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Condo Owner Lives In, Renovates Wrong Unit
February 26, 2010

Imagine if you bought a home and spend a lot of money fixing it up only to find out that the house didn't really belong to you. Sound strange? Well that is what happened to Jonathon Kyte of Denver. 

Kyte bought his first home, spent $30,000 fixing it up, and now, six months later, he has learned the home doesn't belong to him.

KDVR reports that according to the City and County of Denver, Jonathon owns the dump, next door. He found out about the mistake almost by accident when he received a map which showed the unit he's living is actually unit No. 4.

Kyte owns the deed and title to unit No. 5. He blames the Coldwell Banker listing agent for the mistake, who hasn't returned any of his calls.

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