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Subaru of Plano

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Customer Complaints Summary

6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Problems with Product / Service3
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/08/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

We agreed on a price for the Legacy. The car was ordered. When I came to pay and pick it up, they raised the price by $3,000.00.
I purchased a 2015 Subaru Legacy on May 2, 2015 from salesman Trent Lofts. We used Hewlett Packard employee discount through to reach a price of approximately $24,000. I added some extras and since the car wasn't in inventory I left a $500.00 deposit and they ordered it. It took 9 weeks to come in and during that time I talked with Trent a number of times. I would bring up the price and ask if any other deals had come across that might be better. I was told the price was locked at what we negotiated. When it finally came in and I went to pay and pick it up, Trent said there was a mistake in the price they give me and it was $3,000.00 more. I was excited to finally get the car and wasn't thinking. I should have just gotten up and left but instead I purchased it at the higher price. I paid $2,000 by credit card and $22945.31 by check ($500 in deposit check and a second check) and a $3,000.00 trade-in. I should have been able to purchase the car at the price the car of ordered under.

Desired Settlement
A $3000.00 refund.

Final Consumer Response

06/20/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

The dealer sold an encumbered vehicle to me without my knowledge and has refused to pass clear title to a vehicle I paid over $16,000 for.
I purchased a 2012 Mazda 3 from the dealership on 4/5/14. On 5/29/14, I attempted to transfer the tags from my old vehicle to the Mazda 3, but was unable to do so as the DOR in the state in which I reside (Missouri) rejected the lien release that had been attached to the title. I immediately e-mailed ***** (sales manager) and he informed me that ***** would handle the problem. I don't know *****'s position at the dealership.

***** called me twice on 5/30/14, once for clarification and once to tell me that she had contacted Capital One, the lienholder, to get a new lien release.

These problems prompted me to take a closer look at the title and lien release and I noticed a problem with the title transfer. I had a conversation with ***** via telephone around 5/30/14, explaining to him that I was concerned that there might be problems with the transfer of title.

I sent ***** a detailed e-mail on 6/2/14, explaining to him exactly why I think the transfer of title is not valid. ***** responded on 6/3/14, explaining that he had forwarded my e-mail to *****. Despite following up with ***** (by e-mail 6/6/14), ***** (by e-mail 6/5/14), and ***** the Comptroller (by e-mail 6/9/14) I have yet to receive a response to my 6/2/14 e-mail.

My concerns are with the transfer of title and Texas Statute 501.071(b)(2). The back of the Title that was provided to me, and was filled out by the dealership, provides that the Date of Sale was 3/22/14 (which I disagree with I believe it was 4/5/14). The original lien release that was provided says that the lien was not released until 4/14/14. Thus, when vehicle was sold to me, there was still a lien on it (a fact I was not made aware of). Because the lien release is dated after the date of sale, the transfer of title, could not and did not satisfy 501.071(b)(2). Furthermore, 501.073 provides that a sale made in violation of this chapter is void and title may not pass ***** the requirements of this chapter are satisfied. Because the sale didn't comply with 501.071, I think the sale is void under 501.073.

***** called me on 6/7/14 to tell me that the lien release had come in. I asked her to scan and e-mail a copy to me and provided her with my e-mail address (which she should have already had as she had e-mailed me previously). Nevertheless, I did not and have not received a copy of the lien release to date. In our discussions, I briefly tried to explain that part of the problem revolves around the date of transfer on the title and the date of the lien release. She responded that the lien release does not have a date on it. My response was that it has to have a date or it's not a valid lien release. She then responded that it's dated 6/2/14. Her inconsistency raises some red flags with me.

I have asked that either the dealership obtain a duplicate title to transfer title to me after the date the lien is released or explain how they did transfer valid title. I have received neither. Furthermore, my conversation with ***** on 6/7/14 about the lien release raises concerns about whether the lien release is valid. On top of that, despite asking both ***** and ***** to scan and e-mail the lien release, I have not received a copy.

Desired Settlement
I would like a valid lien release provided immediately. I would like for the dealership to obtain duplicate title and transfer title on a date after the date of the lien release so that the transfer of title is valid under Texas law.

04/29/2016Problems with Product / Service
06/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was told by FINANCE DIRECTOR ****** that she was unable to run my credit due to the fact i had Fraud Alert on my credit file . And for me to contact the Credit Bureau to give them permisson to run my credit. I Told ****** i was in a rush so i am going to just go ahead and write a check for my Purchase . She stated that was fine and assured me that she will not attempt to run my credit again . So once i paid of the car and left the dealership i get a call from Trans union someone at the dealership have contacted them and ran my credit so there was a hard hit on my credit . I contact the GM and i was told too bad too sad and his employee made a mistake but nothing he can do to make up for it . When all i wanted him to do was to contact the credit bureau and explain so they will take the inquiry off my credit file. I have already paid for the card and left the dealership he seemed to not care at all and stated the check i have written is already been cashed so he doesn't have to do anything as the funds has cleared. This is just simply not right and id on't think it should be acceptable.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking for the dealership to make right and contact the credit bureau to get the inquiry taken off . Or Pay me for the Damages and headache it has caused me .

