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BBB began including the text of consumer complaints and business responses in BBB Business Reviews on 07/01/2013 for complaints filed on 01/01/2013 and thereafter. This includes all complaints that meet our reporting guidelines and that are filed electronically. We also report on the resolution of the complaint, as determined by BBB.

Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Problems with Product / Service2
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)BBB Closure Definitions
05/11/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Charges were given for services not rendered.
I am writing this complaint against National Processing Company (NPC) Leasing. On January 14, 2013, I bought a device from and handled by NPC. It was an electronic device that would allow me to bill credit card transactions for my business, N*** P*** A***. I received the device, but it was never installed. NPC was supposed to install the equipment electronically. I tried on two separate occasions to telephone the company's local representative to get this device installed, as per the contract I signed. These dates were January 29, 2013 and November 6, 2013. On January 29, 2013 at 10:52 a.m., I called and left a message for "***" at phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX; I never got a call back. On November 6, 2013 date I called "*******" at phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX and I let her know that I would not pay for what was never set up, but she said that returning the equipment will not get lease stopped. I even visited their local address, **** ********* ******** Suite **** ******, OR XXXXX, which was the office of ***** Management Group where I went to speak to someone to get this product installed, but they were no longer at that address, and left no forwarding address.
While I was awaiting contact from this company, NPC, they continued to charge monthly fees to my business bank account, in the amount of $85.42, which were paid by me. This was more than what was on my contract, which was $79.00 a month, for a service I couldn't even use because it had never been installed. The equipment that was sent to me is still in the two boxes, and no one from the Tinley Park address has responded to me, except for collections.
For almost two years, my business account paid this company $85.42 a month for a service that they had never set up. I had to open a new business account to thwart the monthly deductions that this company was taking out of my account. According to my records, they have taken a total of $1,788.87 out of my account, beginning March 1, 2013 until November 3, 2014. This is just the monthly fees, not including the price I paid for the equipment. I also have, in my records, fees taken out by Merchant Bank Card billing, which totals $558.70.
To reiterate, I have been charged a total of $2,347.57 for a service that was never installed, I never could use, and the equipment is still sitting in the boxes it was shipped in. This should not happen to anyone.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that I received a full refund for all changes because the device was not setup after numerous calls to have it setup. If received I will not pursue litigation for damages and lost income from failure to setup machine, bank charges and overages, and other punitive damages.

Business Response
This merchants equipment was delivered on 1-23-13. It was already programmed and ready for use. We reached out to him on:

X-XX-XX- Left voice mail
X-XX-XX- Left voice mail
2-5-13- Left voice mail
X-XX-XX- Our tech finally got a hold of him but he said he had been really busy with end of year taxes and that he wouldn't be able to do anything with the machine until after March 1st.

He mentions visiting the local office of Eliot Management Group in ****** ****** that was no longer at that address, but that is another processor. We are not affiliated with Eliot Management Group.

He didn't reach out to us until 8-8-14, more than a year after receiving the equipment. He said he figured if anyone needed or wanted the equipment that we would get in contact with him since he had no way of reaching us. We advised him that our numbers have not changed. Evidently he was able to reach us. He was upset he was getting billed and his account representative advised that she would look over his account and call him back.

We called him back on 8-14-14, but once again we had to leave him a voice mail and never heard back.

The equipment is shipped with a bold sticker on the outside of the box with our technicians phone number that says to contact us for install within 48 hours of receiving the equipment. If our tech is doing another install, he returns their call. There is also a toll free number on the side of the terminal for 24/7 technical support. However, to reiterate, the terminal was already downloaded and ready to process and we are confident that had he used our services he would have seen overall savings. If he is interested in taking advantage of these processing savings and using the service, like he was back when he signed the contract, we are willing to go back and refund several months of processing fees as a courtesy.

04/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am writing about my recent bad experience with Yoozy, who is a member of BBB.

