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Tameron Honda Eastern Shore

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service5
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/11/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Tameron Honda is withholding a $3999.00 refund that is due to me for a cancelled extended warranty contract.

Below I have pasted some of the email string between myself and Mr. ********* at Tameron Honda. The entire string of communication dates back to July 29th. The last several attempts to contact Mr Terranova seem to have fallen of deaf ears. The dealership has had plenty of time to process the refund of $3999.00 for the cancelled extended warranty to Suntrust Bank.


***** ******


To: *****

Good morning ******
I would like to check on the status of the check that is to be issued to Sun trust Bank by your dealership.
Thank you,
***** ******

Original Message

From: "***** ******" <**********>
Sent: August 21, XXXX X:XX PM
To: "***** ******" <**********>
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang

Hi Mr **********
I spoke with the warranty company this afternoon and they show the contract as being cancelled with no penalty. They also stated that the refund will be issued by your dealership, not by them, so we don't have to wait on a check from them. How soon do you think your dealership can get the check issued to the bank? You had stated in your previous email that as soon as the warranty company sent you a check, that you would foward it to the bank. I just want to make sure that we are not waiting on a check that will never come.

Original Message

From: "***** ******" <**********>
Sent: August 20, XXXX X:XX PM
To: "***************" <*****>
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang

Thanks for looking into it. The warranty company did say that they had not received any money as of yet and the refund would come from your dealership, not from them. That being the case, I would think the refund could be processed by your dealership fairly quickly as we are not waiting on anyone else.

Original Message

From: "***************" <*****>
Sent: August 20, XXXX X:XX PM
To: "***** ******" <**********>
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang

I just looked into the issue. It appears I mistakenly sent the cancellation to the incorrect warranty company. I have cancelled the contract with the correct company. I have attached the screen shot showing the cancellation. It will process immediately and we should get a check from the company which we will forward to the bank. If you pay off the loan before the refund is fully processed, we will send you the 3999. I apologize for both the mistake and the delay. Barry

From: **********
To: *****
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:08:24 -0500

Mr. **********
I spoke with the warranty company this morning and the contract has still showing active. I understand that they may charge a penalty for cancelling the contract after 30 days. If a penalty is charged, I feel that I am fair is asking your dealership to pay it.
Also I will be ready to pay this car off in about 2 weeks. I am counting the $3999.00 as part of my pay off. When can I expect that payment to be made the finance company?
***** A. ******

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:14:36 -0500
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang
From: *****
To: **********

The paperwork is being processed and should be reflected within the warranty company you by the first of next week.

Original message
From: ***** ****** <**********>
Date: 08/12/XXXX XX:XX AM (GMT-06:00)
To: *************** <*****>
Subject: RE: Ext Service Cancel Doc. for 2013 Mustang

Good morning Mr. **********
I spoke with Fidelity regarding the cancellation of the extended service contract this morning and they are not showing that the contract gas been cancelled.I wanted to check on the status of this and see if there is anything else I need to do to move the process

Desired Settlement
I feel it is resonable to expect that the $3999.00 be refunded by Sept. 8th, one week from today. It is my opinion that they have had plenty of time to handle this already. As Mr. ********* stated in the email string, he had made a mistake that delayed the process. I understand completely, we are all human, but I would have expected the refund process to be expidited after the mistake was found, instead it seem that I am being ignored.
Resolution...$3999.00 paid to ******** Bank on my account by Sept.8th, 2015.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ***** President
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ******
We have refunded the full amount of the Service Contract and overnighted the check to Mr. Martins lienholder, SunTrust, on 9/2/15.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The payment was made and credited to my account at Suntrust. My overall buying experience at Tameron Honda was very good. My sales rep, ***** ****** was very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
The process of refunding the extended warranty, in my opinion should have been handled better. I understand the mistake that was made when the cancellation paperwork was sent to the wrong company. We all make mistakes, but I would have expected after that, that the refund would have been walked through the process, to ensure a timely, accurate completion to the process. I requested updates on the status of the refund on several occasions, I felt like I needed to so that there would be no more delays. My emails seem to have fell on deaf ears, I got no responce until Tameron Honda recieved this complaint from the BBB. The refund was handled quickly after they recieved this complaint.
I would like to say thank you to Mr. ***** and the BBB for helping to bring a satisfactory resolution to this issue.

