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Imperial Glass TX

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)
04/23/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I had a full enclosure glass shower for my bathroom installed about a year and half ago and it never work right.
About a year and a half ago, I pay $1800 for ********* from Imperial glass to install a full enclosure shower glass for my master bathroom. Eversince then, the shower door never close correctly because it keep rubbing. I called every other months they come out adjusted and messed up again. After about six times since then I realized may be it was not cut right or something and ask ********* or the owner to come out and find a permanent fix for it and cutting the glass door or the other piece of glass smaller so it won't rub and none of them ever return my calls or response to my request. his last time the sent two guys out to fix it in beginning of December of this year and it messed up immediately the next day. It seemed to me like they do not honor the product and service they promised me. I have had no enjoyment eversince I had this installed just headache dealing and trying to get them to come out and fix and for it to messed up soon after that. The company got the money and refuse to make it right for the customer.

Desired Settlement
I want the owner to come out and see if the glass door need to be trimmed smaller or whatever it take so it won't rub against the adjacent piece. This is a request that has been ignored by them for a year and a half.

Business Response

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This company operates like crooks where they got your money and ignored all your concerns and refused to make it right. I have called and asked to speak to a manager or owner to get them to come out and look at the problem after he repeatedly sent out inexperience guys who could never fix it right or because the repair has to be done the recutting the glass and no one ever call back and they are never in office. The bathroom was completely remodeled new by professional and not amatures when the salesman came out to measure the glass for installation. So how can it be the bathroom? The problem is his salesman did not make the right measurement and cut the shower glass too big. They cracked my granite piece during installation, the crack is located where the fixed glass sit on when they did the cut and tried to cover it up with silicone.

The whole issue with the shower glass could have been fixed the first time if one of the manager would come and the see that the glass does not fit properly and send it out to have it cut to the proper size. But they want to save couple hundred dollars and ignored me and have their business reputation ruined. They kept dodging me and kept sending out guy to adjust the glass. There are only so much room you can move the glass one way or the other and it even harder to adjust when it is cut wrong. Now I am stuck with the useless shower glass and bathroom I can't use after I spend thousand to remodel and thousands for glass through this company. I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I let people know so they won't be stuck in my situation with this company ever again.

**** ****

01/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Imperial Glass failed to carry out contract for frmeless shower door enclosure. Imperial Glass failed to refund $790.00 deposit.
Imperial Sales Rep Mr.******* did the measurement and contracted with us for the frameless shower door enclosure for $1,580.00 on May 25,2013.
Imperial Glass sent two workers on 6/07/13 for the first time. After working for an hour, workers told me that one of the glass panel is without drilling holes, they had to disassemble what had aleady put up. They packed up everything (glass panels, all hardwares), and said they will come back when that piece of glass panel is ready.
Imperil assigned two different workers came again on 6/14/13. Problem emerged while workers were connecting the first and second panels together (to form 90 degree enclosure). I addressed my concern about that 1st & 2nd panels are tilted and twisted. The lead worker said they will fix it later. Problem got worse more and more when job was progressing into 95% completion. All four panels have already been installed, and workers were working hardly on adjusting seriously tilted door (about 5 degree off plumb). Obviously there is no way they could adjust door back to right position. Since the door is so much out of plumbness that door can not even swing in & out (i.e. the upper portion of door is overlapped with next panel, and lower portion has a big gap)
Workers still tried to utilize the limited tolerance of larger bolt holes on the hinge brackets to adjust. I told them that it is impossible to make it works by sorely adjusting the brackets (because the problem of such off position is due to the consequence of total accumulated erection errors from panel 1 and 2). Now all glass panels are forced in current final position, thus each connector and glass panel are locally subjected to very high stress & tension. It appears to be dangerous to me, my family or anyone using this shower room in the future
(this judgement is based on my knowledge & many years experience as a Licensed Structural Engineer). Thus I temperorily stop workers from proceeding their job, and requested to talk to their boss (Mr. *******). The lead worker talked to Mr. ******* in Spanish over his cell first. Then he handed his cell to me and let me talked to Mr.*******. I told him what the problem is and asked him to come over since he is the one did the measurements. Mr. ******* refused to come nad just said he is no interested in finishing this job and will refund my deposit(which is $790.00).
As long as I have my deposit back, I am not going after him for breaking contract, and those drilling holes left by the workers (made on the tile).
I called Mr. ******* on 6/19/13 for refund status.
He said he will take care of that the following day. Whcich did not happen. Called him again on 6/21/13. This time, Mr. ******* said Imperial Glass will only refund half of my deposit($395.00) for the first time. And since this is a dispute case in my credit card company, Imperial Glass only agrees to refund 30% of my deposit.

