am saying the item was stolen because movers denial of floor lamp ever existening, when they clearly taped lamp up and took it to delivery truck. I feel that they are all hiding the fact of what really happened to lamb. I have contacted owner, but I still have not been reimbursed and I do not feel that it is fair to pay for service and still get items stolen and they only want to give you a percentage. I paid $600 for service and I did not pay them a percentage of there services. I should at let get back what was stolen from me.

Desired Settlement
A full refund of $129.95 or a replacement of item # U0564.

Business Response
We are Truly sorry that you feel that we have wronged you in such a way. That is terrible! I hate a thief! I would not hire anyone that I even thought would be capable of stealing! All of my employees have to pass a background check before being hired here. We are licensed and insured, so we have nothing to hide from anyone! I answered all of your calls, I responded to all of your Emails and texts! I also questioned the four men who served you on the 14th. The 4 men who moved your 5 bedroom 2 story home, from Irving to Arlington without damaging not 1 piece of furniture or your home. The men who worked Very hard for you and your family! The men whom you said were Great! Neither of which recall seeing your lamp! Otherwise I would've done just about whatever to make amends with you, as I would with any of my customers! I am very passionate about serving my customers well, And the men and women that we employ share our heart in serving our customers well! I'm sorry Mrs. ***** but WE DO NOT STEAL! We appreciate your business! We thank you again for giving us the privilege of serving you and your family.

***** ********, Owner

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not agree with response because the owner does not take responsibility for my missing lamp. He is not putting the customer first, as if I were a lier. He is taking the word of his working, who are obviously in the wrong because there was a lamp and a lamp does not just disappear. My cousin watched the man take the lamp downstairs, so if he says there was no lamp, he is a lier and a thief. Owner does not provide any resolution to my missing lamp and is obviously not planning on replacing it. Owner does not honor the BBB, because if he did he would replace my lamp. My lamp was located in apartment and it never arrived to house and that is a fact. I am still seeking reimburse for my lamp and will not stop until I get it. Thank you, ******** *****

11/13/2014Problems with Product / Service
11/14/2012Problems with Product / Service
07/27/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I booked 2 movers for 3 hours of service. They took approx. 30 min break during this time. I only got 2.5 hrs. of service.
Prior to my move out on Monday 6/22/15, I secured 2 movers & a moving truck for 3 hours through Betty at Able Body Moving Pros. The number I called was 817-773-8221. She was very nice & we booked it for $250.00 all inclusive. The time scheduled was 9AM. She said they would be there between 8 & 9AM.

I specifically asked Betty what would happen if we finished the move before the 3 hours & she said I had their time so I could have them unpack or move items etc. until my time was up.

I also confirmed with Betty that they would have dollys & tie downs etc. She confirmed that they are professionals & have suran wrap etc. She said if I needed anything packed or unpacked they could also do that as well.

On Monday 6/22 one of the moving guys called me & they were ready early so we got started at 7:42 AM. The guys were very good & fast & wrapped all the furniture professionally & tied everything down.

Around 9:15 AM one of the guys asked to use my bathroom. I declined as I had one of my pets locked in that bathroom. He ran to a neighboring establishment to use the facilities. Upon returning they closed up the truck & said they would follow me to my apartment (the new one). I told them I would wait for them at Kroger where they suggested I wait.

When I got there & they were not there, I called & they said they had GPS & would meet me. Thus I drove to my new apartment. It was no more than 5 minutes away. They never arrived. So I called them & the guy who answered the cell snapped at me & said they were on break.

I was upset. They never told me they were taking a break & they had all my stuff with them & in their possession. Also, I wasn't paying for their break. I inquired as to if they were staying longer to cover for this surprise "break" & he said "no" & he was entitled to a break & when they were done then they would come to where I was.

We hung up & I called the office to report this & got the run around from Betty who said that basically all they needed to do was finish by 10:42 am i.e. w/n the 3 hrs time frame. I kept repeating myself about how I paid for 3 hrs service & they were eating up part of that. She had told me that if there was "extra" time, I would have that to use their services towards labor etc. So I asked for a call back from a supervisor. She said that the transportation supervisor was off that day but she would have them call me.