10/01/2013Problems with Product / Service
06/25/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

The sales rep provided inaccurate information regarding the vehicle. Also, have in writing that certain function would be performed, and it was not
I purchased a Nissan Juke from Tameron Honda on 12/31/14. I was looking to trade my 2011 Ford Mustang in for a four door fuel efficient vehicle. I was informed by ***** ***** that the car would get 38 Hwy miles and 32 City Miles. When I looked at the car, the window sticker was not on nor had the car been detailed. I spoke with my husband and we decided to purchase the car because we thought the car would be better for us... lower gas mileage and cheaper monthly payments. I chatted in last week to inform Tameron that I had been misinformed by Keith. The Juke does not get 38 HWY and 32 CTY but in fact gets 32 HWY and 27 CTY. I am actually getting 25 HWY gas mileage.

I did make the deal because I was under the impression that the Nissan JUKE would get better gas mileage than my Mustang. However, when I found that this was not true, I contacted Keith to see if I could return the JUKE and get my Mustang back. This was less than two weeks of owning the vehicle. I was told my Mustang had sold already. Also, when I initially signed the final paper work, I asked Keith if I needed to provide him with a check stub. He told me I did not. Therefore, at the time of the visit I did not provide a check stub to him. About three weeks later, he contacted me stating that I need to email him a check stub for the bank. I did so. Over a week later, I contacted him back to ensure he had received my email since I had not received a follow up response. He stated that he did not receive the email. I forwarded the email to him which included the time and date stamp of the original email. After that, I was still charged the monthly payment for my 2011 Ford Mustang that I had traded because the payoff check had not been sent. When I contacted Keith, he told me it was my fault because I did not send him the check stub within a timely manner. I in fact sent him the check stub when he requested it. When the check was sent to Pen Air, it was $200+ short for the pay off and that was after the $354 payment that I paid for that month that I did not have the car. While working with Keith, he was very unprofessional, using profanity and on multiple occasions when I asked questions about the Juke, he told me he did not know but he thinks... and would provide a random answer. For example, I asked if it had been detailed or recalls had been performed, and he would respond that he thought it had. He had to later correct that statement and guaranteed that it would be detailed and the recall would be performed.

Also, I was promised several things during my visit, one being that the windshield would be replaced. I made the manager put that in writing and sign. When I brought my car to Tameron the windshield was repaired and not replaced. The crack in the windshield is still there.

Also, I was promised in writing that the part on the recall be replaced if needed. I made the manager put that in writing and sign. I picked my car up from being detailed and was ensured by Keith Purdy that the recall had been taken care of. When I checked the Carfax, it was still showing the recall was open and the part had not been replaced.

I contacted Tameron Honda's manager Barry Terranova to inform him of the unprofessional service and the false information received while at Tameron. I provided him with all documentation I received during my visit which included the recall and windshield guarantee. He informed me that I am the only one that has ever received negative service and they will not do anything to rectify this. He stated that they did not guarantee to fix anything, which is not true since I have this information in writing from the sales manager. He also told me that they will not perform the recall but I have to take the vehicle to a Nissan Dealership. If I would have known this up front, I would have never purchased a vehicle from them. I feel as though they lied to make an end of the year sale and then blame me for their unprofessional and dishonest services.

Desired Settlement
I would like to do an even trade on the vehicle. The service provided was unethical and unprofessional. Blaming me when I have all documentation and facts from my visit is inexcusable.

They should rectify this!

Business Response
Ms. ************* has requested clarification on a number of issues prior to her BBB complaint. Below is our response.