Desired Settlement
I am asking Imperial Glass for the full refund of my deposit $790.00 as Mr. ******* promised on 6/14/13. Regardless of Imperial Glass broke his contract with me and damaged my shower room tile.

Business Response
In the month of May 2013, a quote of $1580 was given to the ******* **** family for a 90 degree shower enclosure which was described as a 3/8" frameless clear glass with chrome finish hardware. On May 22, 2013, we received a deposit of $790.00 which is 50% deposit of the grand total. ******* ****'s shower enclosure is composed of five pieces of glass including the door. On 5/28, we ordered such pieces from our main glass supplier. In Mid-June ******* **** was scheduled for installation which we failed to install because the customer did not let the glass intallers work safely. We have to understand that working with glass is a dangerous and delicate job; the fact that the he was in the bathroom while the installation was going on, made it difficult for our installers to move glass and other materials needed for the installation around the bathroom. The installers repeatedly advised Mr. **** to exit the bathroom due to the danger it represented; but he refused to do so and argued that the installation was not correct, when it was not even half way finish. We understand the customer's point of view in trying to see what we were doing and to see if we were doing it correctly, but he should have waited until the shower was finish, and if there was something he didn't agree with he should have pointed out after we were finish not before seeing the final result. ******* **** signed the first page of our diagram agreeing to our price, warranty, and policy. We agree to only refund 30% of the deposit given to cover the cost for glass. I have all the documents to prove all the point made on this statement.

Consumer Response
Without my authority and permission, Imperial Glass adds my wife's name and deposit($790.00)on the contract he keeps. Imperial Glass did not follow Business SOP to fulfill it's obligation in carrying out signed contract. Imperial Glass manipulated
the nature of his wrong doing. Imperial Glass did not keep his promise in refund, instead he kept changing refund money. I am really disappointed at Imperial Glass.

11/20/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My bathroom floor was damaged during the attempted install of my glass shower doors.
I contracted Imperial Glass to remove and re-install my glass shower doors on June 4, 2013 and June 21,2013. Upon the attempted re-install, my stone bathroom floor was scratched. When I told the supervisor in charge ******** about the damage, he sent a representative out to look at the damage. He later said he had insurance that would cover the damage to my floor. After that conversation he stopped accepting my calls. I put in several calls to her personal cell phone and the business number and I was told that someone would get back to me. It's been a couple of months and no action has been taken to resolve this issue. The total cost that I paid them was $590.00 (invoice#XXXXXX). Eventhough they couldn't re-install the glass due to no fault of theirs, the damage was done and i would like it repaired or I would like to be compensated for the damages done. My floor is not a pretty sight.

Desired Settlement
I want a repair to my floor or a refund on the amount I paid $590.00.

Business Response
Ms. *** requested to add Enduro Shield to the existing glass in her shower which we did and charge her the amount of $590.00. The price included the glass protection product and the re-installation of her shower. Ms. *** did some changes to the tile in her shower which changed the measurements of everything, the glass didn't fit anymore and new glass has to be re-order. She disagree and said she will hire someone else, we requested the agreed amount of $590.00 to which she paid. About a week later, she called and said our installers scratched her floor because they dragged the carpet (where we put the glass on) around her floor. The carpet is secure and safe for all types of tile. We had never had any problem like the one she reported unless a glass breaks inside the bathroom, other than that customers have not make such complaints about the carpet we use. There will no be a refund because it is not our fault the customer made changes and make her glass unusable.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The issue is not whether or not I did not believe the glass would fit. The issue is the damage to my bathroom floor. The damage that was done by them not using a drop cloth (or carpet as they stated). This company is flat out lying about the time lapse in me reporting it. I reported the damage the day after it was done (when I noticed it). They sent a representative out to look at the damage and afterwards I was told they would file it on their insurance. Then they started avoiding my calls and now this is the first I've heard that they will not be paying for the damage. I didn't have a problem paying for the work that they had already done. I even told them myself that we made changes and the glass not fitting was the result (I was okay with that). I do not accept this as a good business practice and I would like others to know.

