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8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 4 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service7
Advertising / Sales Issues0
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Total Closed Complaints8

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06/03/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Cedar fence poles poorly installed. Moderate wind blew over three sections. Upon inspection ALL poles were loose.
In November, 2014, I contracted with Condor fencing to install 530 ft. of 6 ft. cedar fencing with metal poles around my backyard.

On March 16, 2016, the Weatherford area had a storm with winds clocking 40 mph on my weather station. Two sections of my six foot cedar fence blew down. Upon inspection ALL the metal fence poles are loose and some of the fence is leaning. The poles that blew over were cemented into the ground to a depth of 11 in. All of the poles should have been installed at 24 in.! Our fence was the only fence to receive damage in the neighborhood.

After numerous calls and texts, ***** and Mark of Condor finally showed up to inspect the fence on March 28. They assured me they will take care of the issue and satisfy the complaint. ***** and Mark agreed the poles were installed too shallow.

April 11th. A crew shows up to fix the two sections blown down. It appeared to me they were surprised that all the poles needed to be replaced. However, they pulled up and replaced (19) of the (65) poles. Did a good job.

May 10th. I have texted ***** EVERY WEEK since April 11th TO SEE IF THEY ARE GOING TO RETURN. They said the rains have put them behind and that I am on their schedule. There was no schedule date given.

I will keep this complaint open and update as progress is made.

Desired Settlement
Remove and replace the remaining poles and reinstall the fence panels in a timely manor.

Business Response
Unfortunately with all of the rain that we keep getting, it makes giving a firm date to repair the issue a challenge. As he stated, we have reset about 1/3 of the posts as it was too much to complete in one day. I will keep Mr. ********* updated as we get an idea of when we will be back out to replace the remainder of his posts.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I accept Condor Fencing explanation, and know the rains have delayed them, but would like to have the replacement fencing moved up in their scheduling. I will post when the replacement fencing is completed.

04/20/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Condor Fencing installed a residential fence at our home. One of our two fences would not open and the other is difficult to open. Boards are split.
Fence installed 2/6/15 at 208 Indian Trace Lane, Waxahachie, TX.

Payment for the fence was made at the time of construction via credit card.

10/9/15 - I called Jon ***** with Condor Fencing. Mr. Glenn is the sales representative for Condor Fencing and also drew up the specifications for construction of the fence. I advised Mr. Glenn that one of our gates was stuck at the top and bottom and would not open. I further advised him that a number of the boards in the fence were split. Mr. Glenn advised that I should go to the Condor Fencing website, go to the "Request Warranty Work" space and fill out my request. In the request for repairs I noted that one gate was completely inoperative and that several of the boards in the fence had split. I did this on 10/9/15.

11/5/15 - I called Jon ***** to advise we had received no contact from Condor Fencing regarding the request for repairs to the fence.

11/13/15 - I called Jon ***** with Condor Fencing to advise we still had not been contacted regarding the request for repairs. Later that day, Sean ******* came to our home to inspect the fence. At that time he specified the measures that would be needed to repair the gate that would not open including the addition of another steel "vertical" to reinforce the gate. He further advised that the second gate was not properly installed and would need to be adjusted. Mr. ******* also inspected the remainder of the fence and agreed a number of the boards were split and would be replaced and stained to match the remainder of the fence.

12/4/15 - I called Mr. ******* to find out when the repairs would begin. He advised would call me on Monday (12/7/15) to advise a date for the repairs. He did not call on Monday.

12/8/15 - I called Mr. ******* to find out when the repairs would begin. He advised he would call me "next Monday" (12/14/15) and let me know when someone would come and make the repairs. He did not call on 12/14/15.

2/8/16 - I received a voice mail from Mr. ******* advising he would have the fence repairs done "later this week or early next week". No one came to make repairs.

2/22/16 - I left Mr. ******* a voice mail advising him that no one had contacted me regarding the repairs. I also asked that he return my call that day to advise when the repairs would be done. He has not returned my call.

Desired Settlement
Our desired resolution is for Condor Fencing to repair the gates in our fence and to replace and re-stain the split boards in the fence.

