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BBB began including the text of consumer complaints and business responses in BBB Business Reviews on 07/01/2013 for complaints filed on 01/01/2013 and thereafter. This includes all complaints that meet our reporting guidelines and that are filed electronically. We also report on the resolution of the complaint, as determined by BBB.

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Problems with Product / Service3
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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
08/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Replacement Resource provided me a hunting rifle with a defective trigger. Mr. ***** refuses to repair the defective rifle.
I had items stolen from my storage unit. Safeco hired Resource to replace the items. A Remington 30-06 hunting rifle they sent me has a defective trigger mechanism that can accidentally discharge a round.

I asked that Resource make arrangements to correct the defect. The defect has been widely known since 2006 and Remington recently settled a lawsuit regarding this rifle. Mr. *** ***** of Resource claims this is my problem to recitfy since the recall was issued a few days after they shipped the rifle to me.

I asked Mr. *** ***** twice if they knew of the trigger defect and he refused to answer the question. I find it reprehensible that he would deny any responsibility to address and recitfy this potentially deadly rifle issue.

Individuals can, and have been, injured and moratally wounded because of this defect, yet Mr. ***** feels comfortable washing his and the company's hands of this issue.

I have an email string that I can send to the BBB documenting our contact if you require further detail.

On the bright side Bryan Bynum, an employee of Resource, had offered to send a UPS label to deliver the rifle back to Remington and be the middle-man to rectify this issue. Bryan was extremely helpful and professional during the process of search and delivery of the replacement weapons that were stolen from me. So it comes as no surprise that he wanted to make right this issue.

However, it appears that Mr. *** ***** has used his authority to obstruct Bryan's attempts to rectify the problem.

In conclusion, the rifle that Replacement Resource sent to me is hazardous and can be accidetally lethal even when used with the utmost care and safety afforded to firearm handling. I believe Mr. *** ***** and Replacement Resource have long known of the defective trigger because they have a Federal Firearms License. Anyone with an FFL and a modicum of reading about the industry over the last 8 years would be aware of the trigger defect. The fact that Mr. *** ***** refuses to answer whether or not they knew this rifle had defects is indicative of their prior knowledge.

The gross negligence and willful disregard for the safety of others Mr. *** ***** and Replacement Resource exhibit regarding distribution of these rifles without so much as a warning notice is intolerable.

I initially asked that they simply rectify the issue yet Mr. *** ***** chooses to deny responsibility for the defective rifle. I am still asking that Resource spend their time and money to correct the defective weapon they sent to me. That is all I want, yet they refuse.

Desired Settlement
I would like Replacement Resource to make arrangements to have the rifle repaired at their expense for shipping and time. I do not believe that I should have to spend my money and time to repair the hazardous rifle that they sent to me.

I also want an apology letter or email from Mr. *** ***** for his attempt to relieve himself and Replacement Resource of the responsibility of correcting their error and heaping the task upon me. The apology does not need to include the ugly details of his misgivings. It just needs to be a sincere apology for his actions and poor decisions. I truly believe a little humility would benefit him. Thank you.

Business Response
July 29, 2014
BBB Complaint Resolution Departme nt
Dallas, TX
Sent Via Email: **************@**************
Ins ura nce Replacement Specialists
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. ******'s complaint. Our company provided
replacement firearms and other items as resolution for a claim he filed under his insurance
policy. The firearm in question, a Remington Model 700, was shipped to Mr. ******'s local FFL
dealer for transfer on April 3, 2014. Remington issued a recall on the firearm on April 14, 2014.
Remington notified all consumers who registered their firearms of the recall with information on
how to proceed to determine if their firearm was a part of the recall and specific instructions to
follow to have the firea rm repaired at no cost to the consumer.
Mr. ****** contacted his insurance company on June 25th after attempting to sell the firearm, at
which time he states he was informed of the recall by the consigning dealer. We had
correspondence with Mr. ****** about the serial number and determined his firearm was
indeed a part of the recall. We provided Mr. ****** with the proper steps to have his firearm
repaired thru Remington. I have included the emails between Mr. ****** and our company for
your reference. As demonstrated in these emails, we have addressed Mr. ******'s questions.
The BBB complaint indicates Mr. ******'s desired resolution would be to have the firearm
picked up and repaired. This service is provided by Remington as a part of the recall. As
indicated below, directly from Remington's webs ite , they will send him pre-paid shipping tags
and boxes. He will not incur any expense to have the firearm repaired under this recall.
To partic ipate in the recall, please follow the instructions below:
STEP I Visit or ca ll ************** (Prompt #3 then
Prompt # 1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.rn. to 5 p.m. EDT. You will be
asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and rifle(s) serial
STEP 2 Upon rece ipt ofthe informat ion requested in Step 1, Remington will send
you pre-paid shipping tags, boxes and written instructions. Remington will
cover all related shipping, inspection, and cleaning charges. Please ONLY
return your rifle with the designated shipping tags and boxes, as they are marked to expedite the
rifle to a dedicated Remington facility.
Since this issue is a manufactures defect/recall and we are not a Remington Authori zed Repair
Center, our hands are tied to assist Mr. ****** further. We have provided him with all pertinent
information to have his problem resolved at no cost to him. We assisted him as far as we are
allowed to by Rerninqton by researching the serial number and advising him of Remington's
proposed solut ion. Remington has taken responsibility for the defective merchand ise and has
been responsible in issuing the recall and correcting the problem with no cost to their
Best Regards,
**** *****