10/07/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Product promised by sales manager was not product delivered. Entity will not deliver correct product though invoice lists correct prodcut.
I purchased a shower enclosure from Imperial Glass Tx in May 2012. My wife and I decided to engage Imperial Glass after they agreed to provide an additional product/treatment, EnduroShield, to the glass of the enclosure we purchased. Guillermo Salazar was the sales manager we conversed with. He came to our house at the beginning of May 2012 to provide us a quote for a shower enclosure. In the quote, he talked about this product that would prevent spotting and mildew. That product was called EnduroShield, and he said it would cost an extra $200 to install. After a week of negotiating, Guillermo agreed to provide the EnduroShield at no extra cost, and we agreed to purchase the enclosure. The installation guys came around May 12, 2012 to install the product, and they even communicated the EnduroShield was on the glass. They installed the product, and I paid Imperial Glass Tx the remaining balance I owed them. About 10 months later, I started noticing rust/corrosion appear around the metal of the enclosure, and significant spotting appearing on the glass. I was unable to clean the glass to remove the spotting. The product I was sold came with a 10 year warranty on the glass and a 3 year warranty on the frame. Because of the warranty, I emailed Imperial Glass Tx on May 20, 2013 with pictures showing the product breakdown and a request for warranty repair. I didn't receive a response from Imperial Glass, so I emailed again on June 5, and Anel from Imperial Glass responded. Anel has been helpful, and is not the owner. She tried to coordinate with Guillermo to come out and look at the damage, but Guillermo stood me up 6 times. Finally, when he came to look at it, he said that my glass doesn't have EnduroShield and it should. He said he would make it right, but he has since failed to do so. I even have a voicemail from Guillermo mentioned that I was having problems with EnduroShield. Clearly, he knows I should have had EnduroShield. The owner and the sales manager claimed they made a mistake even though the invoice has EnduroShield. They said they should have charged me more and will not honor replacing all the glass. They will only replace two panels, but they want to charge me an additional $260 to replace the door...the same door that should have had EnduroShield.

Desired Settlement
I'm simply looking for them to replace all glass with EnduroShield like originally promised, and for them to correct the corrosion issue with the metal.

Business Response
I've been communicating with this customer since he first reported he was having an issue with the metal and the glass. Unfortunately, I was not working for Imperial Glass TX when he ordered from us, I was totally unaware of the situation. We keep files for all our customers, and as I usually do when customers call with issues, I check their files and find out where the problem is. Well, I checked Mr. ****'s files and saw that the glass protection added was the C-10 which I explained to him doesn't have any type of warranty. Yes, on his invoice says Enduro Shield but it also says C-10. When we provided the quote for him, we gave him a "green" copy of the quote where it shows the price and the description of the product he will receive. We quoted the shower $690.00 + $200.00 for the Enduro Shield, he only paid $690.00 and the C-10 was given to him for free! On the diagram that I have on his files says C-10 and the Enduro Shield is scratched out. Mr. **** says that the sales rep sold him everything with the Enduro Shield, I was not there so there's no guaranteed that such thing was said. I explained to him that I cannot go by "she said" "he said". I am going for what his files are saying that no product was purchased. I understand the customer's position, we agreed to change the metal and the (3) panels for him at no cost. We added the Enduro Shield to all three pieces. We will not be changing the door but we offered to clean it for him and to add the C-10 to it. He asked for a quote to change the door and add the Enduro Shield to which we quoted $260.00. I am waiting for a response from the customer before doing anything. I told him that I needed an answer by 9/27 if not answer is received we will recycle the glass we purchased for him.