Business Response
We are still committed to completing the warranty repairs necessary for your gates and we apologize for the delay in getting it resolved. Unfortunately we have had rain and severe weather events that have caused delays on some of our installations and our schedule got pushed back as a result. I have blocked off Saturday, May 7, 2016 to complete the gate repair on your fence. Please let me know if this will be a good day to come out.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Saturday May 7 is acceptable for the repairs to be made.

12/30/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Automatic gate is not working and Condor Fencing would not return my calls.
After a day that my automatic fence was out of service, I called the owner of Condor Fencing, Shawn Partain's office & cell phone on 12/3/2015 to notify. John return my call stating his guys are busy in Frisco and will let me know when they are available. I followed up the next day, Shawn answered stating to call back Monday. I called Monday, both office & cell numbers, but no one answers nor return my calls after many messages were asked. Exactly 1 wk and Condor Fencing continue to ignore my phone calls while I still can't open my gate.
A similar situation happened once last year, and the same
services was (not) provided, when the gate was literally dragging across the driveway as it opens.
This time, the problem the problem is much worse!

Desired Settlement
Send someone out who know what he's doing and know about the panel, mother board to diagnose and fix the problem.

Final Consumer Response
Shawn from Condor fencing contacted me shortly after the complaint was filed and initiated solving the issue by ordering the parts. He promised to fix my gate when the equipment arrives and case is closed. I'd like to close the case at this time.
Thank you,

******** *****

09/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Better Business Bureau
1600 Pacific Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201
Www. bbb .org
BBB Business Review
Poor workmanship and ignoring a customer is not a recipe for success. Unfortunately, Condor Fencing is
a Company that apparently does not care. They certainly do not deserve other than a poor rating on
your service.
I contracted with Condor for 150' liner foot of fencing on 7/14/2014. The sales representative ***** and I
met before they started the job to make sure we were on the same page, they were anxious to get the
job started.
I told ***** that the fence had to be 2" off the ground to allow a trimmer to cut the grass under the fence
so we would not be tea ring up the trim board at the bottom and to prevent rot, he agreed. I ask that the
fence be finish trimmed at to top and bottom with 1" X 4" and to make sure the trim was straight. *****
The final request was for the fence pickets to be installed tight so when they shrink there would be less
than 3/16" between one picket to the next again, he agreed.
I paid the deposit and gave them permission to proceed.
A couple of days later the fence was complete, was certainly not constructed per our agreement.
The fence frame was constructed with 2" X 3" cross bracing (rails) the specification on t he sales
agreement call for 2" X4", (2" X 3" rails sag). The fence was not two inches off the soil. They utilized 9
existing post from the existing fence that was to be removed. I asked ***** about this and his answer they
need to come back and correct this. It never happened
The pickets that were set in place had gaps between them 1/4" to 3/8".
The gates that were set in place were poorly constructed and the closers would not work, I had to
correct the problems in order to use the gates.
I called the salesman and he showed up to inspect the job and wanted paid. I paid him with the
understanding he would care for the issues needing attention, he assured me all would be cared for. His
comments were, "The fence was not constructed as we had agreed and the quality poor". He told me he
would talk with ***** ******* who is apparently the owner and schedule a time to look at the job.
When they came to inspect the job *****, ***** and I walked the fence and ***** agreed the job need
improvement. The existing posts that were not replaced were not high enough to set the fence panels
2" above the soil and therefore all of the rest was set on the ground to match, they scheduled a
workman to come back. He replaced some pickets and straightened the trim as best he could but ran
out of replacement pickets before he got to the last twenty feet and told my son he was not given
enough pickets to complete the work.
The fence panels were not raised 2' from the ground, the trim is still not straight, there are still split
pickets, they have begun to bow and the rails were not replaced .
I have not been reimbursed for the posts, concrete and labor for the post's they did not replace.
i called ***** again and told him the issues had not been cared for, he told me to call *****, I called *****
and he said he would talk with ***** and call me back. HAl It never happened.
I guess the best remedy is Legal.
Copy: ***** *******

Business Response
We have spoken with Mr. ****** since the filing of this complaint and the problems he is having with his fence are being resolved.

Consumer Response
Mr. *********
Director of Dispute Resolution Dept.

