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Marc Samuels Jewelers

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (5)
03/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a Rolex watch. It was financed as a house account as my best friend of 30 years did a lot of business with them. When I got back to Waco,TX where I reside, the watch stopped working. I had just recently purchased the watch, however, my Watchmaker let me know the watch needed to be serviced and also asked me was I aware the Rolex watch did not have a Rolex watch band on it. I contacted **** ******** however they just "blew me off."

Desired Settlement
1. I will not give the watch back to **** ******* as it is very sentimental to me, as well as my Lawyer will not allow **** ******* to view the FAKE watch they sold me.2. I EXPECT a replacement Rolex with a jubilee two toned band,gold face and small gold gold and diamond bezel.3. If I do not receive the replacement watch, not only will we be going to court, but, billboards will be purchased along with numerous newspaper ads *******************************************************************

Business Response
we emailed the customer that we will provide him with a replacement

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The jeweler wants to send me a replacement watch and make sure it is an appropriate replacement. However, the jeweler wants me to send my watch back. As stated in my comlaint, the watch does not run and has a FAKE band. I received the watch because my best friend of 30 years got the watch for me and it is very sentimental.

08/08/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Unable to receive promised documents for diamond. Now unsure my diamond is what they say it is.
I've been in contact with the store through email since February 2014 of this year. We purchased my upgraded diamond through them and at the time we purchased the diamond we requested the certificate and appraisal to be mailed to us. I have numerous emails corresponding back and forth with the store manager promising they would get my certificate and appraisal to me. It never came until the week of July 21st when I mailed a letter to the store (via certified mail) with a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope. When I received the documents the EGL certificate I was sent was NOT the correct diamond. Currently I am disputing that the diamond specs they provided me with are even accurate as they sent me a random EGL certificate and seem to not have any information or documentation to ease my mind that the certificate they will be sending is the correct one. I emailed the store on July 28th stating the documents they sent were NOT the correct ones and have not received a response. I've sent a letter on July 29th to their store (again with a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope) asking for a return of my CORRECT certificate and a detailed invoice for my balance with the store. I have not received anything back yet and even upon receipt I am unsure I feel confident the certificate is the one that matches the stone I received. I feel I have tried to resolve this issue with the store in a civil manner and have gotten nowhere.

Desired Settlement
I would like confirmation of my diamond's specs at the cost of the store either through independent appraisal or alternative means. Certification of my diamond through EGL or GIA at the cost of the store or refund in full of monies paid to the store and return of the diamond until such documents can be produced.

Business Response
We apologize for the delay in deliverance of the documentation, and we understand the frustration involving this matter, we are diligently working to provide the customer with all the documentation.

04/01/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Was told my ring was no longer available for repurchase and had been sent to be melted. 1.5 years later, my exact ring is sitting in their cabinet.
I was told my ring was no longer available for repurchase around June 2012 and had been sent to be melted. Instead I was forced to purchase a new ring just like it. I took it home and decided I should not have purchased a new ring, took it back two days later and they charged me $350 since they had to custom build it. 1.5 years later, March 23rd, 2014, my exact ring is sitting in their cabinet for sale. It was advertised as a certified diamond which I know it is not, it is an un-certified diamond earring stud. It was listed for $20,000.00 which I only paid $4000.00 brand new including the matching wedding band around September 2007. Now it the new high price does not even include the matching wedding band.

Desired Settlement
I would like my $350 back that I had to pay for them to rebuild a new ring like my original ring since they said my original ring had been sent to be melted and no longer available for repurchase.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ***
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: 3000 grapevine mills mall suite 301 grapevine Tx 76051
Coustmer came to the store on the weekend ,and issue was resolved there was lil confusion in the matter but every thing was taken care .coustmer did leave with big smile .... Thanks BBB to be around so we could make sure all of our clients are 100 % satisfy