08/21/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Balance owing in dispute due to costly errors. Company charged credit card against my explicit instructions more than agreed.
Imperial Glass was hired on 6/4 to install 2 shower doors in investment property for sale for $1,900. An initial deposit of $950 was made via American Express with my consent. On 6/14 they came to do the installation but the doors had been measured improperly and needed to be recut. They came back on 6/21 but the doors were damaged and needed to be recut AGAIN. Finally the doors were installed on 6/27, thirteen days after promised. I repeatedly requested a call from the owner, ******* or the manager, *********, but neither responded to my requests. In fact, I was told that the owner as a matter of practice will not speak with customers. I also tried via text by sending *********, the manager/measurer a message on 6/15 to which he never responded.

The continual errors and delays on the part of Imperial Glass prevented me from putting the house up for sale. Each day the property sits un-marketed and unsold costs me $55.17 in interest, $19.33 in property taxes, $9.70 in insurance plus utilities, lost market time etc. The 13 additional days of delay cost me over $1,094.53.

I sent Anel an email on 6/26 explaining how much their errors cost me and indicating that I did not authorize them to charge my American Express, which was used for the deposit, the balance of $950. Anel acknowledged their mistakes and that the delays were costly on my end. However, she said the owner would only agree to $100 discount. Again, I requested to speak with *******, was told no and finally received a call from *********, the manager on July 1.

********* said he understood my position but would follow-up with the owner and get back to me as he was not authorized to offer any compensation. On 7/6 I followed up via text with ********* who said the owner would not agree to provide an additional discount.

Today, I received an email indicating that they charged my American Express $850 which was in direct contradiction to my instructions. When I called to inquire, Anel explained that she was understood how much their errors have cost me but that she was an employee who had no choice but to follow instructions. She also said that she told ******* ******, the owner, that I did not authorize this charge.

Additionally, Anel went on to say that they would repossess one set of doors if the balance wasn't paid. I again explained that I was prepared to pay something but we had not yet agreed upon the amount. Additionally, I warned her that if they broke into my property and created damage or removed the doors, I would be forced to prosecute them for breaking and entering etc.

I have maintained that I was willing to settle the balance owing but Mr. ****** instead opted to charge my credit card without my consent an amount he deemed acceptable to which I never agreed. He has shown poor judgement in how this situation has been handled from the beginning. His threats are being taken seriously and I am taking all steps possible to prevent this unfortunate transaction from escalating into criminal proceedings.

Desired Settlement
I will agree to pay $700 of the remaining balance and not a penny more. In any event, I do not wish to pay it via my American Express which is now over the limit due to this unauthorized charge from Imperial Glass. Please refund either the entire $850 or the $150 that is the amount in dispute.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: IMPERIAL GLASS TX v.*****
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ****
We understand the customer's position. We must take into consideration that this is a construction field, and we are working with such a fragile material like it is glass. We are not trying to justify ourselves; but chipped, scratched glass, incorrect measurements are some of the issues that may arise and the
customer must take them into consideration before contracting a company to do a type of work. In this case she didn't. We agreed that there was a delay on the order, to which we offered $100.00 dollars discount which is a great discount since we had never offer that much of a discount. But the customer believed $100 dollars is nothing compared to what she said she spent. We had to get two pieces of glass remade because one of them the supplier sent it wrong and the other one because it was chipped. We could easily installed a chipped piece of glass for her and she would never noticed it; but for safety hazards to the public we "remade" it under our cost because it had exceed the 48 hours window the supplier give us to return any defective pieces. I tried to contact the customer several times to give her updates of what was going on, I called her on Monday about 2-3 times and never got an answer back until yesterday, 7/9 that she called because we had charged her card for an amount that she didn't agreed to, well we never agreed to give her $200 discount or $150. I clearly told her we **** not give her more than $100. Yesterday when I talked to her she said that she was not going to pay with her credit card but with a check, and she was ONLY going to pay $700.00 which we did not agreed to. If we have to proceed to contact a lawyer to resolve this matter we ****, we **** consider putting a lien on the property until we resolve this matter the best possible way.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This business did not have authorization to charge my credit card as expressly written to the assistant Anel. This business and I have not agreed on what compensation I am to receive in light of the additional expenses I incurred due to their repeated errors. Until a final payment amount can be agreed upon, I do not provide authorization to charge my credit card.

The business agrees that I incurred additional costs but is refusing to agree to a small compensatory amount. The owner refuses to speak with me and Anel is not empowered to make any decisions. I stand by my original complaint. If Imperial Glass can provide proof that I authorized this charge, please do so.

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