In reference to your letter to me Dated Sept 18, 2014 my complaint against Condor Fencing has not been resolved as of this date. Please keep this case active and I will notify you when Condor Fencing has completed the work to my satisfaction.

Best regards,


07/25/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They failed to anchor the gate post on the east side of the house. If the wind blows hard the post will turn and the gate will not close properly.

date installed - 2-27-13
Payment amount - $3702.00
Paid with two checks.
I have called three times over the course of a month and each time he took my phone number and promised to call. I have not received a call at all.
I was completely satisfied with the remainder of the work. I feel that I should not have to pay someone else to come in and take care of this detail.

Desired Settlement
Have someone to cement the post so that it will be stable.

Business' Initial Response
No one in the office recalls speaking with Mr. ******** concerning his issue with the gate post. He can contact ***** directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX to resolve the issue.

Consumer's Final Response
The problem has been corrected.

05/10/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Condor Fence will not return my deposit after our contract was cancelled.
On 1/25/2016, I asked Mr. John ***** of Condor Fence Co. to construct 350 feet of cedar fence at our home in Josephine, Texas. He stated at that time he could get started in one to two weeks and we submitted our deposit of $3600.00 in the form of a cashiers check. Despite repeated calls and weather being perfect for fence building, John ***** had nothing but excuses for not starting construction of the fence. Frustrated by his lack of interest in our fence project, I verbally cancelled our contract on 3/6/2016 and asked Mr. John ***** to return our deposit at that time. A certified letter to this effect was sent to his P.O. Box 186, Midlothian, Texas on 3/8/2016, the address on their website. I was notified that the P.O. Box had been closed and no forwarding address was given. On the afternoon of 3/8/2016, I was contacted by Mr. Mike *******, who stated he was Mr. John *****'s boss. He stated at that time that he wanted to make things "right" and would refund my deposit. At this time, I am unable to contact anyone from this company due to their lack of a valid email or physical address. Both John and **** will not answer their phone when I call now. Condor Fence Co. has completed two fence projects for me in the past without any issues, so this is a radical change in the their conduct. I have contacted another fence company to erect the fence that I wanted to be completed six weeks ago. Condor Fence did absolutely nothing with our $3600.00!

Desired Settlement

Refund of my $36.00.00 deposit.

Business Response
At the time Mr. ***** signed his contract with Condor Fencing, he was told by *** that we were 3-4 weeks out on installation. He phoned several times over the course of the next two weeks to inquire about his install date and *** informed him that we were still looking at the original estimate of 3-4 weeks out due to some rain delays keeping other fences open longer than expected. He phoned on 3/6 to cancel his contract and request his money back. He was told at the time that we do not refund deposits as they are applied to the purchase of job materials in order to maintain the quoted price as our material costs fluctuate from week to week. Mr. *****'s response was that Condor could drop the purchased materials at his property or return the deposit of which we agreed to bring him the materials. When he spoke to Mr. ******** he was told that we could get him the materials or have his fence installed the following Monday once the rain moved out. He did not tell Mr. ***** he would refund his deposit.

Mr. ***** cancelled a contract a month after it was signed and agreed to by both parties and was given an estimated install date of 3-4 weeks depending on weather. The deposit accepted has been applied to materials necessary to install his fence. Since materials have already been purchased, I can only refund Mr. *****'s deposit once we can use those materials on a job similar in size and nature to his.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response from Condor Fence Co. It is only with the threat of suspension by the BBB that Condor Fence Co. responded to my complaint of 03/13/2016. First, our contract was signed on 1/25/2016 and cancelled on 3/6/2016. This is SIX weeks that Condor Fence had ample time to complete our fencing project. According to the National Weather Service, it rained just ONCE at the job site during the contract time frame. Condor Fence stated that they purchased fencing materials for our project, yet none were ever delivered to the job site. In fact, no one from Condor Fence ever came by the job site to evaluate what materials would be necessary to complete our fencing project. If Condor Fence has indeed purchased materials with my deposit, where are they now? The owner of Condor Fence has NEVER called or contacted me about any solutions to this issue. If he has our materials, then they should be delivered to our home. If he has used our materials on another fence, then he should refund our $3600.00 at this time.