Business Response
We contacted Mr.***** and explained to him, that the credit was ran while he was at the dealership. Mr. ***** signed a credit application granting the dealership permission to run his credit since he wanted to finance. The only way that Subaru of Plano would have known that there was a fraud alert on his credit, was by running it. We did convey to Mr. *****, while he was at the dealership, that the fraud alert shows up on his credit, so we are unsure as to why he thought the credit had not been run. After we explained to him that due to the fraud alert, we could not get our lender to finance him, he decided to pay for the vehicle in cash. THe hit shows on his credit, due to the fact that Subaru of Plano had to run the credit to secure financing. We have contacted the credit bureau and explained the situation to them, but unfortunately, Subaru of Plano has no control of what items are removed from Mr. ****** credit or how fast. We have apologized repeatedly to Mr.*****, and in no way did our General Manager or any of our staff mean to give him the impression of "too bad, so sad" that referred to. That is not our philosophy or the way we do business. Again, while Subaru of Plano regrets the misunderstanding, we have complied with Mr. *****'s request. We will gladly conference in with him and the credit bureau if he wishes, but due to the privacy laws, the bureau is very limited on what they can discuss with us.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was specifically Told by Amanda the Finance Director That she was unable to run my credit . I Even asked them twice and when i spoke to The GM she seemed to be not bothered at all. Yes they apologized . Also the sales man told me that the car was owned by a Surgeon and there were no problems with the car. Later i found out the wheels were bent both of the left once and also the Bearing in the rear wheel had to be replaced per Mercedes since it was unsafe to drive the Vehicle . Which costed me 1700 dollars . I called the dealership and was told i need to stop being pain in the *** and next time just take my business elsewhere . Yes i wanted to finance the Vehicle so i gave my consent to run my credit . But when i was told my credit was not run and i would have to call the credit bureau and i chose to just pay cash as i didn't had much time. There was no reason why i should have 2 Hard Hit injuries on my credit Report. I spoke to Trans union and was told there is no Fraud Alert on my credit and SUBARU OF PLANO Was able to Obtain my Credit Report and see my Credit score . SO why did they lie to me i don't understand . I Just Think this is a very poor way to handle a situation and not very good Dealership. The best kind of Advertisement is word of mouth and when you make a mistake you make it right. But Subaru of Plano chose to be greedy rather then making it right . All i wanted from them is to make it right and they can't even do that .

Final Business Response
No one at our store has ever told Mr. ***** to "quit calling and stop being a pain in the ***" NO ONE. There were 1267 miles put on the vehicle from the time he took delivery of it to the time that he took it to the Mercedes dealer at which he had the work performed. We have no way of knowing what happened in during that time.
Again, We had no way of knowing that Mr. ***** had a fraud alert on his credit unless we ran it, and this was explained to Mr. *****. We regret that he misunderstood us running his credit for getting him financed.
We have called the credit bureaus and we have no standing to remove the inquiry from Mr. *****'s credit, since it was a legitimate inquiry for which we received his written permission to perform.
We at a loss of how Mr. ***** would like for us to "make this right"

our general manager has never spoken to Mr. *****, so again, there is some confusion on his part.

09/01/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Negotiated for out the door price for car. Company made a mistake and price is actually significantly higher now and they won't make it right.
I negotiated for an out the door price of 13,672.96 for my new car. Happy with the results I informed the salesperson after they took my $500 deposit that I would proceed to buy non refundable plane tickets and a hotel reservation so I could come from MN to TX to pay for the car. In paying for my portion of the down payment, I requested the Purchase Agreement and MN Title Application that I had to submit to my bank for the remaining balance of the car. I was texted some low quality phone photos of my Purchase Agreement, and when I informed the sales person that this wasn't sufficient I didn't hear back. A day later I got a call asking how I would be paying for the rest of the car. I told them again that I needed the Purchase Agreement and the MN Title Application for my bank and then the bank would be happy to send the rest of the balance of the car. It was at this point that they realized their mistake in forgetting to charge me sales tax and all of their processing fees. I offered to split the difference and they said no, I offered to pay cost for the car and then all the state required tax and fees, so they at least wouldn't lose money on the deal. Again, they were not willing to do anything about it, and basically have the car for 13,500 plus all the fees and whatever else they wanted to charge me or they would refund all my deposits and I would have to eat the cost of the flights and hotel that I bought in good faith that our deal would go through. They were completely inflexible at solving this issue for me. It has been several days and I'm still getting the run around.