30 minutes passed & no sign of my movers or the truck. Eventually they called & were at a wrong location so I flagged them down & they were finally on site. I told them it's unfortunate if their employer doesn't provide breaks, but I was not supposed to pay for their breaks as a customer. Also they never told me they were even taking a break & since I paid, I was expecting them to stay longer to cover the break. They said they were not & they would finish the move within the same 3 hr timeframe.

Then they got on the phone & insisted I pay in full & up front or they would not unload the truck. I was very upset but didn't feel I had a choice. They finished my move in & I called back to Betty & let her know I expected a call back from the supervisor or I would file with the BBB. She said they had "perfect record" w/ BBB.

After looking here, I see that is NOT true. Also, this is for the 9741 Abrams Road location FYI. I do see that they list that they are in good standing with the BBB & use the logo on their website. That is not correct from what I can tell.

Nobody ever contacted me back & I was busy with my move in etc. Finally today I decided to revisit this to get some closure. Today 6/30 I called & spoke to Betty. She asked me to tell her again what happened which was strange as she was the one I spoke to originally. I did & she said she would have a manager (he) call me back.

Betty called me back & kept saying they finished the job within the 3 hrs. I let her know that we were talking in circles & I would file with the BBB.

Desired Settlement
1- When they tell a customer that a manager will call them back, then they should have a manger call them back instead of never contact the client.
2- I would like them to acknowledge that that is not okay to bill me for their breaks...or anyone for their breaks. When you tell a customer that they get 3 hrs of service, that does not include employees taking breaks. You don't give a client 2.5 hours of service but bill them for 3 hrs.
3- If taking a break, I would like them to agree that they will tell customers that's what they are doing.
4- If taking a break, it is not okay to take off with all the personal possessions of the client & go wherever they want.
5- I am interested in what they feel is fair. As far as I can tell they think what they did was okay. It is NOT okay.
6- Mostly I want other people to know so they don't use them.

06/10/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

This company is a band of thieves! They keep some of your property on the truck in hopes you don't notice they're stealing from you!
My move date of service was 4/8/2015. The contract was to move my personal property (furniture, boxes of clothes, appliances, electronics, etc.) from my Arlington, TX apartment to my mother's garage in Fort Worth, TX for temporary storage. The movers were somewhat professionaltoo much small talk if you ask me. They only had to wrap a few furniture pieces, but everything else was boxed and ready to move. They loaded the truck in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. One of the last items they loaded, was my 32" Sanyo CRTV with the remote taped to the top. They followed me to the drop off location. My mother and I were in and out of the house as they unloaded my items into 1 side of her 2 car garage. It only took them about 45 minutes to unload the truck. At the conclusion, I asked (my mother witnessed) the movers, Sean and J.W., if the items covered with a blanket on the truck were mine; their response was that they were items for donation. On that token, my mother asked if they would take an old 10' basketball goal for donation. They obliged. I made my cash payment which was $158 for the move, and the rest in tip. I did a quick glance over the stacked items in the garage, and then signed the drop-off line of the contract. Everything appeared to be there and in order. I did not discover my missing TV until I began to move my items myselfto my new home on 5/9/2015. I immediately contacted ***** ********, the owner, to lodge my complaint. After being a bit defensive and unprofessional (he hung up in my face at one point), he said he would investigate and call me later. He did leave a voice message saying they located my TV and would arrange to bring it to me. However, my calls the remainder of that day and for the next 36 hours went unanswered. When we spoke, he forwarded me to his transporation supervisor, *****, who said none of the TVs in their warehouse matched the description I gave. He said he would continue to look and contact me with his findings. He did not and another 12 hours passed before I called him back. I told him per the terms of the contract, I submitted my complaint in writing to the owner via email and printed copy via the USPS. He never responded to my email, and I had to follow up with the supervisor who offered me a TV from a collection of TVs they just happened to have "on hand". After days of disputing with the supervisor over the resolution, I requested a refund which the owner hastily denied. He tried to force these used TVs on me. My contention is that the company operates in this manner all the time and is an organized ban of thieves!

Desired Settlement
I am requesting a refund of $180 on the basis of poor service. Furthermore, I am asking that they replace my stolen TV with a comparable TV or in the alternative, pay me for the fair market value of my TV.

Total = $180 + cost of TV

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