On December 6th 2013 I agreed in writing to switch my card swiping merchant services I use in my business practice, to Yoozy, on the claim that the Yoozy fee structure offered better terms than my present provider.
I paid a fee to Yoozy of $149 that day, and they undertook to upgrade my swiping terminal at no cost to comply with Yoozy criteria. No one got in contact with me, so on 7th January 2014, four weeks later, I called Mr ******* *****, the Merchant Consultant I dealt with at the Portland office of Yoozy, and asked why I had heard nothing . He said that he was informed that there was nothing they could do to upgrade my terminal because it was obsolete. In an e-mail dated 8th January Mr. ***** wrote: "As promised, your $149 check will be returned in full". But then I was told that I would have to contact head office in Texas and ask for the return of the $149.
I contacted the head office of Yoozy and explained what had transpired. They replied that they would treat the contract as rescinded, and agreed to return my money in five days.
To date I have heard nothing from Yoozy, in spite of e-mails I have sent asking for the return of my $149.
I ask BBB for assistance in the return of the $149 owed to me.

Dated 27the February 2014
Yours truly,

******** ******, a BBB member
**** SW ***** St
Portland OR XXXXX

Desired Settlement
A check for $149.

Business Response
Dear Mr, ****** and BBB,

We aplogize for not being able to set up your terminal due to the fact that it is no longer PCI compliant and you are out of compliance with the card brands. Even though you signed an agreement that stated that the application fee was refundable, we did as a courtesy agree to refund you your application fee.

At no point were you informed that you would receive the check in 5 days. That was the demand that you put in your email to Charlie Grant on the email dated February 17. When Deisy spoke with you on January 8, 2014 no time table was given on the return date.

In addition, check #5782 was mailed to you on February 14, 2014. Our regrets you did not receive that check. When Charlie received your email on the 17th he saw in our system that the check had just gone out so he did not see a reason to reply. We wish that instead of contacting the BBB you would have simply called back in to our offices. Other than the email to Charlie, we have not heard from you since January 8.

We have now stopped payment on the first check and have issued check #5851 that will go out in tomorrows mail.

**** ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
A check for the asking amount of $149 was received from Yoozy. I therefore consider the matter closed.

Thank you BBB for you assistance.
******** ****** 03/26/14

11/26/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

**** from Woozy at phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX ext *** continues to calls & won't stop calling even after asked not to. He calls XXX-XXX-XXXX. Help us.
None of our restaurant locations are involved in any other the daily operations for merchant services or any other purchases. We need the continual calls stopped. **** has been calling for weeks and every day, if not several times each day.He calls during our lunch hour. In a restaurant this is never acceptable.

Desired Settlement
No more calls to XXX XXX-XXXX and also XXX XXX-XXXX.

Business Response
Dear BBB and Ms. ****,

Our apologies for any inconveniences. We wish that we were not provided with the phone number to your second location when we called for Armando **** or else we wouldn't have been calling both locations and upon listening to several of the call recordings we never heard a request to put you on our do not call list, which now both of your numbers have been successfully added and we will no longer be contacting your locations as requested.

Have a wonderful day,
**** ****

10/11/2012Advertising / Sales Issues
04/17/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Miss Representation of the total cost of service.

Was told their service would save me money. Was told their service and equipment being leased would cost me only $32 a month. Was not told about a $20 a month hosting fee or a $5.00 a month service fee. Was not told about a non cancel contract or the need to purchase insurance for the equiptment being leased. Because of trust in the salesman explaining the whole contract to be signed I signed without looking it over completely.

Desired Settlement
Cancel service.