10/29/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

1601 Elm Street, Suite#3838
Dallas,Tx, XXXXX
Attn: Complaint Deptartment
JAN 3 1 'nn
Since I travel out-of-state, I would like to communicate with you via email only regarding my enclosed
BBB complaint. You can also call me if you need to discuss anything.
Also, I have proof supporting my claim.
I will make it available to BBB Complaint department only for their independent verification. I don't
want the business having access to my proof since they have already destroyed evidence recently.
Any questions, please give me a call.
BBB Complaint:
Date Created: 1/28/2013
Date Faxed: 1/29/2013
Fax Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Marc Samuels Fine Jewelers
3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy Ste 301
Grapevine, TX XXXXX
Owner: ********** (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Manager: ************* (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Complaint History:
On 5/29/2012, I did a google search for "wholesale jewelers" grapevine texas.
Among the list of google responses was the above jewelery store: Marc Samuels Fine Jewelers.
I visited the Grapevine location store(see above) the same day with my fiance and asked them if they
were indeed "wholesale jewelers" like they advertised on google and both the manager and owner
confirmed they were indeed "wholesale jewelers".
Plus every other sentence from the manager and owner, during the sale was "we are a wholesale
They(owner and manager) quoted me $10,000 for an engagement ring as the "wholesale cost" of the
ring. Also they said the ring was worth retail to another retail jeweler "$18,000" and on eBay the
value was upwards to $25,000+ and up.
Since I had to fly out of town the next day for work, and since I didn't know anything about engagement
rings, and since I did not have time to verify their information, I took them at their word regarding the
value mentioned.
In December, 2012, a few days before Christmas, I had the ring appraised by 2 different diamond
wholesale experts. They said the appraisal was grossly overstated and ring was worth the following:
Wholesale Diamond Experts(2 different ones):
* Wholesale: $3300
* Resale to retail Jeweler: $4400 to $5500.
* eBay Impossible to sell
Marc Samuels "Wholesale" Jewelers:
$25,000 or more
Marc Samuels Jewelers assured me that I would be able to sell this ring on eBay for a bove price. Since I
don't have a track record on eBay like a normal store would haveI'm not able to sell this ring on eBay.
I called the owner, Sunday, 12/23/2012, and said I would like to return the ring for a 100% refund due to
this major, disturbing, discrepancy on many levels(see above).
The owner said:
* "No refunds"
* Interrupted me every other word
* "Told me to wait until after Christmas to discuss this"
(Note: Inside the jewelery industry, a wholesale jeweler told me "Marc Samuels has a terrible
reputation for fraud, bankruptcy, lack of ethics, complaintsexactly like my case above")
2009 thru 2012:
Eleven additional customers claiming "Complete Rip-Off". "Lack of Ethics"-Marc
Samuels Jewelers (same as my case).
I have proof that everything I have previously said is completely accurate. In addition, the owner
knows, everything previously detailed, is 100% accurate and non-disputable.
Since this is a case of simple, intentional, deliberate, on-going, fraud, and since I am not the first or only
person to be duped and tricked like this (ten exact complaints in 3 year period ending November,
2011: plus one more reported complaint in 2012all stating the exact same thing: "complete ripoff".
"Lack of ethics" "color, clarity, and grading that they (Marc Samuels) said it was, was
"WAY OFF". Then he asked me what I paid and told me I was cheated!!") (see below web
Since the owner knowingly sold me this ring over 3+ times more than the actual, valid, price(see above),
this proves a pattern of fraud and deception as the owner's normal, on-going, way of doing business as
Proposed Resolution:
I am requesting the following resolution to my fraud complaint:
**********, owner, Marc Samuels Fine Jewelers:
* Buys back the ring from me for $10,000.(same as he charged me).
* Only responses, from owner, in writing, emailed to me, will be accepted as accurate.
* If my resolution is 100% accepted, by owner, in writing, and I receive my $lQ,QOQ,(certified
checkheld until it clears), my complaint will be "resolved" and I will return the ring to him.

