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Consumers: How Much Can You Trust a Company Blog?
February 26, 2010

blogSome tips to recognize a transparent and trustworthy blog…

1. Writing style:
How a blog is written indicates how real a company can truly be

Great: Blog is written in a human voice.
Bad: Content looks vetted by corporate communication.
Horrible: Rehashed press release.

2. Topics:
What does the blog talk about? Is it marketing –or providing customer information and feedback?

Great: Discusses the lifestyle (or work-style) of actual customers.
Good: Discusses the wider industry topics.
Horrible: The corporate blog exclusively talks about the company.

3. Humility:
Perhaps one of the most important attributes, is the blog human and real, or is it giving lip service?

Great: Admits when wrong and discusses in open the short comings of the company and product and demonstrates in public how it will be improved.
Good: Admits shortcomings but combats and defends the criticism, also known as spin.
Bad: Only discusses the company in the best possible light, and may link, but not take on critics.
Horrible: Never discuss the short comings of the company on the blog.

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