see attachment

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The question I asked of *** ***** is if he or anyone at Replacement Resource KNEW of the defective trigger mechanism. Twice he refused to answer that specific question. It is clear to me they knew the rifle was defective, however they shipped it to me anyway without any warning whatsoever.

It is clear that *** and **** ***** do not care that they issue defective and potentially lethal replacement products. I find this reprehensible to the nth degree. They do not know if I am experienced with firearms and inherited the rifles or if I have no firearm experience at all. Yet *** and **** ***** are comfortable with supplying defective replacement rifles to me and the general public. Good ***** do they have any conscience at all!

I renew my request that Replacment Resource spend their time and money to have this defective rifle they sent to me repaired. I also renew my request that ***, and now **** *****, issue and apology to me for sending me a defective rifle and placing the effort to have it repaired upon me. I also ask that they notify people of defects they are aware of.

Fortunately, I am an experienced hunter and a military veteran, so I know how to handle a weapon. As such, I am making a complaint with the VA and contacting my local representative to complain about Replacement Resource's gross ignorance or gross disregard for the welfare of US Veterans. I am proposing a bill to prevent Replacement Resource from issuing firearms to any US Veteran since those firearms may be defective and hazardous to military verterans and those they interact with.

I am also starting a petition on to encourage Safeco and other insurance companies to cease business relationships with Replacement Resource. Since it is unknown what other defective products (cribs, mattresses, car seats, firearms, etc.) that Replacement Resource may have supplied to the public with knowledge of the defect but with no actual recall from the manufacturer Replacement Resource and *** and **** ***** should no longer be considered responsible resources. They lack the integrity to consider public safety and no further transactions should occur with *** or **** ***** or any company they are involved with. Public safety should always be foremost in any responsible person's mind, however this is not the case with *** and **** *****.

This concludes my response. Thank you for your time.

*** ******

01/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Received the wrong item; poor customer service experience in attempting to exchange; ReSource says I cannot exchange/return the item
I began working with ReSource in mid-August to replace items through an insurance claim. The replacement agent, Stephen ********** and I were able to work out a substitution for two items. An HP laptop was to be replaced with an iPad and case. LG and Toshiba televisions were to be replaced with one Samsung television. I never received confirmation or tracking information for the shipped items, as the website states. The first item that arrived was the incorrect HP laptop, not the iPad requested. Upon calling the agent, he admitted the mistake and said that he would get a return shipping label to me promptly. I did not receive the label until a week later and after having to call to check on it. Shortly after, I received one of the incorrect televisions and discussed the situation with the agent. He, again, admitted the mistake, confirmed that a second incorrect television was also shipped, and offered to send return shipping labels.

A few days after shipping the HP laptop back to ReSource, I received the same package back in the mail. After speaking with the agent, he stated that the only way it would have been sent back is if the item were used. I stated that the item had never been turned on or even taken out of his package, but I did remove the tape from the manufacturer's packaging to review the item. As the company website states, some replacement items may not be the same brand as the original because "the current 'like kind and quality' replacement is on a lengthy back-order". Had the HP product been similar in "like kind and quality" to the iPad, there would have been no issue and I would have kept the product.

Had the correct item been shipped, as discussed, in the first place, there would have been no issue. If communication of the shipping process and company policies had been better, the issue may have been avoided. For a company that places such great emphasis on customer service and their reputation of customer satisfaction on their website, I am less than impressed with the follow through.