Desired Settlement
I would like to split the difference on the mistake that they made, or if that cannot be done without them losing money, I would like to pay the invoice price i.e. what they bought the car for, and then all of the required government taxes and fees.

Business Response
When Ms. ***** first contacted us, she communicated to the sales associate working with her that this would be a cash transaction. When a cash transaction takes place, there are no tax and title fees required to be collected. So a cash price for the vehicle was agreed upon-"out the door price"

Ms. ***** then requested a buyers order to present to her bank so Subaru of Plano would get funds for the vehicle. At that time, we explained to Ms. ***** that when a lein is involved in the purchase of a vehicle, the dealership is required to collect tax and titling fees to secure the lein (even if said vehicle is being titled out of state). Obviously, this would increase the original figure, but not the price of the car.

Ms. ***** may have seen this as an opportunity to further negotiate the price of the car. However, Subaru of Plano does not set any state's tax and title fees, and as such cannot negotiate on behalf of any state.

We offered to refund the deposit she had put on the car, since we could not offer any other discounts. Again, the price of the actual car never changed. The only figure that was added was tax and title fees.

After the offer of the deposit refund was made, Ms. ***** still requested that we provide her with a buyer's order that reflected all figures, including the tax and title fees to presnet to her bank. The buyer's order was forwarded to her in an expedient manner.

Her last communication with the dealership occured on Friday August 22nd, 2014, which stated that she would be in to pick up the vehicle on Monday the 25th of August, and that she would be writing a check, and not going through her bank.

This potential transaction has gone from a cash transaction to a financed transaction and back to a cash transaction, so if Ms. ***** was under the impressiont that the same policies applied to cash vs finance, that may have been where the confusion occured.

As much as Subaru of Plano would like to give Ms. ***** a discount on her state tax and title fees, it would be impossible for us to make that negotiation.

We offer a heartfelt apology for any confusion there may have been.

thank you,

03/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

When purchasing our car we signed a contract for a Subaru Added Security warranty and the dealership switched this out for a third party warranty.
March 12, 2010 we purchased a new Subaru Forester from Subaru of Plano. At this time we were sold and signed a contract for a Subaru Added Security warranty honored through Subaru for $1269. March 20, 2010 we were sent a letter from Warranty Solutions showing we had been signed up for a warranty through their company. I contacted by phone Subaru of Plano several times and my warranty issue was not resolved. I went to Subaru of Plano on June 1, 2010 and filled out a form to have the Warranty Solutions warranty they incorrectly signed me up for cancelled and the Subaru Added Security Warranty correctly put in effect. I believed from this they had corrected the problem. In May 2013 we traded in our forester and contacted Subaru Added Security to get a refund for the remainder of our extended warranty and were notified that we did not have a warranty through Subaru Added Security. I contacted Warranty Solutions and found that their third party warranty had never been cancelled. I then contacted the dealership and explained I did not sign up for nor would I have bought if originally offered a third party warranty and that I only bought the Subaru Added Security extended warranty because it was honored through Subaru of America. I believe what they did was unlawful based on the deceptive trade practices. In early November I contacted the dealership to remedy this problem and was notified by the comptroller, ***** *********, they had documentation different to what my contract copies show. I requested copies of this documentation which I have not received and the dealership has stopped responding to my emails.

Desired Settlement
I did not at any point sign a contract for a warranty through Warranty Solutions and did not pay for a warranty with this company. I paid $1269 for a Subaru Added Security Warranty which I did not receive. I don't believe that the two warranties are equal and therefore the one should not have been substituted for the other. I would like a full refund for the product I paid for and did not receive.

Business Response
I have reviewed Ms. *******'s claims, and have found that she did,in fact, sign the Law Contract that went to her lienholder, on which it states she purchased a GE Auto Warranty.

However, in the spirit of customer satisfaction and goodwill, we will reimburse Ms. ******* the amount of her warranty purchase. Her policies will be cancelled and proceeds will go to the lienholder of record.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Documentation from the initial purchase on March 12, 2010 is conflicting in that GE Auto Warranty is listed on the lien holder contract, however all other documentation agreements state Subaru Added Security as the warranty coverage. There is also documentation showing on June 1, 2010 Subaru of Plano would cancel the warranty through GE Auto Warranty and would instate the correct warranty through Subaru Added Security which was not done.

In their response, Subaru of Plano is not specifically stating they will give a full refund of my purchase price of $1269 and is unclear as to what refund amount will be returned. They also are still claiming no fault on their part.

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