Business' Initial Response
To Whom It May Concern:
First of all, my apologies in the delayed response; the letter that I received dated March 14, 2013 was the first communication that I have actually received.
In response to Mr. ******'s complaint, we apologize that he had a below average experience with our company however we have not been provided with any information from him that makes sense and from his complaint to the BBB it appears that he is simply just confused or having buyers remorse.
First, he mentions that he warned us by letter head of phone communications that he would report to the BBB and Attorney General office. This statement is not true. Upon looking into his case it appears that he contacted the leasing company, The Lease Capital Group (LCG) and advised them of such action.
Yoozy is a reseller of services of Retriever Payment Systems for the credit card processing service and Lease Capital Group (LCG) for the leasing of the credit card terminals.
I am curious on where Mr. ****** gets the $32/month from. I have attached the executed lease agreement which states "$29.99 plus applicable taxes and insurance non-compliance fee of $4.95 per month per unit of equipment". What is hilarious about Mr. ******'s complaint is that our Merchant Consultant, **** ******, accidentally had him sign an older, no longer valid, version of the lease document on January 8, 2013 (bottom left of document NPC Rev 1011). When we sent the document to LCG they kicked it back requesting that Mr. ****** resign an updated lease document. So on January 11, 2013 **** physically went back out to the merchant's location and yet again had him sign another NON CANCELLABLE lease on the updated version NPC Rev 0912. I have a very hard time believing that Mr. ****** signed this document on 2 separate days and neither time did he see the big huge capital letters at the top of the page that state NON CANCELLABLE lease. My scanner only scans black and white however on the original document all of the print is in black except the NON CANCELLABLE verbiage at the top of the page and then the first section in the middle of the page that's starts the Terms and Conditions that again states non cancellable are all in blue ink.
In regards to insurance, there is no requirement to purchase insurance. Most businesses already have business insurance and LCG strongly recommends that merchants update their insurance provider with the new piece of equipment so in the event of damage to the merchant's property that the insurance company can replace the equipment since it is bound to an agreement for 48 months. Per LCG's contract if a merchant doesn't send proof that they have updated their insurance provider, they bill a $4.95 non-compliance fee. They also mail a letter in the very beginning to the merchant explaining such.
Mr. ******'s complaint states that he was told that our "service and our equipment would cost him ONLY $32 a month". I'm sure from Mr. ******'s experience he is aware that the credit card processing fees are based on a percentage of his sales that he processes in any given month. So there is no way possible that our representative would have been able to give him an exact dollar amount on how much his fees would come out to. I have also attached the Retriever processing agreement that Mr. ****** signed. As you can see he initialed and signed twice on the rate page that very clearly shows the $5 on file fee and the $20 monthly hosting fee for the wireless terminal along with the discount rates and transaction fees that he would be assessed on top of that.
With all of this being said, I'm still not sure where the $32 is coming from; if he signed a lease agreement twice for $29.99 and he knew that was for the equipment, how could he think that the processing fees for his service would only be $2.01 each month, it doesn't even make sense.
I'm not quite sure how Mr. ****** was processing his transactions before but perhaps he was keying them in and the credit card processing rates are way cheaper if you actually swipe the cards than keying them in.
Mr. ****** actually at no point directly contacted our offices. We received a notification from Retriever that he was upset so we reached out to him on February 12, 2013 trying to work out a solution. He wanted the lease to be cancelled and we notified Mr. ****** that the lease agreement is between him and LCG and to contact them regarding the non cancellable lease that he signed (twice). He expressed that he just wanted to cancel so Todd Holland provided him with Retrievers phone number to call and close his processing services so that the $5/month and the $20/month wireless fees can stop being billed. He then proceeded to curse and then he hung up.
For security purposes, only the account owner can close their account with Retriever. I just checked with them and Mr. ****** still has not contacted them to close his processing services which seem odd since he was so eager to get everything closed. The processing agreement normally has a 3 year term however his $495 cancellation fee was waived so that part of his service can be cancelled with no penalties; he just needs to contact them directly at 1.800.683.2289.
In regards to the lease, we apologize that Mr. ****** is either having buyer's remorse or was confused about something at the time of sale but being that he signed the document twice, I just don't have a reason to believe that we have done anything wrong. He signed a contract and is obligated to those terms. Again, any additional questions or concerns regarding the lease need to be directed towards LCG.
I have attached all of the contracts that Mr. ****** has signed for your verification.

****** ******-Grant

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I resent the buyers remorse remarks. The salesman was told of my volume of sales and that I could not afford to pay $50-60 for service. I use a gate way for $17.95 a month I showed him my statement. He still continued to convince me the cost would only be about $32 a month and to have all my customers only pay by CC and not take checks. Like I said no mention of wireless fes, service fee or insurance on the equipment. I signed without noticing the fees and I did not see a non cancelable contract. It was hidden at the top of the page. Tod Holland did not give me any number or information on how to close services but only tried to sell me on their services and thats why I got upset and hung up.
He was not trying help me at all. The previous call was a very nice man who offered to try and take care of the situation. Then Holland called with a different tone. It was like talking to another salesperson all over again. But thank you for the number to call and cancel services. I am taking care of that and returning the equipment. I admit I have procrastinated making contacts. But this was clearly missrepresentation and not helping the consumer save money but self motivated for comission on a long term lease for equipment I did not need.

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