When I signed the contract, I was told by **** that construction would be one to two weeks out. If I had been told that it would be three to four weeks, I would not have signed the contract. When I was able to make contact with a man named "Mike" who stated that he was ****'s boss, he stated to me that one to two weeks was what should have happened and he did not know why **** was taking so long.

Also, NEVER was I told that I would not receive a refund for my deposit. In fact, Mike assured me that I WOULD receive my deposit. Nowhere in the Condor's own written contract does it state that deposits are not refundable.

I have made several attempts to resolve this with the owner prior to contacting the BBB. I have made multiple phone calls that have not been returned. I have sent both regular and certified mail (that was refused.) I have yet to discuss this issue with the owner of the company and have never met the man.

I feel that this business has taken my money, refused to produce the work in the time frame promised, and now is refusing to refund my deposit.

I WAS promised that the job would be done in one to two weeks. I cancelled the contract after six weeks, when the job was still not complete and I still did not have a firm date on when it would be complete. The contract I signed does not state that refunds are not given on deposits. I feel that they are stealing my money by keeping my deposit for work not done.

Final Business Response
You may contact me (*****) directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX any time to discuss this matter.

Again, you entered into a legally binding contract for a fence and were told at the time you signed said contract that we were 3-4 weeks out. And although it *** have only rained one day at your jobsite, it rained multiple days at other jobsites that were scheduled ahead of you which delayed those projects and pushed your targeted start date back. Unfortunately that is the nature of construction as we have to work around the weather.

As I have said, I will refund your money as I use the materials purchased for your job on other projects.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept arbitration.)
After consulting my attorney, I will decline the offer by the BBB to arbitrate this matter. According to my legal advice, this is not a matter to arbitrate. This issue can be settled very easily in Civil Court with proper enforcement of the decision of the Court. With the BBB Arbitration offer, I would have to voluntarily give up my option to file suit in Civil Court. Thank You for time and effort.

02/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Rails on puppy bars welded crooked. Never capped tops of 1 fence. Broke 17 out ot 21 sprinkler lines.
Concreted over sprinkler heads & loose bars, etc
We had issues from the beginning with Condor Fencing. Micah missed an appointment with me we had made... just no showed. No call nothing. I repeatedly called him and received no answer. Finally he called and my husband agreed to meet him. They quoted us for the fence and assured us they could meet the timeline. We gave them a deposit and they dropped off materials. Two days later they came back to start work. It sat there all weekend. They said they dropped it off so that they could get started immediately.

The guys came in and installed the stone pillars and did an excellent job. It took them several days. They also poured the concrete. I brought up that no one had marked off the sprinkler lines and was told it was a non issue because they know how to repair them.

For a week after the pillars were set and complete I had my husband call and ask about the fence being begun. The panels and puppy bars specifically being welded so we could have a secure yard at our new home for our dogs. The reply from Shaun was " oh that will only take us a day tops". It made no sense because we had over 700 linear feet of iron fence.

Finally they began welding. It was clear there was no way they would meet the deadline. They went a week over the job, and because they were rushing and tired of my complaints and concerns they welded things crooked, did not screw in panels and posts and one day the electric gate literally just fell off. They did repair the gate.

Since they "completed" the job we have had 17 sprinkler lines repaired. We have had over 1000 screws put in the fence that were missed. We have had bars welded that were loose. We can do nothing about all the crooked puppy bars, all the bottoms rails that are crooked and leaning and the overall sloppy looking work. It is done and it is permanent.

We have paid contractors and our lawn guy to do the repairs because Condor Fencing takes no pride in their work. They do not care about the customer.
1) We had to wait to move our dogs over to our new home.

2)We had to call constantly and there were days no one showed up at all and no one would return calls.

3)They had to stop work because a permit was not at the City and so work was shut down.

4)They only sent ONE MAN to weld all of that fencing in 100 degree heat!!!!

5)They do not care about deadlines or the items laid out in the contract. - we had to call them back to place dirt over the concrete because of an HOA complaint.

I would never recommend them to any consumer. They are full of excuses and do not take pride in their work or honor their commitments. We never received a written warranty so we did not contact them about them about the continued repairs and cost we have incurred.