Began working with ReSource: August 14th, 2013
Sales Rep: ******* *********
Product Requested: 16 GB Apple iPad with Retina Display, black, wi-fi with gray Apple Smart Case
Product Received: HP Envy dv6-7211NR Laptop
Payment Amount: $550
Payment Method: Paid through insurance

Desired Settlement
Ultimately, I would just like to receive the item that I originally requested. I am open to whichever procedure is the easiest and most efficient for both parties: exchange, replacement, refund, etc.

Business Response
We apologize for the delayed reply. We did not receive any prior communication from BBB on this consumer.
We are contracted by the consumer's insurance company to replace their lost or stolen items with like kind and quality replacement items. The consumer had an HP laptop so we were contractually obligated to replace it with another HP laptop of like kind and quality. However, the consumer contacted our representative, ******* ********** after the items shipped and requested an IPAD instead. ******* worked hard for the consumer to get permission from management to make this exchange and advised the consumer that the best way to do the exchange was for him to refuse the shipment of the HP laptop that had not been received by him yet. ******* thoroughly explained that we cannot take back computer items that are opened or used so refusing the package would be best so we could send him out the IPAD. The consumer accepted shipment of the HP laptop and even opened it and used it prior to returning it to us. He had been informed that we could not take back open or used computer items. However, he made the decision to open and use it prior to sending it back to us. If he wanted the IPAD instead, why did he open and use the HP? We are unable to accept a return of a used computer item. He also requested that he be allowed to return the two televisions we shipped him and receive a larger one instead. The televisions came back unopened and unused so we exchanged them for a larger one as agreed. All of these changes were not discussed with ******* ********* prior to shipping the items. All of the shipping back and forth was at our expense to accommodate this consumer. We have acted in good faith and attempted to take very good care of him by exchanging the items that were unopened and covering the freight on the returned and new item as well.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I appreciate a response, no matter how long it was delayed; however, this is truly an insult to me. It is clear that the author of this response and the administrators at RSA either did not read the original complaint or are choosing to completely ignore their customer's words, in favor of their employee's. While understandable, this is disturbing as a consumer.

The items being substituted for were agreed upon before any other items had been shipped. ******* understood this and said that it would be no problem. Upon receiving the wrong item, I contacted *******, at which point he admitted to "FUBAR"ing and apologized. He sent a return shipment label for the item, and I returned it as soon as possible. It was not until I received the same laptop back and contacted ******* again that I was made aware that a 'used' item could not be returned. Further, as was stated in the original complaint and apparently ignored by RSA in their response, the laptop has not ever been used. A piece of tape was simply removed from the manufacturer's box so that I could be sure that I did, in fact, receive the wrong item.

I assure you that I would not have spent a number of hours in trying to resolve this issue if there was any doubt in my mind that this was the fault of anyone other than RSA. I will not be accepting this response, nor removing my complaint. Further, my insurance company has been notified of this issue, so as to (hopefully) prevent having another individual have to endure a nightmare like this. I would recommend that RSA either not allow substitute products in the future or ensure that their employees know how to properly perform the task.

12/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This is a complaint in reference to a Mitsubishi 60' Projection Television received from Replacement Source as covered by Safeco.
On or about April 26, 2012, the residence of the ****'s was struck by lightning which immediately caused a fire at residence. The lightning force, surge and resulting fire caused damage to many of the electrical appliances, the major electrical supply box to the residence, all computers, telephones, security system, yard lighting, fixtures, sprinkler system, radios, intercom system, dryer, clothing, carpet, structural damage and numerous other damage.

A claim was promptly filed with Safeco Insurance, assigned to agent, ****** ******** and the recovery process, fire and water damage clean-up and other repairs began. At the instruction of Ms. ********, we were put in contact with Replacement Source, Inc., and instructed Replacement Source, Mr. ******* ******** would be responsible for replacement of a majority of the personal property items. As such Mr. ******** would identify the item to be replaced, research his vendor for the specific item, purchase the item through his vendor and have the item(s) delivered.

At no time were the ****'s involved in the selection of the vendor, nor were they provided with receipts, warranties or any other manufacturer details. This was certainly the case as it relates to the replacement item, Mitsubishi 60" Projection Television. The ****'s were totally reliant upon the products sent by Replacement Source, Inc., and was told specifically by Ms. ****** ********, agent for Safeco, that there was not any flexibility as to replacement items and vendors selected.

She been required to obtain assistance in the movement of the television, on two occasions. The explosions have occurred without any notice or indication such was about to occur. The last incident occurred at 3:30a.m. on Tuesday morning, August 6, 2013, just four months from the first occurrence.