I am in receipt of your e-mail dated May 12, 2015, wherein you set forth many and varied items concerning your purchase of the 2013 Nissan Juke. As I stated during our conversation, I regret that your dealings with our dealership may have been less than ideal. Obviously, we strive to meet our customers' needs and make their experiences positive ones. Unfortunately, it appears you did not have a good experience. For this, I apologize.
The balance of this note will attempt to address your items of concern on a point-by-point basis:

RECALL: At the time of your purchase, there was no open recall on the Juke you purchased. Although Car Fax does, in fact, state that there is, "At least 1 manufacturer recall requires service," this recall did not include your specific car. In fact, as is our policy, we review each used car that we sell on to specifically determine if the car in question and the VIN associated with that car is subject to a manufacturer's recall. We did that for your car and discovered that there were no open recalls as of the date of our search (i.e. 12/24/2014). I have attached a copy of our search to this e-mail for your review.
TIMING CHAIN: The information contained in *** *** with respect to the lack of timing chain inspection is correct. It was not necessary or reasonable to inspect a timing chain on a 2013 car, with only 32,485 miles on it. Therefore, we did not perform any such inspection.
SPELLING OF JUKE AS "YUKE": Quite simply this was a clerical error; nothing more or nothing less. On the Title Application, to the State of Alabama, it was spelled correctly as Juke. I have attached a copy of the Title Application to this e-mail for your review.
PAYMENT OF $306 vs. $318: The additional $12 per month is the costs associated with the optional GAP protection which you chose to protect you and the loan associated with this car deal. I have attached a copy of your GAP policy to this e-mail for your review.
WINDOW STICKER and LACK OF DETAILING: I would assume that the car had not been detailed because it was a "recent" trade or acquisition. It is neither unusual nor unreasonable for us to show a recent addition to our inventory to a customer "before it has been through our shop." If the condition of the car was unsatisfactory, you could have scheduled a time to come back and examine the car after it had been through our detail department.
DISSATISFACTION WITH GAS MILEAGE: I can understand that you may have a differing opinion of what transpired between you and Keith during the sales process. In all of our transactions, many numbers are discussed from the price of the car to MPG to interest rates to monthly payments and many other items in between; it is easy for numbers to be confused or misinterpreted. There are a seemingly inexhaustible number of websites you could visit on your smart phone to determine a car's suggested gas mileage. I would assume that you did not do that while in our dealership or you surely would have mentioned it to our sales representative.
MUSTANG PAYOFF BEING SHORT: Our paperwork clearly states that in the event that there is a Payoff for a trade involved in the transaction, and there is any difference in the amount provided to us and what is actually owed to the financing institution, the Purchaser shall be responsible for that difference. This is exactly what happened in your situation. "In the event the actual lien payoff amount is more than the sum stated above, Purchaser agrees to reimburse Seller for such difference, including all collection charges, interest and a reasonable attorney's fee. If the actual payoff is less than the sum stated above, Purchaser understands that the Seller will reimburse Purchaser for any overage." I have attached a copy of your Retail Buyers Order to this e-mail for your review.
ISSUES WITH YOUR WINDSHIELD: I have reviewed the We Owe document in your file and do not see any mention of us replacing your windshield. This was not a condition precedent for you buying the car, or a promise made at the time of your purchase or it would have been included in this standard document we have in each and every deal. This form is designed specifically for the purpose of giving customers the things that have been promised or that "we owe" to them. The We Owe that you reviewed and signed does not mention the windshield. I have attached a copy of your We Owe to this e-mail for your review.
ISSUES WITH YOUR STARTER: Based upon what you told me, this does seem irregular. Given the miles on your car, this should be a factory warranty claim that you could have repaired at the Nissan dealership.

I trust that this e-mail has addressed your issues and answers any questions you have had concerning the purchase of your Juke. In conclusion, I do regret that you are unhappy with your car and we will gladly do all within our power to help you trade that car in and purchase one that better fits your needs and preferences.

02/27/2015Problems with Product / Service
08/04/2013Problems with Product / Service
12/07/2012Problems with Product / Service

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