Their past lackadaisical attitude and "patch jobs" when issues have been brought up are clear that they are no professional and invested in either their customer service or their reputations.

We could have paid cash for a very nice car for what we paid them for this fence and we have no doubt within two years ( if that long) it will be falling apart and we will have to pay more next time to have it pulled out and properly redone.

I would love for them to reimburse us for the work we have had done as we can provide receipts. However, I doubt they will care.

Desired Settlement
I would love for them to reimburse us for atleast the work we have had done as we can provide receipts. However, I doubt they will care.

They should refund us for the delays they had as well as our contract had a completion date they did not honor.

Business Response
First and foremost, if Mrs. ***** had so many issues with her fence and the quality of work, I must ask why she chose to make the final payment and make no mention of any of those concerns at that time. This is the first I have heard of any complaints concerning her fence since we completed it. Her first attempt at correcting the problem was to lodge a complaint with the BBB rather than contacting me or my company and explaining her concerns.

As to the issues she noted in her complaint:

"Broke 17 out of 21 sprinkler lines"- I do not believe in the least that we hit seventeen sprinkler lines during the installation of this fence. It states in our contract that we are not responsible for damage to sprinkler lines as they are plastic and have no way of being located prior to installation of the fence. However, had the customer contacted us and made us aware of the damaged sprinkler lines, we have made every attempt to repair them at no cost to the customer.

"It was clear there was no way they were going to make the deadline"- We did go approximately a week over our original estimated completion date due to materials being backordered from our supplier. The iron panels were shipped in from Austin and were several days behind on delivery putting us off schedule. This is the nature of a construction related business and cannot always be avoided. I made Mr. ***** aware of this delay during the construction phase.

"There were days no one showed up and no one would return calls"- We were in constant contact with Mr. ***** via text, email and phone for the duration of the fencing project. We were in constant communication with him and always got back to him promptly if we missed his original call.

Had Mrs. ***** given us an opportunity to address any of these concerns prior to this complaint, we would have made every effort to remedy each one of them. However, as she stated, they chose not to contact us about the issues they had. Crooked puppy bars and broken sprinkler lines can be fixed but we were never given the chance. Thinking back, I recall a conversation with Mr. ***** that his wife had "chewed out every contractor they had hired" and he would deal with her. At one point, she even yelled at Mr. ***** in front of several of my employees causing us to leave the job site.

Consumer Response
This is in response to the latest posting by Condor Fencing:

This is Mr. *****.

Whoa, personal attacks! "Yell at Mr. ***** to cause us to leave the job site?" Really?

Here are responses/comments to the last posting:

Final payment was made because Condor Fencing did in fact erect a fence and it was the right thing to do. It has never been nor will it be my belief that money be held hostage. Obviously, there is question regarding the quality of work performed. Shouldn't the onsite foreman check the quality of the work to their standards? (If this was done, there is question to the quality of the standards) We've had three long time (6+ years) contractors who we've consistently worked with and had great working relationships with inform us that the fence has many issues.

The fact is that unfortunately, yes, Condor fencing broke 17 out of 21 sprinkler zones. We have documentation of this. An irrigation company had to spend 1.25 days out repairing the lines and re-wiring all the control wires.

In regards to Condor fencing's comments on the deadline, the decision was made to go with them because they said they could meet the deadline without issues. They informed us ahead of time that there shouldn't be any problem with stock. They knew the deadline was a critical driving factor in our decision to go with them. To my knowledge, all parts were coming from local warehouses.

Am I to understand that condor fencing desires to resolve outstanding issues that still remain? (Driveway gate needs complete re-welding to replace rusting 2x2 hollow fence post serving as load bearing spacer and re-align both panels since we cannot disengage drive arm due to heavy torque on that component, solar panel no longer charges, sprinkler head pops up through cracked concrete, both access gates don't line up and can barely open/close one of them, fence caps never installed on access gate, fixing spacing and crooked puppy bars that were not already repaired, etc)

If so, please let me know how to proceed. I look forward to next steps.


Business Response
If Mr. ***** can provide me with a detailed list of the repairs he is seeking, I will put him on the schedule to have them taken care of.

11/24/2014Problems with Product / Service

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