The first occurrence happened on or about April 17, 2013, when suddenly there was a loud explosion then the smell of smoke or something burning. Immediately at the time of the first occurrence, Replacement Source was contacted. Emails will show that both Mr. ******* ******** and Mr. *** *****, Manager for Mr. ******** was told of the concerns with the manner of the explosion in the television and both insisted the television could not be replaced but offered a repair option based upon what they "guessed" was the problem based upon speaking with technicians with Mitsubishi. They never expressed any concern for the "burning" smell coming from the television nor the concerns of ****** ****, as she explained her concern of being alone as a result of the death of ***** **** and the explosive nature of the situation.

Replacement Sources,Inc., insisted the best they could do would be to order a lamp part, which they stated was the cause and send a repair person, which was done. However within four months the same occurs, again.

Replacement Source never stated there was a history of problems with this television, which was well known or should have been by Replacement Resource, Inc., based upon media coverage. Records will show the television which had been sent to the ****'s was discontinued due to repeated lamp problems and had a known history of lamp explosions.

Further Replacement Source, Inc., knew or should have known due to the nature of their business and in their normal course of business, the type of products which are being sent to customers.

Desired Settlement
After a thorough investigation of this matter I seeking your assistance with the following:

(1.) I would like to receive a replacement television, in like size and value; or

(2.) A check in the amount of $ 7, 500.00 which would allow for the purchase of a similar television such as Samsung with warranty package, extended service agreement, delivery and set-up, cost reimbursement for assistance with moving television on two occasions, cost for mailings and other related cost .

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: *** *****, VP
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ******
ReSource was brought into the ****'s homeowner insurance claim by Safeco. Our role was to evaluate the damaged items for current like, kind and quality replacement products. We spoke with Mrs. **** regarding her items and inquired if she needed help in replacing them. With her verbal approval and the adjuster's approval, we coordinated the shipping of the replacement items.

One of the items damaged was a projection television. The current replacement model was the Mitsubishi DLP. Mitsubishi was the only manufacturer that made a projection style television at the time of her loss. ReSource arranged the purchase and delivery of the new television to her from Best Buy. Mitsubishi has a 1 year warranty on their televisions. As stated in the Owners Manual and online at

After approximately 11 months of ownership, the bulb went out on the Mitsubishi television. Mrs. **** notified us of the problem and we coordinated with Mitsubishi to replace the bulb and pay for the installation. Mitsubishi would cover the cost of the bulb under her warranty, but would not cover the cost to install it. Although we were not liable for this issue, as a measure of good faith we elected to absorb the cost to install the bulb to be certain Safeco had a happy customer. Mrs. **** recently notified us that a similar problem has occurred again and would like to return the TV and get a new one. We notified Mitsubishi of her concerns and wishes. Mitsubishi told us that the warranty has expired and they would not help any further. The bulb on these televisions has a life expectancy based on the amount of usage and various environmental factors that are out of the control of the manufacturer.

We notified Mrs. **** that Mitsubishi would not assist us with her problem and that the warranty had expired. Best Buy has a 30 day return policy as does ReSource. The television can not be returned for credit nor can we take it back after 15-16 months of use.

We notified Safeco Insurance of the situation and reviewed the facts with management. They feel that we (ReSource) have fulfilled our responsibilities in this matter. They also notified us that they will work with Mrs. **** to address her concerns and see if they can make this unfortunate situation better.

I was notified this morning that Safeco has made an offer to Mrs. **** to purchase the Mitsubishi Television from her and this is being handled by their legal dept and I may no longer have any contact with her. I do not have any additional details of the offer but will be notified of the final outcome.

I believe this complaint should be removed from our BBB report as the matter is between herself, her insurance company and the manufacturer of the product. At this point, we are not allowed any contact with her to assist in any way so our hands are totally tied on finding a resolution for her. However, I feel certain Safeco will address her issues in a timely manner and find a solution that will be acceptable.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This response is not acceptable due to the following.
(1) No settlement has in fact occurred,
(2) Replacement Source has knowingly participated in deceptive business practices when they knew or should have known the product sent to the home of a disabled, wheelchair veteran was defective and had a stated history of such by the manufacturer,
(3) Replacement Source participated in deceptive business practices when they failed to provide the customer with all warranties, sales documentation at the time of the sale, thereby creating an atmosphere and appearance of deception,
(4) Replacement Source failed to provide customer with reasonable responses and accountability when they knew or should have known the product provided by and through their agents were defective and had a history of such, nationally and internationally.

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