Business' Initial Response

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to explain the engagement ring purchase of **** and ****** in May of 2012. The couple came into Marc Samuels Jewelers very excited to choose their engagement ring. After sometime of looking and trying they came into a conclusion that they would like to have their own one of a kind custom ring. We took the design details, gave them a time frame and went on to the finances. The purchase amount was over the amount approved through the financing system, therefore the owner of Marc Samuels Jewelers agreed to let the couple do the in-house financing for the remainder balance, which is still unpaid. After a few days the couple came back to pick the ring up along with all the paperwork. They were happy and left feeling very excited. A few months later **** came into Marc Samuels Jewelers saying that the engagement got "called off" and that they "broke up". She asked us to send the appraisal to ****** as she "didn't want to see him ever again". We did our part and went ahead and faxed him the appraisal. We didn't receive a confirmation or anything else from ******. Mid December ****** contacted us wanting to return the ring, when he was very clear that we do not accept refunds and we do exchanges only 7 days after the purchase. However we wanted to help him out, so we told him that it is Christmas season and we are extremely busy so to please contact us during the month of January. So he did, and we offered him to get store credit, or to pick something for himself for the equivalent value. Marc Samuels Jewelers is a Jewelry store, not a Marriage guarantee department, which is why we do not guarantee that if the marriage/engagement/relationship does not last we will take the jewelry back. No business would guarantee that! Marc Samuels is always very clear with it's customers about its return and exchange policies. We do understand our customers concerns and we are always willing to work a way through. Personal life events like break ups do not provide a substantial basis for us to violate our business policies. The Jewelry was used for its intended purpose for almost a year. We are all about customer service and do everything to satisfy our customers, which is why we are still willing to help our customer and let him exchange the ring for either store credit or any other item with the same value.

Consumer's Final Response
Page#1: Original Sales Price/ Original Sales Slip/Credit Card Amount: $10,000.00 (5/29/2012).
Page#2: Original Ring Appraisal: Total Retail Replacement Value: $17,786.00

2 independent 3rd party diamond experts said the actual value is $3300 or less.(see below email).

To-date, I've confirmed 3 lies from owner, Marc Samuels Jewelers:
1. He originally said he was a "retail jewelery store only, not wholesale." He confirmed he was "wholesale" when I said I had non-refutable evidence.
2. He put false information into my ring's appraisal. (Retail Replacement Value: $17,786.00) Why ? To falsely elevate the price. Further way to defraud me with unnecessary high insurance payments. (Confirmed by 3rd party diamond expert)
3. He said I only paid him 2 payments of $250.00 each (Total = $500.00) .

I went back thru my credit card statements and confirmed I paid Marc Samuels Jewelers $3,000 and
paid $475.00 to the 3rd party finance company.(Total paid = $3,475.00 to both parties).

The above uncovered lies prove the owner does not tell the truth about anything.
He lies as on a daily basis as his way of doing business.(At least 10 people have filed identical online fraud complaints thru November, 2011describing the exact same situation as mine)
(3rd party diamond expert said: Inside the jewelery industry, Marc Samuels has a very, very, bad reputation")

Please add this new content to my online web complaint.(see above & below).

Thanks for your help.

****** ******
(214) XXX-XXXX

My Key Complaint:

***, owner, Marc Samuels Jewelers, Grapevine store, is guilty of:
1. Gross commercial fraud
2. Gross consumer deception
3. Gross rip-off
4. Gross Commercial false advertizing.

(See further details in my original complaint).

My resolution:

I would like to recover the following from ***, Marc Samuels Jewelers, Owner:
Original cost of the ring: ($10,000):
1. Marc Samuels pays off the 3rd party finance company ($6,000)
2. Refund to me from Marc Samuels ($3,000) & from third party finance company ($475.00).
I went back thru my credit card statements and confirmed I paid Marc Samuels Jewelers $3,000 and
paid $475.00 to the 3rd party finance company.(Total paid = $3,475.00 to both parties).
3. 100% cancellation of my debt with both Marc Samuels Jewelers & third party finance company

1. Receive 100% of my costs to prove my claim(for 3rd party diamond wholesaler verification).(To-date: $125.00)
2. All debts and credit complaints associated with this ring show online & elsewhere (with all credit bureau companies): "paid in full. Zero balance. Paid on-time. Satisfactory resolution".

In return:
1. Marc Samuels Jewelers gets the ring back

Original Message
From: ************
To: *****
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 2:42 PM
Subject: Diamond Ring

Dear ******,

I would be interested in purchasing the diamond 1.50ct Oval for $2,800.00
and the mounting 5.4grams 18K white gold, with 1.35ctw side diamonds total
$ 500.00
The total amount $ 3,300.00 with being able to verify the center diamond by
removal for weighing.
Thank You,

Venable Diamonds & Co.
Diamonds & Estate Jewelry
100 Highland Park Village 2nd Floor
Original Message
From: ****** ******
To: *****
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 4:42 PM
Subject: Fw: Questions: My Online Complaint Web Link: Dallas,Tx: BBB: Complaint# XXXXXXXX:


I have:
1. Not received business response to me sent on 3/12(from status of my online web complaint link): I left phone message for Complaint dept and have not heard back.
2. 4 questions (see email below).

Can you do me a favor and please forward my questions and the above problem onto the complaint dept ?

Thanks for your help.

****** ******
(214) XXX-XXXX

Original Message
From: ****** ******
To: Complaints
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 4:36 PM
Subject: Questions: My Online Complaint Web Link: Dallas,Tx: BBB: Complaint# XXXXXXXX:


I have not received the following information found in my online complaint web link:

"03/12/2013 Forward Business response to Consumer"

I have not received the content of the business response to me (the consumer) that my online web link said was forwarded to me by BBB on 3/12.
Today's date is 3/18.

Q1: How do I get a copy of this ?
Q2: When can I get a copy of this ?

Q3: Is this the only way(via email) to update my online web link ?
Q4: Or can I update my online complaint web link somehow online ?

Thanks for your help.

****** ******
(214) XXX-XXXX

Original Message
From: ****** ******
To: Complaints
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 6:52 PM
Subject: Re: Update to MY RESOLUTION: Dallas,Tx: BBB: Complaint# XXXXXXXX: LATEST UPDATE

Will your department update my online complaint content(with my updates belowsee both below emails) via my online complaint web link ?
When can I refer questions to this updated online complaint content ?
I have a manager from Marc Samuels asking me about this.
Thanks for your help.

****** ******
(214) XXX-XXXX

02/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased engagement ring. After some time and professional help, I've found I was severely misled into purchasing a roughly $300 ring for $1,650.
A couple years back, I was in search of an engagement ring to present to my then girlfriend for Christmas. After many stops, I had come into Marc Samuels @ Grapevine Mall. After browsing and some talking with the staff, I had honed in a ring I liked. I was advised this ring was 1ct(.5 center and .5in the band), white gold, SI1 & G in color. Originally they wanted me to purchase for $2,100. I thought I had done good by negotiating down to $1,650 after a couple days. So I purchased, thinking I had got a reasonable deal, and a good product.
Well, me and my then girlfriend didn't work out and she never got the ring. I've been holding onto it, thinking I may use it in the future. Even paying in full to Wells Fargo(Marc Samuels set up financing through them).
I've since decided I wouldn't want to give something to someone that was intended for someone else. So I tried taking to 3 appraisers to get a value on what I might sell the ring for. Of course I am not expecting to receive what I paid for it. However when the first appraiser advised He'd give me $350 for the ring, I was appalled. He then proceeded to say, he actually wouldn't even buy it from me. This happened 2 additional times. Each of the appraisers advising the ring in fact was only .8ct(.3 in the center and .5 in the band) I worth maybe $300-$375 tops.
No big deal right? Wrong, it doesn't stop there. I was also told the quality of the diamond was not SI1. Between the 3 professionals I was advised this is I1 on the verge of I2. The color they agreed was leaning more towards H. I1, H is very different than SI1, G. Now I know I am not a diamond expert, and I wasn't buying a $10,000 ring, but I still expect to be given the accurate information when making a big purchase. I would like this situation to be remedied.

Desired Settlement
I would like Marc Samuels to correct their error, by purchasing the ring back from me. It's been safely stored in a safe for a while now and not used or exposed to any weathering. Since they had no problem selling me this ring, I have no reason to believe Marc Samuels Jewelers should have any issue purchasing this product back from me. I hope we can come to a reasonable solution to this very disheartening issue.

Business Response
hello ******, This is ali from marc samuels jewelers at grapevine mills. I have emailed you previously to try to resolve this issue. Please contact me at XXXXXXXXXX or email me back so we can discuss this matter. This is my second attempt to contact you and help you out with this issue. Please reply.
Thank you

*** ******
(Celebrity Jeweler)
Marc Samuels Jewelers

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